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How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair


Frizzy hair it's like the seventh level of hell. We are all have dealt with these kinds of things before. Almost every girl has experienced the moment where you see a copy of Hermione Granger in the mirror, lion mane, or cat fur.

And if you are here to quickly figure out how to deal with unruly hair and how to prevent hair from frizzing, we want you to say that there is no magic method or wand. On the one hand, dry and frizzy hair is an enemy and dampens your mood, but on the other hand, they give your hair liveliness, nice texture, and even be your crown.

However, despite these advantages, you can be a sleeker look lover and ardent seeker for the ways to how to control frizzy hair. For those who want to give their hair a more healthy look, look for methods to lessen the damage, and stop hair loss, you are on the right page. We know that frizz can be an unwanted guest, especially at a very inconvenient time. We get you several tried-and-true methods on how to prevent hair from frizzing with and stay calm. But first, let’s find out what type of frizzy hair you have.

Frizzy Hair: Types

In a general way, frizz is changed hair that did not follow your hair's general pattern because they stick up from your hair locks. Nevertheless, there are different types of dry and frizzy hair, so let’s take a close look at these types.

Frizz At The Ends

This type of frizzy hair, just like those annoying split ends. They occur at the ends of your hair in the form of dry and brittle locks.

Curly Frizz

Such a frizz occurs in your wavy strands of hair. That’s why your curls look disheveled.

Halo Frizz

The most annoying frizz that can ever be and occurs on top of your head. Halo frizzy hair got its name because frizz locks make a semblance of a crown.

Surface Frizz

This type only appears on the surface of your hair and occurs only like static around them.

Pouf Ball Frizz

This annoying frizz occurs on top of your head and throughout your hair. In the end, you look like a pouf ball.

The Reason For Frizzy Hair

the reason for frizzy hair


The first and well-known reason for frizzy hair is humidity. Let’s make a quick dive into the structure of our hair. Our precious hair is made up of only three-layer; they are called the cuticle, the cortex, the medulla, and, of course, thousands of cells. And the outer layer is cuticle consists of cells located as a scales of a snake or a roof tiles; in short, they overlapped. The cuticle’s role is imperative and straightforward and lies in protecting the middle layer of hair. But there may happen a situation where these cells are slightly elevated, and this can cause moisture seeping and inner cortex swelling, which is not good. Actually, healthy hair contains approximately 15% of water at a time when slightly raised cells can lead to 30% of water. But you should know that damaged hair can absorb up to 50% of water if you are in very humid conditions; therefore, it can lead to dry and frizzy hair, which is the nature of the problem.


Here is static electricity that can get your hair unwanted curls. When you brush your hair, your hair is negatively charged by electrons on all your locks. And since all strands have the same charge, they start to push each other like magnets that push each other.

Other Factors

Apart from the known reasons for curly hair, daily deals also lead to frizzy hair. Taking a shower with hot water promotes decreasing hair lipids, lengthy sunbathing, and chlorine in the swimming pool can be reasons for unwanted curly hair.

How To Prevent Hair From Frizzing

how to prevent hair from frizzing

Use Heat Protectant

Don’t be so confident in the fact that a brief spell under the sunlight cannot damage your hair. This is a misconception. Don’t get cheap on heat protectants even if you are in a hurry or during wintertime. Sizzled hair tends to frizz; therefore, if you plan to use a hot tool like curling iron or hair dryer, be sure you have got a heat protectant.


Water is one of the most critical components of our bodies. It keeps us alive. But do you keep your body hydrated the way it needs to be? And what about your hair, is there the same situation? We are sure there isn’t. But you should keep in mind that when your hair is well hydrated, it protects your hair cuticle from opening up and excessive moisture, which is the first reason for frizzy hair. That’s why to prevent your hair from being dry; you need to use a hair mask to keep your hair hydrated and make them less vulnerable to damage when you use hot tools.

To moisturize your hair to its fullest, search for products containing castor or coconut oil, these oils can help you prevent hair cuticle from opening, but it will greatly moisturize them and let your hair shine like a diamond.

Actually, coconut oil can be your best friend if you are experiencing frizzy hair. It would help if you made a habit of using organic coconut oil in your daily procedures.

Apply some coconut oil along the entire length of your hair, and leave it for an hour or two, or keep it for the whole night. The result is immediately visible, and you could see this in smooth, soft, and behaving hair.

Let it dry

Did you know that practice of letting your hair air dry is the best method that prevents your hair from frizzing? A lot of stylists use this method before blow-drying. It can really change your views on hair drying. When you let your hair air dry, you automatically do not allow hair strands to be disrupted.

When blow-drying the 10% percent of wet hair, remember to hold the dryer in a minimum of 15 cm away from your hair.

We sure you know that moving your hairdryer around is crucial not to overheat your hair, but just a reminder, so you don’t forget this.

Put In The Bin Your Sulfate Shampoos

Those shampoos with sulfates in your bathroom are critically affecting your hair and one of the first reasons on the way to frizzy hair. It is all because sulfates are aggressive detergents, and they are responsible for the foam we used to associate with cleanliness.

To be exact, they are the ones who raise the hair cuticle. Therefore, hair strands get dull when the cuticle is compromised, prone to split ends and breakage.

De-frizz Your Hair With Buns

Yes, hot tools can be great for making cute curls, but if you want to avoid being a lion at your special event, choose the bun method. Put down your hairdryer and twist your hair into two low buns and tie them with scrunchies, and as they dry, they slightly stretch, and your cuticles close. The next morning, apply a little bit of dry oil, and you will be free to forget about frizzy hair.

Care For Your Hair Before Training

We are here to make it up to you that the sodium in your sweat, actually, can dehydrate your hair and make it prone to frizz. Therefore, spray your hair with a leave-in conditioner before you tie your bun, and your hair will be protected while you will be working out.

Silk Pillow Is A Way Out

If you are suffering from frizzy hair and at the same time sleep on a cotton pillowcase, now is the time to exchange it for a silk one. Silk is greatly cooperating with your hair and protect it while you sleep. Therefore, silk pillowcase or scrunchy is a way out because it keeps natural oils in your hair.


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