How to Find the Perfect Parting for Your Face Type

A Hair Parting for Your Face Type

Unfortunately, in nature, there is no universal haircut that would suit absolutely everyone.

Often, many on the way to change are stopped by fears - what if the new hair parting will be "not to face"? However, to change the usual look, it is necessary to resort to radical measures; you can completely do without scissors. By changing just one small detail, you can significantly transform and correct facial features, making the oval face more perfect. It's about hair parting.

If you want variety, you can safely experiment with both partings and bangs, haircuts, and styling. You have no restrictions on your choice.

Face "oval”

An oval face is considered ideal in shape. It is to him that they are trying to visually bring other types closer, choosing the right hair part and styling. To highlight the cheekbones a little and emphasize the correct proportions, you should make a smooth parted part.

Round face

For girls with voluminous cheekbones and chubby cheeks, a side parting is suitable. It will slightly lengthen the face and visually give it the proportions of an oval.

The most suitable hair part is loose hair, slightly covering the cheeks. This technique will also help to narrow the face visibly. You can try medium length haircuts with side parting and long, beveled bangs.

Oblong face

The best way to correct this shape is to make bangs; it will visibly expand the face and lower the forehead. Side parting will look good, and a voluminous hair part, laid in a straight line.


Heart-shaped face - characterized by a whole upper part and a narrow chin, the forehead's hairline resembles the upper part of the heart's shape.

A bang is recommended for owners of this type of face, which will soften and visually narrow the forehead. It can be oblique, long, or asymmetrical; the main thing is not straight and not short.


It is a face with noticeable wide cheekbones, a narrow chin, and a forehead. A side parting is recommended; it will visually expand the forehead, and the curls falling along the face will help hide the cheekbones. The main thing is that the hair part volume is not concentrated near the cheeks; this will achieve the opposite effect.


Stylists advise combing your hair back without parting. Simultaneously, one should not forget about the root volume, which will visually expand the forehead area's face. Light curls falling will give harmony to prominent cheekbones and a massive chin, giving the image softness.


The facial features are quite sharp. To fix this recommended to avoid symmetry and choose a parting with a diagonal slope.

The haircut should have soft lines, and the hair should gently frame the cheekbones. Thick bangs are contraindicated with this type of face; preference should be given to a beveled one.

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