How Lori Amazingly Improved Her Hair Styling Routine With The JuvaBun Messy Bun!

Lori using the juvabun at home

Lori is one of JuvaBun’s most popular and talented ambassadors. She loves JuvaBun due to the product being amazing in itself. She’s a hairstylist and she’s in her 50’s which is why her hair is a little brittle and has lost its volume. She says “I have fine thin hair which is shoulder length” and she’s in her 50’s which is why her hair has thinned over the years which is common for women that are her age. Lori says “This has been a game changer!” She loves the JuvaBun because it has made her hair routine so simple she doesn’t have to spend hours on making her hair look perfect or spend so much time on fixing it.

She can easily sleep and have her coffee and take her own time to do her daily errands and she doesn’t have to spend any time on her hair due to the JuvaBun. She can as she quotes “Sleep late in the morning, have my morning cup of coffee and watch the Today show”. She can enjoy her morning and not worry about how she’s going to fix her hair or wash her hair which is also very damaging if done every day.

Fuss Free and Time Saving is What it’s All About

Lori loves the JuvaBun because it's fuss free and she can easily tie her hair into a bun to make it look fabulous. She can enjoy her morning and take her time to watch her favorite show and movies and she doesn’t need to worry about washing her hair , then drying it and styling it.

This is a lot of damage to your hair. We know how hard it is to style your hair and at the end of the day you’re frying your hair! And ladies no amount of heat protectant is gonna save your hair from being damaged if you’re styling it every single day. Even after styling it gets frizzy and you need to touch up which means more heat, more damage and more thinning and hair loss.

Lori doesn’t need to worry about all of this because she preserves her hair by using JuvaBun. She says “I don’t need to wash my hair everyday which preserves my hair”. She doesn’t need to dry out her hair by washing every day; she can simply just put on the JuvaBun and look perfect. Voila a fabulous and wonderful hairstyle all under a minute with no heat damage and no hair loss. She says for her it’s perfect because in your  50’s it’s important to preserve your hair because it’s already thinning and falling and if you’re gonna wash it every day might as well shave your head because you’re excessively damaging your hair. She’s also been a hairstylist for almost 34 years and she loves the product because it helps her look put together and saves her hair from being damaged.

Great Quality and Ease of Use

beautiful blond hair extension

Lori has been a hairstylist for 34 years which means she has a lot of experience with hair and hair extensions. If Lori is saying JuvaBun is worth the money it definitely is. She loves the quality of it because it feels so soft and comfortable on her hair. It’s not heavy on your head and it looks so natural.

Lori has blonde hair and it’s often difficult to find the perfect shade of blonde but with JuvaBun she doesn’t need to worry about that. She simply has to put the JuvaBun on her head like a scrunchie and that’s all. You’re getting an easy to use product with a wide color range which has exceptional quality and makes your hair look voluminous and gorgeous and a hairstylist is recommending the product to you. What more do you need to purchase this product? Lori has given JuvaBun her stamp of approval.

Lori Was Showered with Compliments

Lori also gets tons of compliments whether she’s going out or walking across town or whenever she goes live on her Instagram. She gets tons of compliments and people always ask her how do you make your hair look this good?

She always recommends JuvaBun because she’s tried and tested it and she loves it. Could it be because of how naturally perfect the hair bun piece looks? Or maybe it is due to the volume it adds to Lori’s look. Either way, it rains compliments on her and wouldn’t have it any other way! 

juvabun packaged kit

Biggest Game-Changer of All Time

Lori says it’s a literal game changer for her and it makes her hair look so good it’s unbelievable. She says it’s so good and amazing for her hair that she always recommends it to people. It’s her hair secret  to looking this good and gorgeous in only seconds. All she has to do is just take the product out of its packaging, tie her hair into a small bun, put on her magical ingredient, the messy hair bun, and VOILA!

The perfect look in under 5 seconds. Additionally, Lori stands by the quality of this product, she believes it is very unique in terms of functionality and the overall outlook is perfect and natural. The hair matches almost all hair colours due to the immense variety in shades as well. 

Lori loves the JuvaBun range because it’s easy to use, doesn’t damage your hair, prevents hair loss, perfect for thin hair or anyone in any age range and it’s so easy to use it's honestly unbelievable. Lori has given her approval to the product. I think it’s time you get yourself a JuvaBun to make you look this fabulous and amazing.

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