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The fishtail hairstyle is another variation of the French braid. These are straight, stylized braids using only two strands. The fishtail braid looks like you've spent a lot of time and effort creating it.

This version of the French braid has not left the pages of fashion magazines and the world's main catwalks for many seasons in a row. What is easy to explain is that the fishtail not only looks spectacular because this hairstyle adds volume to even thin hair but also easily braids.

You must prepare your hair for any braiding. If they become electrified, spray them with water.

Clean, only washed hair will crumble and fall out of the hairstyle. Therefore, it is recommended to work with hair for 2-3 days after shampooing or lightly treat it with wax.

Pros of fishtail braid:

  • Simple to execute.
  • Perfect match with any other ponytail, bun, french braid, shell, crown, bun hairstyle.
  • A soft and pliable braid that allows you to style it in any direction you want.
  • It is easy to braid as there is no need to learn complicated instructions.
  • Suitable for thick and thin hair due to its volume.
  • It is easy to make such a braid voluminous in a matter of seconds.
  • It has no age; therefore, they are perfect for little girls and young ladies over 50.

The downside of this styling hair for beginners will be difficult to braid it all over their head and make a beautiful beginning since when doing it for the first time, their hands get tired very quickly.

To cope with all the disadvantages, do your first weaves on the model so that your hands remember the weaving, and your eyes exactly the sequence of actions. So after a few dozen braids, you will braid a perfect fishtail.

Top braid

Fishtail hairstyle

This hairstyle is considered the most popular. You can make a braid using a simple pattern. Braid tutorial is that the thickness of each strand changes, thereby giving the hairstyle volume. You need to practice braiding yourself. To do this, you need to follow the step-by-step instructions that come with the technique.

  • It is very easy to weave a fishtail braid according to the pattern without using elastic bands. Styling hair works best on long, straight hair. Then the spikelet will receive a volumetric shape. But girls with curly hair should not be upset; you can braid their curls in a fishtail braid.
  • A fishtail braid will look very nice on the hair of medium length and with highlights.
  • You will be able to braid such a hairstyle very neatly the first time if you make it to one side. A fishtail braid will accentuate the bump and shine of the strands.
  • Fishtail hairstyle is popular not only for the holidays but just for every day. You can make a fishtail hairstyle on your hair tightly or using various accessories.
  • Weave the braid using a water spray to keep the hair from tangling. With the help of a spray with water, electrolyzed hair is removed and combed thoroughly.
  • A strand should be taken at the temples and should be no more than 0.7 inches thick. To weave the fishtail braid further, you need to remove these strands back and make a hairdo. You need to transfer the strands to the side during weaving to braid a spikelet to one side.

What you need when weaving:

  • Prepare mirrors for yourself so that you can see what is happening behind you when weaving.
  • The farther from the scalp you weave, the looser the braid will turn out; over time, loose strands will fall out.
  • You need to make sure that the braid is close to the head; for this, we pull the strands and make the hooks as short as possible, do not lift the braid to get tight weaving.
  • The thinner the strands, the more links and the longer the braid;
  • Make sure the links are the same width.
  • Be sure to tie with an elastic band or secure with varnish, fleece, and pins.

Fishtail braid tutorial

Fishtail braid tutorial

The first way to styling hair:

  • The head must be clean to weave the fishtail braid to one side or evenly perfectly. The mousse will help to make the perfect hairstyle, after which the hair will become more manageable.
  • After that, the hair is divided in half; thin strands are taken from the temporal zone, starting from the side, the weaving is led down. The elastic is used to hold the hair more firmly.
  • Weaving continues with the second half of the hair. On the contrary, the hairstyle makes the usual classic ponytail more accurate and attractive.
  • Weaving continues from side to side and vice versa. When the braid is finished, it is secured with an elastic band and decorated with a bracelet.

Second-way fishtail hairstyle:

  • The washed head must be dried a little with a hairdryer and lubricated with mousse to curl the required volume.
  • Comb the strands thoroughly.
  • In the temporal zone, several uneven strands are selected.
  • In the occipital zone, these strands must be crossed.
  • Repeat the previous steps.
  • A cross to a cross is made with the previous strand.
  • The procedure is repeated on the right side.
  • Again, the strands are superimposed on each other.
  • Secure the strands with an elastic band.

Method three for fishtail braid:

  • The head is washed and applied the mousse, after which it is dried with a hairdryer.
  • Two mirrors are taken and placed opposite each other to see the back of the head.
  • The strands are divided into two parts and combed carefully.
  • Several thin strands are taken on the right and left.
  • They must be crossed among themselves at the back of the head.
  • We repeat these movements with the rest of the strands.
  • We carry out the same procedure with curls on the other side. They must be crossed with the previous ones.
  • Such movements are carried out in turn until the end of the weaving.
  • The end is secured with a hair clip or elastic band.

For a neat look, avoid braiding over hairstyles that have uneven strands. Additional accessories should also be used. For uneven strands, you don't need to braid too tightly. If the fishtail braid is braided in any shape and secured with a beautiful elastic band and slung over the shoulder, the girl will look more elegant and feminine.

The hairstyle will look spectacular if the strands are of small thickness. The fishtail braid looks very harmonious and romantic if you give it the look of a basket or a cloud. To make a fishtail braid, they take strands from one side and lead them to the other. It will look more spectacular if a couple of strands are carelessly lowered from the total mass.

How to decorate a fishtail hairstyle?

How to decorate a fishtail hairstyle?

From the above options, you can choose exactly the one that suits you. Hairpins or fresh flowers are great for decorating your hair. Also, ribbons and chains can be woven into the braid. In addition, pins, laces, rhinestones, and feathers can be excellent decorations. The braid itself can be made austere or romantic.

A well-chosen hairstyle will make a woman irresistible and self-confident.

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