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To cut bangs at home, you should choose the appropriate option for you regarding your face shape and hair type, prepare all the necessary items for the process, and reveal a little juggle and creativity. As sure as fate, every girl has wondered how to deal with it. And for a good reason, because thanks to this useful skill you can not only save your time and money but also hide various imperfections and upgrade your appearance. But how to cut bangs without somebody’s help if you do not have such experience at all? Before starting the procedure, you should decide what type of bangs you want in the first instance. Be careful in this matter, taking into account the individual features of your face. Of course, you will need a set of necessary tools for cutting at home. Here you can read what implements precisely you should care about as a first-timer. To achieve the desired result, you also should follow the advice of experienced experts who know exactly all the nuances. In our article, you can find all the essential tips on choosing the right option and step-by-step instructions on how to cut your fashionable bang on your own.

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Do it yourself: Your own bang

Follow our step-by-step instructions on how to deal with trimming the most fashionable bangs at home:

Straight bangs

  • First, neatly allocate the desired length and shape of the bangs, and fix the remaining hair with sectioning clips.
  • Take the outermost lock on the right side of the bangs, clamp it between your fingers for convenience, and choose the desired length. 
  • Cut the hair at a slight angle to give your bangs a little volume.
  • Do the same action with the leftmost lock, focusing on the already selected length of the right one.
  • Choose the direction in which you will move, and cut the remaining strands in the bangs one by one.
  • Comb your bangs and correct missing strands.
  • Do a slight tapering using blending scissors. 
  • Dry the hair to give it the desired shape, and fix it.

Oblique bangs

  • Choose the desired length and side on which you will begin to move.
  • Take a separate strand of hair and cut with the scissors downwards (with an angle of up to 45-50 degrees).
  • Select small strands carefully, from top to bottom (or vice versa) in the desired direction, slightly increasing bangs length with each transition. If you want, leave a little more length to adjust the result later.
  • Once you form the bangs, comb the hair and make sure that the cut line is smooth. You can also taper your bangs if you want to achieve a more natural hairstyle.

Choppy bangs

It is one of the most trendy options this year. Choppy bangs in combination with a fashionable haircut suit any facial oval. Thanks to the crumbly and irregular structure, it can hide imperfections on the forehead, for example, wrinkles or redness. Step-by-step instructions for cutting choppy bangs look as follows:

  • Separate the bangs from the rest of the hair with sectioning clips or hairpins.
  • Slightly moisten the hair and twist into tight curls. Cut this curl at an angle of 45-60 degrees; the place for cutting mark by the eye in advance. Keep an eye on the final length. This distance determines the length of your bangs.
  • Comb the hair, shape it into the desired hairstyle and fix it with foam, wax, or hairspray.


We have already mentioned such a process as bangs tapering more than once. Let's find out what this concept includes and how to do tapering. Consider that the procedure is not advisable for overly thin hair.

It is a usual process for skilled hands, and every girl at least once in her life is faced with blending scissors in a salon. The tapering itself means thinning the hair to increase the volume and make your hairstyle look natural. The most important rule is that the scissors are sharp.

Tapering includes several stages:

  • Separate a small strand of hair from the bangs and make a small bundle.
  • Carefully take two cuts with blending scissors. Cut one strand in the middle, the second one in 2-3 cm from the end.
  • Focusing on the previous strand, do the same action with the rest of the bang.
  • Be sure to comb your hair carefully after tapering, and it is even better to wash your hair so that the cut tips do not remain on the skin and do not spoil the whole appearance. 

Choosing appropriate bangs

how to choose appropriate bangs?

When choosing bangs, you should consider not only current trends but also individual features of your face. Depending on the facial contours, you can choose bangs that visually correct your face shape.

Oval face 

The oval shape is ideal for all types of bangs if the hair is straight and thick enough. At the same time, girls who have an oval face but very curly and wayward hair may face wearisome daily straightening and styling, which can significantly damage the hair. In this case, you should refuse cutting short bangs and give preference to long ones. Straight dense haired girls  look beautiful with blunt bangs, which is considered one of the main trends of this year.

Round face

For this type, it is worth choosing asymmetrical bangs, correcting this shape, and deflecting attention away from the cheekbones. Choose oblique elongated bangs, which you can easily style on straight and wavy hair. You can also do tapering; it will add a slight volume. Graduated bangs will hide visible imperfections of a round face. By the way, it is perfectly suitable for women of an elegant age.

Square face

Options with a soft contour are suitable for a square shape. For example, you can choose careless, asymmetrical choppy bangs to smooth your face shape visually. If you cut your bangs neatly, it will provide great softness and romanticism to your whole image.

Rectangular face 

If you are the owner of such a shape, it is better to choose a thick semicircular option, as it softens the angular facial features. Bangs, trimmed obliquely, also can cope with this task. Elongated asymmetric bangs make the image more feminine. And it is better to refuse the short and wispy options.

The bangs' choice is also influenced by the structure and density of your hair:

  • If your hair is thick and straight, various forms of bangs will suit you.
  • Bangs on two sides and blunt bangs will look ideal even without styling.
  • If your hair is oily, select more voluminous, elongated bangs. A side parting is also advisable.
  • Owners of wiry hair can take a closer look at straight or oblique options.
  • If you have thin strands, consider cutting blunt bangs that will make your hair look thicker. Graduated bangs integrated into a haircut, such as a pixie or a bob, are also suitable for thin hair.
Fashion trends of curtain bang

Preparing tools for home cutting 

To cut bangs at home, you should prepare the following tools:

Scissors. It is the most important thing on this list. You can use the usual kitchen scissors for quick and easy bangs cutting, but make sure that they are sharp and comfortable for usage. To trim more professional and sophisticated bangs, use blending scissors. 

Mirror. It is also an important point. Even a small cosmetic mirror can be enough to cut beautiful bangs. But if you do not have experience, it is better to use a large mirror for a good vantage point.

A comb. The choice of this tool depends on your hair type and the desired bangs. But a universal option is a multifunctional rat tail comb from the JuvaBun Application Kit. It is designed for hairstylists and perfectly helps with sectioning hair. 

The water sprayer. It is an advantageous tool for wiry hair, but do not become engrossed in excessive moisturizing of the strands! If the bangs are already short, they can turn much shorter after drying the hair.

Hairdryer. It is suitable for wet bangs using hair sprays, waxes, mousse, for giving volume.

Alligator hair clips. You need these items to fix the hair in the right position. Choose perfect matte alligator clips so that your bangs trimming is comfortable and easy. You can also use it for further styling. 

Congrats, now you know the ins and outs of cutting bangs at home! Feel free to do it and in time you will become a professional of this business, which is advantageous for you and your family and friends. Properly chosen and neatly trimmed bangs can correct facial shape, bring a zest to the whole image, and create a great mood for a long time.


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