Hair Bun Styling with Bun Clips For Hair

Hair bun clips are very helpful for making a great hairstyle. They are used to add volume to the hairstyle and make it prettier. It is very easy to use them, so not only a professional, but also a beginner can do it. To do this, you just need to choose hair bun clips to match your hair color and fix it well, then hide it with your hair to make it irreplaceable.

A bun is a perfect hairstyle for long hair. It looks very simple and elegant. You can do this for a simple walk or for an important meeting. Most importantly, it is very convenient. You can do it quickly with an elastic band, or with a clip-on hair bun.

This hairstyle has been around for many years and has never gone out of style. Why does it attract women so much? The answer is simple. The fact is that the bun emphasizes the oval of the face and neck, which makes the woman more attractive.

Many stars come to important events with buns. For example, Gigi Hadid, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, and many other popular women who are admired by the whole world appeared on the red carpet with such a hairstyle.

Hair bun styling with bun clips for hair

Everyday Hairstyles

Low Rise Bun

     This hairstyle works well for colored hair (ombre or highlights) because the transition stands out beautifully. It is not difficult to do it. For this, you just need to collect the hair in a low ponytail, attach a clip-on hair bun, roll the hair, and fix it.

    Simple Bun

     The most homely and cozy hairstyle, but at the same time very beautiful. It is a standard bun that you can make with two hair ties. You can use hairpins for the best effect.

    Messy bun

    Messy Bun

       The cutest type of this hairstyle. It looks childishly casual and very nice. When putting together such a bun, leave a few loose strands in the front and back for a complete look, use the clips in a messy bun extension. Secure the bun with small inner combs and tighten with an elastic band. You can use hairpins only in those places where hair can fall out of the hairstyle.


         The name of this bunch comes from the abbreviation of the expression half-bun. It is not hard to do. You only need to separate part of the hair on top (you can leave strands in front) and twist it into a bun using a simple elastic band. The height can be adjusted at will.

        The Bang Bun

         It is a regular bun with no stray strands, but with bangs. The bangs look very beautiful paired with a bun, harmoniously and modestly. So cute hairstyle option.

        A Bun for Curly Hair

        Curly hair looks very cute in a bun. You can do it using the simple bun method, or heed the clip in messy bun extension advice and do the same.


        Holiday Hairstyles

        Smooth Bun with a Donut

         This is a sleek and neat hairstyle for the perfectionist. You need to tie your hair into a neat ponytail and use a donut to twist it into a bun. How to use clips on a hair bun? It must be carefully attached so that it is not noticeable. Hairpins need to be fastened tightly and used a lot. In this case, you need to smooth your hair so that no strands fall out and everything looks as neat as possible.
        Set a clip-on hair bun

        Volume Bun

         This option is suitable for women who do not have lush hair. To do this, you need to do a bouffant for the hair, this will give them visual volume. You need to make a ponytail, collect a bun with a hair clip, and secure everything with hairpins. You can keep the front strands or pull them back together, depending on how neat you want your hair to be.

        French Bunch

         It can be described in one word "exquisite". It is perfect for celebrations or business meetings, this will add elegance and zest to your look. It suits ladies of all ages and hair types. You need to comb a neat ponytail at the back of your head, twist your hair, and fix using bun clips for hair (so that the ends are inside and the hair strands do not fall out). In the end, you need to use hairpins and hairspray to fix the hairstyle well.

        How to put a bun in your hair

        Elegant Style Bunch

         What can make you more feminine than elegance? This bundle will give this zest to your look. It's much easier than you think. For this hairstyle, you need to set a clip-on hair bun and secure everything with hairpins. The front strands need to be curled.

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        What is the right hair length for the bun?

        There is probably no need to say anything about long hair. Any hairstyle is suitable for it. Medium hair can also be easily pulled into a bun and will look pretty as well. But how to put a bun in your hair if you have short hair? Women with short hair often face a problem when they want to do some kind of hairstyle, but the length of the hair does not allow it. This is not a problem, because a hair clip will help you. This will make your bun look great and luxurious. The hairstyle will accentuate your beauty and make you shine.

        How can you decorate your hair bun?

        It depends on where you are going to go with this hairstyle. These can be hairpins of various types, ribbons, chains, feathers, and elastic bands. The style of jewelry should match the style of your clothing.

        How to fix a bun without hairspray?

        Apply hair foam and comb through your hair before styling. In addition, you can opt-out of using any funds. To do this, you just need to fix the bundle with invisible hairpins.

        Does the shape of the face influence the choice of hairstyle?

        With regards to the beam, it is better for girls with rounded features to make a beam from below. If you have sharp facial features and prominent cheekbones, then a high bun is ideal.

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