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How To Get Rid Of Oily Hair


We know that having oily hair can completely ruin your mood, the way you feel and look. As well as a shadow under your eyes, oily type of skin, greasy hair can be the reason you feel uncomfortable and uncertain, and it is a real problem. It can be double complicated and unpleasant if you do not know its cause and can’t even control this. The desire to look gorgeous, healthy, and shiny is natural for everyone. To have healthy and clean skin and hair is a must when we go out.

The skin on our face, as well as our scalp, also has sebaceous glands that produce sebum. These glands link up to hair follicles and exit sebum onto the hair, thereby creating a protective coat of oil. This oil helps to save hair from drying and repels water.

The reason we wrote this article is that we want to help you cope with this unpleasant problem. The secret of how to get rid of greasy hair, a list of reasons why your hair is oily, and methods to tame them read below. Let’s go!

Kick The Habit Of Frequent Shampooing

Yes, frequent shampooing can be one of the reasons for oily hair. If you wash your hair one or two times a day, it will be a nasty habit, and we can’t tell you why. Oddly enough, but shampooing your hair too often (no matter the length) can cause this unwanted grease because your glands can be triggered by frequent washing and start generating more oil to compensate for the additional hair washing.

Kick The Habit Of Frequent Shampooing

The way out and how to get rid of oily hair is easy; you need to buy a shampoo created especially for oily hair. These shampoos are made precisely for those with extra sebum and can correctly clean your hair without any additional moisture. But if you struggle with dandruff, choose a shampoo with a pyrithione to kill fungus and receive healthy hair.

Condition Your Hair Correctly

Do you know the general conditioner rule? Never put conditioner anywhere except the ends of your hair. If you apply it to your scalp, it will only raise this product's generation and lead to greasy hair. Remember a simple rule, use shampoo for the scalp and conditioner for the ends of your hair.

Don’t Touch Your Hair

Don’t Touch Oily Hair

So simple rule, however, not all people comply with it, thereby getting extra oily hair. Set yourself a goal to not touch your hair when there is no need for it and do not brush them too often. All this can spur your glands, and they will start producing more natural oil. And then you will begin searching for methods on how to get rid of oily hair again.

Stay Away From “Shiny” Products

There are tones of products that promise you shiny hair, one of those in serum. And yes, it can make your hair look fantastic but do not even look in its direction if you have an oily type of hair and don’t want to look for how to get rid of oily hair titles. Once again, shampooing your hair before an important event. 

Baby Powder Is Your Choice

Did you know that baby powder is a beauty product? A long time before dry shampoo was created, baby powder was an excellent alternative for greasy hair care. By the way, it is still just as good as a modern dry shampoo. To reduce unwanted grease, sprinkle a little, rub in your hair, and voila, you look fantastic.

Give Preference To A Blowdryer

You could hear that letting hair air dry is way better than to use a hairdryer, but if you have oily hair, this method is right for you. This part of the article will answer you on how to get rid of oily hair using a blowdryer.

If you don’t want to get dry and brittle hair, try not to overdry your beautiful locks. When you are blowdrying your hair, natural oil eliminates by the heat; it absorbs grease.

There is also one useful recommendation from a doctor; he says that it is better to dry hair starting from roots because the blowdryer’s heat can increase the hair follicle. Thereby natural oil will be absorbed.

Be careful and don’t dry hair using high temperature to avoid heat damage. Always set your blowdryer on the lowest possible.

Don’t Put Any Oils On Your Head To Forget About Greasy Hair

It may seem a logical step, but it is still not clear to everybody. That’s why we decide to remind you once again. Our scalp follicles generate their natural oils, thereby adding other oils to create formation and cause a surplus of grease.

It is often said that different oils can improve hair structure, get rid of split ends, etc. Yes, it is work, but only if you apply it to the right places, but not to the scalp.

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