Holistic Hair Treatment: Natural Methods Rejuvenating Your Scalp and Hair

woman holding her braided hair up

Each girl dreams of luxurious, strong, and shining hair. Currently, there are many different ways to keep hair healthy, and holistic care - one of them. The cosmetics of this category have its specifics and differ from the usual cosmetics in modern stores.

Holistic care is about naturalness, simplicity, and harmony with nature. These products are more expensive than organic because apart from the natural ingredients, they are characterized by special processing. The founders of holistic treatment assure that such products not only make a positive impact on your strands and skin but also spiritually helps the body to restore its strength.

Why is holistic hair care special? 

These cosmetics are distinguished by its versatility: it does not cause allergic reactions, it is perfect for even children. In the compositions of ordinary shampoos, we often see various sulfates and parabens - it is necessary so that the shampoo is foamy. Holistic care uses a soap nut in the compositions of hair products. This ingredient does not harm your hair but thoroughly cleanses it from impurities. And this is just one example of the natural treatment benefits.

How to use holistic care products? 

There are no special requirements for holistic cosmetics use because the main thing is the collecting and processing ingredients technology. Follow the instructions on packagings to get the maximum benefit from high-quality natural products. As a rule, these cosmetics are sold in pharmacies and holistic clinics.

You can also inquire with your hairdresser about herbal care; it will help you to not only learn about the products offered in the current market but also how to choose the necessary product for your hair type. If you want holistic treatment to bring maximum benefit for your beauty and health, try to choose complexes or even a series. For example, you can buy shampoo and balm from one holistic manufacturer. 

Herbal hair care: what to choose

You decided to buy holistic products to make your hair healthy and shiny, but you do not know what to give priority to? Pay attention to the natural shampoos and oils - holistic medicine claims that these means are the most appropriate to restore and nourish hair with live energy and beauty.

Natural shampoos. As a rule, holistic shampoos are herbal and made from selective extracts, decoctions or tinctures, but may include other natural ingredients. The strength of health-giving herbal impact on hair is proved by a science and millennial history of its use.

By the way, you can not only buy a finished holistic shampoo but also herbs separately and mix the composition yourself, having received no less effective hair care product. Let's talk about what herbs are useful for different hair types.

aloe vera extract inside a jar

The most effective herbs to fight hair problems:

  • for dry hair: nettle, sage, immortelle, thyme, Saint-John's-wort;
  • herbs, stimulating hair growth: nettle, birch, rosemary, Sorbus;
  • herbs against hair loss: oak bark, nettle, lily of the valley, calendula, lavender;
  • herbs against dandruff: lavender, mint, oak bark, nettle, calendula, lily of the valley;
  • for overmuch oily hair: hop strobiles, mint, plantain, coltsfoot, aloe, sage, linden, equisetum, oak bark, Sorbus;
  • for restoring dyed hair: nettle, Saint-John's-wort, oak bark, rosemary, sage

Each herb has its unique health-giving powers, so you should properly determine the problem that you want to fight and choose the optimal herbal composition. You can combine ingredients and create your natural set for your hair.

The rule of holistic care says: dry your hair naturally, without the use of a hairdryer. Do not be lazy to braid your hair. Unbraided strands become brittle from excessive friction of each other even during sleep.

And one more advice. Hair, as well as skin and nails, needs the polyunsaturated fatty acid Omega-3. Therefore, enter flax and hemp oil, avocado, and nuts into your diet.

Oils. Other effective products for healthy hair and scalp are natural oils. Coconut, almond, sesame - the best oils for nutrition. Make the oil mask several times a week, and the result will not make you wait long! 

ingredients to make a hair mask

Rules for applying natural oil masks:

  • Applying should be gentle, and oil - is slightly warm. Do not apply hot oil to the scalp as it can aggravate the hair problem. Pour the oil on your top, giving it the opportunity to trickle down the hair, reaching the scalp.
  • After the oil has reached the skin, start massaging the head clockwise, moving from the forehead to the back of the head and from ear to ear. Then, divide your hair into small strands, and pull them out, thereby increasing blood flow.
  • Comb your hair starting from the top and moving towards the tips. Cleaning hair, you dispense the remains of the oil along the entire length. Comb your hair from the forehead to the top of the ear, and from ear to ear. Do it until the hair does not become absolutely smooth, and you feel easy tingling on the scalp.
  • Keep the oil on your hair for about an hour. Let the head breathe. Ringing off the oil mask with natural sulfate-free shampoos.

There is nothing more satisfying for any girl than feeling well-groomed and beautiful. Holistic care is a wonderful way to charge your hair with health and natural shine. Be close to nature, and it will share its strength with you. Check our Juvabun site for more tips for hair health.

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