Review Time!!! The Infamous Curly Brown Claw Clip

JuvaBun claw clips are the solution to every last-minute hair disaster that you will have to face. It can be your most trusted hack for every occasion if you are running late; all you need to do is tie your hair up and clip on the claw clip. That has to be the quickest and most convenient way to completely upstyle your hair game without adding time and effort. 

JuvaBun claw clips are so versatile that you do not only rely upon them to make your hair look presentable in everyday life, but they can also transform your hair when you are supposed to be attending a wedding and cannot seem to find the time, resources, or will power to hire a hairstylist to doll you up. This is a mother’s best friend as it is no mystery that mothers have it the worst when it comes to their lack of time, especially mothers who have toddlers. JuvaBun will always be here to save the day, of course. Did you not find the time to make your hair at home? That’s okay since all you need is a few seconds to tie your hair up and clip on the JuvaBun Claw clip, especially our curly hair one. 

The Most Admired Hairstyles for All Occasions


Curly hair is one of the most admired hairstyles for all occasions. It is a go-to hairstyle that can be easily converted into multiple hairstyles. 

A fluffy, voluminous, and Curly claw clip is the fashion these days, regardless of the occasion. It would be fair to say that it is a timeless hairstyle as it never seems to get old. If you are a fashion lover who no longer knows what to do with your hair especially given the lack of time, this is the perfect guide for you. This guide tells you about all the curly hairstyles you can make with just one product – the JuvaBun Curly Hair clip. A solution to all problems!. 

These days it is difficult to get a perfect style every time. Sometimes, you are just facing a bad hair day and have an event to attend. These are the days when JuvaBun can save the day and make the day for you! As we all know how stressful hair can be at times. There are often occasions when the hair is not as voluminous as you want; there are also occasions when all you want to do is achieve a certain look out of a hairstyle, but your hair is not thick enough; with the help of the JuvaBun, you will no longer have to worry about volume, and the thickness of the hair as the claw clips are so easy to use and build to impress. There are also moments when the hair is too curly to deal with, so how to achieve the admirable look every time? Don’t worry; We will teach you exactly how to overcome these problems.


Available in Several Color Options

Curly Hair Claw Clips are available in several color options to provide you with the best possible match. However, there is something special about luscious brown hair. Brown hair is one of the richest and most soulful color choices for Hair, especially with all the shades it comes in, such as ebony, chestnut, and walnut. It is a general understanding that brown hair symbolizes maturity and sophistication in women. The best thing about JuvaBun Claw clips is that they are made to look as natural as possible so there are so many options for you to choose from; it not only makes your hair look natural even if you applied for a claw clip extension but also appears to be healthy and glossy. These JuvaBun curly claw clips are so easy to put on and perfect for a busy day!   

JuvaBun is here to make life easier and happier for everyone! Age is just a number when it comes to our brand.

Anyone can use the claw clips as we do not limit it to age, gender, or any other stereotype. JuvaBun has one of the best human hair claw clip extensions on the market, and it is a natural hair claw clip extension. This claw clip curly hairstyle can provide an amazing look that makes it seem like you are not wearing an extension, which is your real hair. Hair is to be loved by everyone, and JuvaBun believes in establishing self-love through Hair. Our claw clips not only aim to provide a solution to all your hair struggles. It also adds pleasure and joy To the process of dressing up as it no longer is a hassle to do your hair. Hair is one of the most time-consuming parts of getting ready, but not anymore. 

Okay, so story time, I once woke up late from what was supposed to be a power nap, and I needed to be ready for a wedding fast. I had no time to waste, and short hair requires a lot of effort in hair styling. I was already running behind schedule and had no time to waste. How did I dress to impress? It was such an easy choice to make! I decided to twist my hair at the back in sections to add an element of the effort to my hairdo and simply clipped on a JuvaBun curly hair claw clip. The curls were a perfect choice as I needed the added volume and length to make my hair bun stand out. This was such a convenient way to dress up last minute without wasting time worrying about what to do with the hair. The hairstyle looked so good with the natural-looking claw clip extension, without trying too much to achieve a classic and elegant look that also looks stunning. The magic in the JuvaBun curly claw clip has to be that in less than 60 seconds, your hair will look thick with tons of volume, and not only that, but it will look and feel natural and effortless.

The JuvaBun curly hair claw clip extensions are one of the best choices when it comes to extensions as they would complement the skin tone perfectly and never fails to provide a natural look. The best part is that you can make any possible hairstyle with these. You can easily make a bun with them by wrapping the hair around the claw clip. This same bun can easily be made to look wedding-ready or even everyday ready, depending upon how you tie it. You can also braid the hair extension to add more texture to the hairstyle and make it look all the fancier. There are so many gorgeous hairstyles that can be made with the help of the JuvaBun claw clip, especially the curly hair one, as it adds the much-needed volume without any other hair products such as hair volumizer or hair spray to set it. You can always make a hairstyle in less than a few seconds.


How to Do a Hair-do for Everyday Wear

In everyday life, we often look for hairstyles that require as little of our effort as possible, and not only that, but they also require very little time as there are so many other things that need to be done. So the Juva Bun curly-haired claw clip is perfect to just clip on and carry forward with the day as it comes pre-styled and ensures that it does not require any effort to look good.  

How to Do a Hair-do for an Outdoor Picnic

Picnics are the one occasion where it is loved to take the classic picture from the back side of the person with them facing the sun and with all the preparations required to set up a dreamy picnic, it is no shock to us that you will barely find any time to style your hair. Why worry, though, when you have Juva Bun with you? All you need is a Hair ribbon to make your hair, even more picture appropriate and meet the vibe. When you apply the claw clip for the curly hair, almost 80 percent of your work is already done, and the rest of the 20 percent can be done with just that one ribbon. When you are about to clip on the Juva bun hair claw clip, make sure you attach the hair ribbon with the claw clip. You can do many things to make it styled according to your liking.


You can braid it using the ribbon as one of the strands, and it would add a lot to your hairstyle, or you can go the easy route and simply tie the hair ribbon in a bow. Accessories can easily help you amplify your look!

How to Do a Hair-do for a Wedding Event

JuvaBun curly hair claw clip is one of the best things to ever happen to you when it comes to wedding hairstyles, mainly because wedding hair requires a lot of volume, and people often hate getting their hair back-combed to add volume to their hair. One of the most classic hairstyles for weddings is an elegant bun which can easily be accessorized and transformed depending upon who you are at the wedding. Suppose you are a bride who does not have thick and long hair but wants to achieve a bun that requires a lot of hair. In that case, the easiest thing to do is to ask your hairstylist to pre-style the Juva bun before your big event, and that would automatically ease off one of the most concerning parts of dressing up as it is so easy to apply the claw clip. All that would be left to do is adjust your veil, and your hairdo will be sorted. 

However, if you are not the bride and just a bridesmaid, then accessories would be your best friend. You can do exactly what I did and style the front of your hair. Whether you do it by twisting your hair or braiding them, it is completely up to you. Once you are done with the front of your hair, all you need to do is put on the JuvaBun claw clip in the curly hairstyle, and if you wish to add a style element, you can braid a few locks and then interlace those braids to make it look even better.


If you are the bride’s mother, you can do this, but add accessories to further style the hair and make it look special. Juva Bun helps you in the process of getting ready and unready as nobody likes to spend hours just sorting out their hair after an event. With the help of Juva Bun curly-haired claw clips, you will be required to clip it on and then clip it off after the event.

Damaged Hair and Need To Style it?

One of the most common issues when it comes to hair is that it is too damaged, and you would like to use as little heat as possible. In such cases, heated tools for hair styling are a big No. Why worry, though, when you have such a natural-looking option to do all the hairstyles you have ever wanted to try without having to bear the cost of even more damaged hair. 

Juva Bun hair claw clips, especially in the curly version, are already pre-styled, and even if you want to further style it, you can always go for it. The ease that the JuvaBun provides for its customer is unbeatable, especially when the quality of the product and service is this good.