What is Perm Hair

What is a perm? It is a salon procedure dedicated to making your straight and fine hair more curly. The perming does not require harmful chemical reactions, but the result is worth it to be preferable by both men and women.

The normal days make us feel stress and emotional exhaustion due to a repeated circulation of everyday events like ground-hog days. So, we want to change a little bit to bring more colors to our life. And what could help you to attain such alluring modifications in a short time? The reply is simple - to make stylish hairdressing improvements not expected for you. In this case, the perm procedure would be helpful for your hair transformation and your mental betterment.

2 Classifications of Perm Procedures

Getting a perm helps to obtain beachy waves or ringlets using the following techniques:

    1. Chemical perming - classified as hazardous for hair health and needs to receive primary consultation about the procedure acceptance for you;

    2. Bio perm - named as the gentler alternative to the previous option; however, it needs a particular knowledge and skills for careful image transformation;

      Anyway, do not be afraid to risk your hairstyle changing; but  trust only reliable tools and experts.

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      How Long Does It Take to Perm Hair?

      Before you decide to make your hair curly, you need to know principal methods addressing how to perm your hair, their fixation effects and duration. The modern hairdressing industry offers you several perm techniques resulting in hair ambiguous advantages.

      On the one hand, chemical substances allow the fast fascinating result, and, on the other hand, you should be careful of their content and rely on the skilled stylist if you have to keep your hair healthy and strong for an extended period.

      Common Types of Hair Perms

      To make your hair curly and know how to perm hair step by step, you may get acquainted with the following subtypes of artificial or chemistry-based perming procedures, including before and after actions required to do.

      Note that considering the duration for the fast result, could achieve the fixation effect in 10 to 25 minutes for all subtypes of perming, depending on the hair shape and structure.

      Acid Perm

      is one of the least popular hairdressing techniques. The principle of operation of this technique is based on the ability of acids to penetrate deeply into the hair structure. Therefore, acid perming is recommended only for thick, heavy, or coarse hair, which are hardly handled by the other perming subtypes.

      Alkalic Perm

      is a universal tool for all types of hair except very thick and drastically damaged strands. The experts use a mixture of ammonium and glycolic acid to reach better fixation effects for curls.

      Neutral Perm

      is carried out using substances with a lower pH level and safe for each hair type.

      Bio Perm

      consists of modern formulas containing 2/3 cysteine. The core component is a protein related to the hair protein. Biowave is qualified as a durable procedure and also has additional therapeutic effects.

        woman showing off her permed hair

        How To Give Yourself a Perm and Not Lose Hair at All

        Wise, correct, and infrequent perming performed by hair products with nature-friendly ingredients could eliminate the adverse effects of hair micro changes and loss. The research proves some negative results connecting with extreme acid-based formulas of particular hairdressing products that damage your hair crucially.

        In this case, you should carefully approach this issue especially when you might have specific allergy reactions or want to affect your hair with minimum risks.

        After you have made perm procedures and refused to notice some unpleasant changes in hair structure, you need to adhere to the careful maintenance instructions. It has a more valid meaning after the second procedure. So, how to give yourself a perm and keep your hair healthy?

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        How to Take Care of Your Perm: Perm Maintenance

        1. Try to repeat the nourishing masks and use various natural hair products after the shower procedure once a week.
        2. Wash your hair with herbal infusions. (However, before applying the procedure based on natural home recipes, it is worthwhile to do an allergic reaction test in advance, but the ideal variant would be to consult a trichologist).
        3. Avoid a hairdryer and minimize hot styling.
        4. Comb hair only with a special brush with sparse teeth.
        5. Wait at least 2-3 weeks before dyeing your hair.

          If you care about how long does it take to perm your hair and its effect sustainability, you need to apply unique hair products to maintain the result achieved and keep your hair resistant to any impact. 

          Besides, the progressive men who like to follow fashionable trends must also obey the recommendations for safe perm procedures if they want to look their hair great.

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          What is a perm?

          Perm implies a procedure that helps to reach fabolous curly strands in 10 to 25 minutes using particular chemical substances or hair rollers. The last is the safest, but its curly effects last until the upcoming shower.

          How to prefer perming for fine hair?

          Fine hair needs particular attention and should be subject to only specific chemical perms like bio perm to avoid unfavorable consequences.

          How to perm short hair?

          Short-length hair is an ideal variant for the chemical perm. This procedure helps to shape your hair with additional volume, and beautiful curlies would seem very natural.

          How to choose a perming technique for men?

          Male short hair resembles the structure of female one a lot. So, men are free to choose the chemical perm they want; however, they need to consider the hair density and state. Boys also should think about the hair products acceptable for the post-perming treatment.

          How to perm hair step by step?

          When you have realized the definition of what is a perm, you may do this procedure, but try not to neglect some essential tips 1.Determinate the hair density and features of their structure, 2.Find the professional master who consults you about perm procedures acceptable for your hair. 3.Treat your hair properly after these stressful procedures.