How To Do A Fishtail Braid

A modern and useful hairstyle assisting one to feel self-confident and realize the inner strength and beauty is apparently about the fishtail braid. Such a kind of hairdressing method appeared in the XIX century and its popularity has been highly increasing in the last decade. 

The fishtail braids are a mod and universal planting style made from only 2 strands of hair. This feature differs from the fishtails compared to the Dutch as it has a much easier hairdressing. Furthermore, this simple style creates your image status as a skillful hair-art master who spends just two minutes creating such a vivid look.

Probably, the most effective advertising and promotion campaign for this useful braid was innocently performed by the main female character of The Hunger Games, who represented the initial cocktail of braveness, tenderness, and feminist strength. However, a lot of Hollywood celebrities frequently use this kind of hairstyle during public events and business routines. 

The fishtail braid excellently matches a casual style because it helps to do proper hairdressing and does not restrict a flight of your imagination due to its modification capacities. You are always free when you think of a new alternative on how to plait your hair quite pretty.

woman with a fishtail braid

Detailed Fishtail Braid Tutorial

Before you ask yourselves about how to do a fishtail braid you should know the varieties of this curious hairstyle and not each of them could be performed by your own affords. So, we can classify the fishtails as classical, inverse, double, hair tied braids, and other variations based on the first type.

Well, in order to clarify the particularities of this interesting hairdressing technique in general, you can firstly distinguish its pluses and minuses. The last one could happen when the girls with limp short-length hair try to make such a hairstyle, as a result, they would most likely have a grotesque appearance.

Instead, the perfectly performed fishtail braid could highlight the appropriate girl’s look if she adheres to the useful tutorial recommendations.

Some stylish fishtails advantages are as followed:

  • simple to do;
  • perfectly supplement with any other hairstyle like a hairtail, a bob, a French tail, a french twist hairstyle, crown-like hairdressing, or a hair bun;
  • soft and flexible braid allowing you to set it as you wish and in any direction;
  • there is no requirement to learn some special or even complicated tutorial on how to do a fishtail braid;
  • fit thick and thin hair due to its voluminous effects;
  • this braid volume could be increased in few seconds;
  • such a braid is age-free, so you may be a little girl or a 50-year-old woman but stay to make this unsophisticated hairstyle. The fishtail is apparently an all-the-time hairdressing!

But what about the disadvantages? They are too tiny to be noticed. The single weakness for the fishtails is that the new “fishtail” fans find it difficult to do them on their own. The reason is caused by the fact that the hands get tired too quickly when you plait a fishtail braid for the very first time.

Advice: to beat off all the minus above, you ought to do primary practiced exercises a little on the mannequin in order to refine your braiding skills to make your fingers repeat the kinesthetic sequence of braiding actions and the eyes remember the pictorial tutorial on specific hairdressing technique. 

Upon this advice, after a dozen uneasy approaches, your own fishtail braid would be perfectly accomplished.

Simple steps towards a superb fishtail braid

Simple Steps Towards a Superb Fishtail Braid

You must realize that improving your braiding skills step by step your hairstyle variations will drastically expand, and your enviers notice a new look supplemented with individual fishtail braids at once.

Having the status of the hair braiding master, you could teach the other enthusiasts begging to show them the step by step instruction about the fishtail braid subtypes. In such a way, you could gain appreciated fame and find new friends.

So, let’s find out the fishtail braid directions step by step:

  1. Comb strands of hair and divide them into 2 equal parts. The other option is to scrape back your hair like a ponytail and begin to plait the braid from the ponytail. In this regard, the last variant is much simpler. 
  2. Take one small strand and lay it in a cross on the other one, interchanging the right strand with the left one. 
  3. Repeat the actions several times, step by step unless you have a tiny fishtail braid.
  4. In the end, fix the tips with a hair tie.
lady having her hair done at the salon

Following the above-mentioned direction could be enhanced by precious secrets for self-made fishtail braid:

  • prepare a mirror and look at the back of the head while plaiting a braid;
  • keep in mind that the braid could become thinner near its tail than on the top of scalp and, therefore, you should equally divide the strands of hair;
  • in order to receive a tight braid, it is required to attentively maintain the braid closely borders on the head. To reach that result, you should keep your hair strands strained. The braiding should be never up;
  • the thinner strands of hair are, the longer the braid is;
  • choose the hair strands identical by type to plait your braids correctly on each part of your head;
  • the final result is required to be fixed by means of the hair tie, slides, or spray.

You may also use various hairstyle products available at our website to make the plaiting process simpler and reach the most presentable effect.

Another valid point in the plaiting tutorial for the fishtails is to combine your hair features with the ideal fishtail braid subtype. The best possible advice is to braid the fishtails on long and straight strands, however, curls could successfully be managed by means of this setting.

Fishtail Braids - A New Trend for Male Hairstyles

Yeah, don’t be surprised at this statement! Long or medium-length hair men more often than not choose this popular kind of braids, and this tendency is guessed to compete with beards and moustaches. The odds of the males with the Viking fishtail-braided hair definitely mean their look which is fraught with a warrior strength and powers like the ancient Vikings or fictional khalasar conquerors mentioned in immortal Games of Thrones.

It should be mentioned that the style definitely matches with long-length hair when we talk about how to do a fishtail braid for men. The step-by-step approach for the male fishtails also differs from the female one because the male braid should turn up the back of the head and down with shortened, quite noticeable knots until the shoulder line.

Men who used to have long-length hair could think of this hair setting as a well-groomed appearance feature and an extra source of tidiness. The braid is very helpful since it gets dirty considerably less often. Nevertheless, the key reason is that similar settings benefit your manhood, connecting the real sense of the male beings related to ancient times. 

The single negative attribute of such a hairstyle means mandatorily cut the side hair. That’s why, if a man wants to look like a world sport, art, or movie star diversifying his appearance with the stylish fishtail braid he can’t do it by himself, but he should ask for the barbershop services. 

The other amusing opinion concerns the boring due to the routine braid look. In this situation, you may just cut it off and the new fishtail could appear in three months.

In any case, both men and women should carefully treat their fishtail braids if they want to keep their hair healthy simultaneously. 

So, when you learn all the details on how to do an ideal fishtail braid, you could manage your image to be attractive under the craze of fashion.

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