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The most recent "it" accessory in fashion isn't expensive or available just at upscale stores. In fact, most pharmacies across the country sell the claw clip. 

Most ladies are familiar with the sprung hair grip, which has teeth to hold the hair in place and is used to pin long hair up and away from the face. However, it isn't typically regarded as glamorous or as a part of current fashion. That changed as celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Hailey Bieber started using the clip, and TikTok hair tutorials started to feature it. 

On the app, 242.6 million people have seen videos with the hashtag #claw clip. According to Asos, they have sold 240,000 claw clips in the last five months, a 57 percent increase in sales since the fall of 2020. 

Juvabun is one of the safest types of hair extensions, especially if you just wear them for a short period of time. If you take proper care of your hair and don't use too many clip-in extensions, they shouldn't have a significant impact on your hair. Our hair just highlights the appeal and beauty of our heads, much like a crown. It is one of our most amazing traits. We, therefore, spend an enormous sum of money on hair care treatments and products as well as switching up our hairstyles in order to look our best. Juvabun extensions, sometimes referred to as clip weaves, are a type of attachment that makes it simple to mount hair weaves into natural hair by using a number of tiny, delicate clips.

Explore The Premium Quality Gray Hair Extensions by JuvaBun

get shine in gray hair

Even young women are choosing this hair color, which is typically associated with women in their late forties or early fifties. This hair hue is one of the most popular and widely-used ones on the market and is quite prevalent. 

This silver-gray shade looks stunning against medium-toned skin with cool undertones. It works well on persons with faces that are diamond-shaped, square-shaped, or round-shaped. Normally, personality and hair color are unrelated, but occasionally, a person's hair color might indicate their level of maturity and other remarkable traits.

The majority of young ladies are getting their hair dyed silver-gray because it is the current hair color trend. Having gray hair without being elderly and having it professionally done shows the self-expression that women have for themselves. Gray hair is a natural component of the aging process. Their brazen and bold attitude, combined with their sense of power and self-love, are all represented on the front with a touch of the superwoman that they are.

Juva Bun Gray Small Bun 

DIY Home Haircuts

This bun is far too basic! You're not prepared for this because it is so simple to wear. This just adds to the extensive list of benefits of purchasing the JuvaBun little curly bun. Make sure all of your hair is in the bun you just created by simply tying it up. After doing this, scrunch up your hair with the JuvaBun; styling it is optional and not required. You can style it by removing a few hair strands, and then, depending on how you're feeling that day, you can knot it low or high! 

If you are going out with your friends, hiking, running, or just going out for some groceries, then you need a perfect hairstyle to look presentable. The JuvaBun small bun is perfect when your hair is not cooperating, and you have to make last-minute grocery runs. In such a case, you can simply tie a simple bun and cover it up with the brown curly messy bun hair extension and get the perfect and presentable look in seconds. These extensions are perfect for such short runs to the market.

The fun hairstyles you can make with it! 

Gray is a New Black

The JuvaBun small bun goes on so easily it's literally a scrunchie if you are a no-fuss person and want to spend as minimum time possible on styling your hair which is what the JuvaBun small bun will do for you. 

You will be in love with the JuvaBun small bun. You don’t need to use any heat on her hair, and it's literally a 30-second hair routine. You will love how it's hassle-free and how it saves and preserves your hair from heat damage. You don't need to apply any heat or any hair serum on your hair; it's simple!

The JuvaBun small bun will be a life changer and a game-changer for your hair routine. It preserves your hair and saves it from tying it in tight buns, which damage the hair. It adds extra volume, and it's perfect for any hair texture, which includes thin hair, fine hair, long hair, short hair, curly hair, and thick hair.

We recommend every girl to purchase this product and try it to test it out. It lives up to the hype that’s created by everyone. You need to test it out and get the JuvaBun small bun. 

I mean, ladies, you need to get your hands on this product; it cuts down your hair styling routine to only 30 seconds. It's a hair styling secret. All ladies in a rush need to get this and time yourselves; it won't be more than 30 seconds! 

Buns that will last forever - check out the features 

hair correction color

JuvaBun small bun is available in all shades. It’s available in almost 16 different shades. It’s available in so many different hair colors ranging from blonde to brown to burgundy and other brownish reds.

It Is lovely how huge the color range is of the JuvaBun small bun. It's endless; there's a color for everyone under the sun. It's basically inclusive for every woman with every hair color.

Juva Bun Straight Bun

The JuvaBun hair extensions are extremely easy to use. There are different types of curly brown hair extensions for the lovely girls like you to wear and slay their look without damaging your hair. JuvaBun makes sure that their hair extensions are fit for all hair types and hair volumes and are extremely useful. 

Simply put your hair up in a bun, wrap the JuvaBun around it, and style as desired. No matter where you travel, the JuvaBun gives you effortless, hassle-free hair days in seconds by being designed to fit all hair types, including thin and short hair: 

Hairstyles with bobby pins

To experience a fantastic hair day every day, wear it comfortably to work, the gym, weddings, nights out, dates, and even when traveling. 

  1. Make a pony or a bun 
  1. Rearrange the JuvaBun messy bun (as a scrunchie). 
  1. Add some style and tweaks to make sure it's precisely how you want it! 

Enjoy natural looks that will last all day while getting quick hair volume!

The many extraordinary features of this hair piece 

The right type of claw clip will cocoon the hair while still gripping it into place instead of suffocating and stretching out hair strands as a hair tie does. Claw clips essentially gather the hair together while hair ties pull the hair taught, putting excess pressure on the hairline in front, further aggravating hair loss. In addition, hair ties can be extremely painful to take out, and hours of activity cause the style to move about and tangle. In fact, certain hair ties are worse than others, such as elastic rubber hair ties or ties with small pieces of metal. Instead, using hair ties made from soft fabrics is safer, but just like hairpins, hair ties are still not great for everyday use, which is why claw clips are ultimately better, as they're perfect for everyday wear.

Prom hairstyles

How to style the Juvabun straight bun 

Messy ponytail hair extensions are such an elegant hairstyle for all of you. If you have a heart-shaped face, this ponytail hairstyle will help to balance out the largeness of your forehead, bringing you a flawless and blooming appearance. Messy ponytail hair extensions are loved by every girl, especially those from Russia and Europe. This hairstyle will be suitable when hanging out with friends, going to a wedding, or you can wear a messy ponytail hair extension to take photos. 

If you are using the claw clip hair extensions, you would only have to go through the following steps:

Step 1: Prepare. The ponytail is like a protector attached to your hair. To make sure the steps go smoothly, you should prepare some hairspray or hair powder to add grip and texture to your hair, ensuring your ponytail hair extension is securely attached to your hair.

Step 2: Divide hair. Depending on your preference, you need to define your ponytails, such as if it is a central ponytail or a side ponytail. Then use an elastic band to fix your natural hair into a ponytail hair extension in the desired position. Maybe you are interested in: These cute hairstyles are back in school.

Blond in pink shades

Step 3: Add a ponytail to your hair. Known as one of the simple, easy-to-use wigs, the ponytail clamping process is also incredibly quick. All you should be doing now is clipping your ponytail hair extension to the metal comb on the base. Be sure to pinch the ponytail just above the ends of your hair.

Step 4: Complete. To conceal the wig tip that attaches to your hair either use a small portion of hair around it or use a lock of the same color as your hair to cover it. Staple the strands underneath the ponytail hair extension with a stapler.

These four simple steps would only take you approximately 15-20 minutes, with the added benefit of not having to apply any kind of heat to your hair to style them and add volume. However, if you choose to style your natural hair, you would need to apply heat and hair spray, which would not only lead to hair damage but also would be time-consuming. 

Juva Bun Straight Bun Bogo

Hair extensions can add glitz to your persona, and the best part is that you can always seem stunning in many contexts. You can also take advantage of hair extensions' many benefits. However, there are several benefits to utilizing hair extensions that will undoubtedly win you over and encourage you to schedule your first consultation for hair extensions. But occasionally, all you need to make your regular hairstyles stand out is a juvabun bun. 

hair extensions length

When you want a stylish ponytail that is 7 inches long and makes you feel and look like a true queen, this JuvaBun claw clip straight bun BOGO is ideal. For every girl out there, this Juva-bun claw clip straight bun BOGO is a real game-changer. Your confidence is increased by this Juva-bun claw clip straight bun since having good hair always makes you feel better about yourself. For those with curly hair and a constant need for speed, this product is ideal. To get this ponytail style, many females with curly hair spend hours straightening their hair. 

Twist before tying. Your hair regimen becomes so simple as a result that you may easily put on a curly bun, ponytail, afro bun, or twisted braids and look stunning. Girls, you must purchase this; otherwise, you'll wonder where these wonderful items have been all your life.

Say bye to thin hair! 

Hair thinning. Yeah, it's nobody's favorite subject. But we have to talk about it, and It's out there. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, but the main ones are genetics, aging, births, and so many other reasons that simply aren't under your control. 

At JuvaBun, the team wanted to make a difference. On the one hand, they want you to feel as beautiful as you really are; they want you to feel glowing. But on the other side, they don’t want you to cause long-term damage to your precious hair. With this in mind, they invented their JuvaBun hair extensions. Natural. Easy to use. And truly stunning. Making yourself glow has never been this simple, and it makes you forget about hair thinning at all. 

Make it a habit

How to style this gray hair piece 

You can use your gray straight hair extensions to get the perfect sporty look with the perfect volume and hair length. The scrunchies can go best when you have to go for sports like golf, running, and others. The curly brown hair extensions for events such as running, swimming, and others are perfect if you go for the voluminous hairstyle.

Key Takeaways! 

Hair extensions can receive a bad name when they're done incorrectly, but when fashioned correctly, they're very lovely. Hair extensions are the secret behind some of our favorite hairstyles, and they're commonly employed by celebs, beauty influencers, and Youtube stars to create breathtaking looks. Not only are these looks appropriate for important occasions such as weddings and events, but they also work for the daily women.

Hair is a fantastic source of creativity since it is so simple to manipulate and style it just the way you want. There's always a way to boost your appearance with a new haircut, whether you cut it off, cut bangs, dye it, grow it, or curl it. However, going through the hassle of hair transformations at the salon isn't always worth the time or money. Hair extensions make it easy to obtain a natural and elegant ponytail by just clipping them in and going! For gorgeous, voluminous, and sleek hair, check out the JuvaBun hair extensions!