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Not every girl can boast of naturally luxurious hair. However, natural hair has a great alternative to clip-in hair extensions. False strands are attached very quickly, and this is a great option for girls with slow hair growth and young ladies with thin and sparse hair. Clip-in hair extensions have been around for a long time. Beauties have always tried to transform and change their appearance with wigs or hairpieces.

Moreover, clip-in hair extensions are a good alternative to salon procedures. It is an economical and affordable method that does not harm your natural curls. Clip-in hair extensions are suitable for all women, with any hair length, thickness, color, and texture, and will not damage your hair. They will help you create the perfect hairstyle for a wedding, prom, any other celebration, or for the most ordinary day.

How to use a bobby pin

How to attach clip-in hair extensions?

You need to decide what material should be artificial or natural to buy the best hair extensions. Inspect the clips for damage or cracks. The clip in hair extensions can still stick to the hair, but they can damage the scalp.

Clip-in hair extensions:

  • Twist or straighten natural strands depending on the desired result.
  • Separate wide and narrow hair with bobby pins. The first ones need to be attached at the back of the head and crown.
  • Part horizontally. Highlight a section at ear level for convenience.
  • Comb lightly at the roots.
  • Tape the wefts under your hair to cover the fake hair.
  • At the last stage, you need to tousle the curls a little so that they mix.

After that, you should start creating the desired hairstyle or styling. If desired, you can leave them loose. For maximum hold, use hairspray.

Ponytail extension:

  • The hair must be combed thoroughly, then collected in a neat ponytail at the top of the head.
  • The strand clip is placed in the middle of the tail at the very top.
  • Its base must be wrapped with ribbons, secured firmly, and tied tightly so that the hairstyle is more durable.
  • You can take a small section of natural hair and hide the strands on the hairpins with it.

Additionally, the tail is braided into a braid. For a more festive hairstyle, you should wind them on a conical curling iron or regular iron.

Bangs extension:

  • It is necessary to make your bang so that natural curls cover the place where the hair is attached for an extension.
  • The overlay is attached along the parting line; the clamps remain inside.
  • The hair is styled into the desired hairstyle, hiding behind your natural strands.

For high-quality fixation at this stage, you can use hairspray. It is important not to overdo it with it. In this case, natural curls will look dirty and artificial.

What are the advantages of clip-in hair extensions?

 advantages of clip-in hair extensions
  • Savings when compared to hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are inexpensive.
  • Easy to extend: you just need to attach the strand with a hair clip.
  • Different textures. Overhead strands are Asian, European, Slavic, depending on the origin.
  • Natural look hair on bobby pins looks natural when chosen to match natural curls.
  • The versatility of clip-in hair extensions can be dyed, straightened, curled, corrugated, or toned.
  • You should wash affordable care strands as they become dirty, without masks, conditioners, or restorative procedures.

Clip-in hair extensions are completely safe. They do not damage your hair, do not contribute to shedding or thinning. Clip-in extensions are ideal for those who want to change their image but cannot decide on a radical change. They will help you try new hairstyles, and haircuts. Besides, clip-in extensions will save time since the extension procedure takes at least several hours. Many girls think that clip-in hair extensions can damage hair, but due to the ability to remove them and not wear them all the time, they do not spoil their hair.

Clip-in hair extensions myths

Clip-in hair extensions myths
  • Clip-in hair extensions damage hair. Some women say that the hair structure deteriorates, others that hair loss increases. Of course, this is not the case. Clip-in extensions are safe for your hair. The strands are attached to small hairpins. Due to this, the load on the hair is insignificant. A big plus of clip-in extensions is that you can always take it off, rinse your hair well, and give it a rest.
  • Clip-in extensions look unnatural. Such a statement can be said if a person has never encountered such an extension or, on the contrary, is familiar with an example of inept hair attachment on hairpins. Before deciding to buy clip-in extensions, you need to choose the shade carefully. The strands look very natural, if your hair’s tone is identical to the strands’ tone. If you have a rare shade of hair or decide to change the tone, you can dye strands from natural hair. Strands on hairpins are attached in the root zone: hairpins are closed with hair lying from above. So no one will guess that your luxurious curls are clip-in extensions.
  • Clip-in extensions are impractical. You cannot compare different extension technologies. Besides, the girls have different types of stripes and lifestyles. If capsule extension is ideal for one, then the other will feel great with overhead strands. Everything is individual.
  • Attaching clip-in hair extensions takes a very long time. This is another incorrect statement. The first time you attach the overhead strands to hairpins, it will take you no more than 20 minutes. Just a few workouts and building will take 5 minutes.
  • Clip-in hair extensions don’t look as your own hair. Giving the hair length is the original purpose of the overhead strands, but you shouldn't forget about the volume. Even if you have long hair, clip-in extensions will perfectly complement the look, and the hairstyle will look more spectacular. You just need to choose the right color.
  • With clip-in extensions, you cannot make absolutely any hairstyle. Most often, girls say that if you put your hair in a ponytail or make a braid, you will see hairpins. It is unnecessary to use a full set of strands. It is enough to carefully hide the hair with hairpins in the hair’s depth, so your look will be very natural.
  • Clip-in extensions are complicated to maintain. Of course, care is needed for overhead strands. You should not forget that strands and natural hair need to be cleansed, moisturized, and nourished. You must wash clip-in hair extensions with shampoo, use balms, masks, sprays. It is necessary to comb the strands before and after washing, dry naturally or with a hairdryer with a low-temperature regime.
  • Clip-in extensions don't stick well and can fall off at the wrong time. The hairpins on which the strands are held are equipped with silicone inserts, so the clip-in hair is held firmly enough. If you are still worried that the strands will fall off, you can make a small fleece, sprinkle with varnish and fasten the hair clip. Thus, the curls will be well fixed.
  • You can buy tress hair and sew on hairpins. This option is, of course, possible, but it is challenging to calculate the load on each hair clip. If it is large, it will injure the hair and cause the hairpins to slide off. It is recommended to purchase ready-made kits with hairpins.
  • Hair clips are comfortable for girls with straight hair. You can curl clip-in hair extensions. Therefore, curly hair owners can absolutely easily pick up a set of straight hair with clips and make a perm. Every girl can choose her own set of strands and change every day.

Experiment with the image by adding clip-in hair extensions to it. You can add volume, lengthen or hide damaged hair with clip-in extensions. It is entirely safe and does not harm your chevelure. Moreover, it's a good way to always look stylish and elegant.

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