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Answering the question if you should pull out white hairs, the definite answer is no. This, firstly, will not give a special effect, since more hair will not grow, but will grow the same new hair, and secondly, this can lead to damage to the hair follicle, due to which the growth of new hair may stop altogether.

Hair plucking is one of the most important parts of self-care. You do hair plucking most often on the eyebrows, but sometimes people resort to a procedure such as hair plucking on their heads if they have gray hair.

Pulling gray hair has a number of unpleasant consequences:

  • damage to the hair root (follicle), which will disrupt the structure of new hair;
  • ingrown hair;
  • inflammation of the hair follicle and the surrounding skin. When pulled, a kind of wound is formed, into which an infection can get;
  • the development of dermatological diseases of the scalp.

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Plucking white hairs in the hope of a quick solution to the problem is an ineffective and unsafe method for health.

What happens if you pull out a white hair?

Many people ask, does pulling out gray hair make them more grow? Pulling out gray hair leads to the appearance of new ones in exactly the same amount in which you’re plucking white hairs. Unfortunately, they will also be gray. The conclusion suggests itself that it is inappropriate to pull out the gray hair on the head.

What do doctors say about pulling out gray hair?

What do doctors say about pulling out gray hair?

When asked what happens if you pull out a white hair? Trichologists give an unambiguous answer - nothing good.

Why is it medically impossible to pulling gray hair?

  • Unsafe - after pulling out, health problems may arise due to infection of the resulting wound, damage to the follicle. This will affect the beauty and condition of the hair.
  • It makes no sense - after removal, gray hair grows back.
  • Ugly - pulling out every gray hair, you risk losing luxurious, magnificent hair.
  • Problem - the method works when there are several "silvery threads".

Where does gray hair come from?

Gray hair is devoid of particles of melanin (coloring pigment). The inner hollowness of the hair shaft makes them sensitive to external factors. They are the first to feel the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, responding with increased dryness and fragility.

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According to statistics, gray hair in each nation manifests itself at different ages. For example, for Indians it is 70 years old, Asians - 42 years old, representatives of the Negroid race should expect gray hair closer to 50 years old. According to scientists, Europeans are the first to feel the problem (34 years old). These are average values, in fact, the first "silver threads" can cover the head even at a younger age.

Experts identify the following reasons for graying hair:

  • strong feelings of stress, disorders of the nervous system;
  • poor environmental situation in the area of ​​residence;
  • dysfunctions of the digestive, endocrine systems of the body, diseases of the internal organs;
  • heredity;
  • the use of drugs, cosmetics that can suppress the production of natural pigment;
  • lack of vitamins, important nutrients for hair;
  • bad habits, frequent lack of sleep, abuse of unhealthy food, fast foods;
  • any disruption of hormonal levels, including pregnancy in combination with postpartum depression.

There are celebrities who support naturalness and do not hesitate to show their fans overgrown roots and uncolored gray hair. These celebrities are Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore, Diane Keaton and Gwyneth Kate Paltrow.

Alternative methods of struggle

Alternative methods of struggle

In thought, it is impossible or possible to pull out gray hair, you waste time solving the problem.

There are several effective options to correct the situation on the head:

  • Dyeing. We decided to quickly and effectively hide the manifestations of gray hair, which is capable of complete or partial staining. The task of the procedure is to fill the empty hair shaft with artificial pigment. A shade close to natural color or any other is selected.

When choosing a new shade, pay attention to the structure, the original tone of the hair, and take into account the color type.

The disadvantage of painting gray hair is that as the curls grow, the defect will manifest itself and you cannot do without repainting. For coloring, use paints, gentle tonics, natural homemade masks recommended for gray-haired beauties.

Partial coloring (highlighting, shatush) in ashy tones are fashion trends in modern coloristics. Use these techniques - and outsiders will not know about the gray hair that appears.

  • Salon procedures. Modern hardware technologies, beauty injections are able to prevent the early appearance of "silver" on the head, to stop the development of the problem caused by vitamin deficiency. Will be useful:
  • mesotherapy - involves the introduction of vitamin cocktails, nutritional components into the inner layers of the scalp. By doing this, you heal skin cells and follicles, stimulate metabolic processes in them, including the production of melanin;
  • ultrasonic head massage - enhances blood circulation, enriches skin cells and hair follicles with oxygen. This stimulates the growth of curls, makes them strong, silky;
  • laser therapy - allows you to rejuvenate the integument of the head, improve metabolic processes and the production of melanin. The procedure is not cheap, but effective;
  • drug therapy, taking vitamins is one of the ways to strengthen the body, to prevent its early aging.


  • Does pulling out grey hair make it grow more?
  • If you ask a question, does pulling out grey hair make it grow more the answer is no, it's just a myth. When you do hair plucking, the same number of new hairs will grow in their place, but they will be the same gray hair, therefore stretching the gray hairs does not make sense. In addition, plucking white hairs leads to damage to the hair follicle, and then nothing will grow out of them - neither gray nor normal hair. Thus, answering the question, should you pull out white hairs? The answer is no, you shouldn't.

  • How can I stop the growth of my gray hair? 
  • Eating a diet high in antioxidant-rich foods, including vegetables and fruits, can help prevent graying hair. A person's diet plays a role in preventing the appearance of gray hair. A diet rich in antioxidants can reduce oxidative stress.

  • Why do we have white hair?
  • As we age, the pigment cells in the hair follicles gradually die. When there are fewer pigment cells in a hair follicle, that strand of hair will no longer contain as much melanin and will become more translucent - like gray, silver, or white - as it grows. Over time, the hair will become completely gray.


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