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Stylists in the new season delved into history, drawing inspiration from the 20s of the last century. Indeed, the new trend in hairstyling strongly resembles the hairstyle of Hercule Poirot's permanent secretary - Miss Lemon. Baby hair edges - this is the name given to the new trend. Or is it an anti-trend?

It is no longer necessary to hide short, fine hairs near the forehead and temples that do not fit into the hairstyle. This infantile detail is at the height of fashion today. It should not be hidden in the new season, but, on the contrary, should be emphasized. At the fall-winter runway show, Givenchy and DKNY chose a styling that they called baby hair as their flagship hairstyle.

What are the edges of hair? Baby hair is tiny, incredibly fine, and fluffy hairs around the edges of your strands. They can be long, short, or even curly (it all depends on the type and texture of your curls). They are usually found in children (hence the word baby), but some girls are accompanied in adulthood. So, what are edges hair? These are hairs that can be very naughty and practically difficult to manage, but they are easy to make friends with and make part of a trendy styling.

Styling Baby Hair: The Trend of The Season

Such celebrities as Rihanna and Katy Perry have already been tried to reproduce their hair baby hair trend with black hair edges. This styling is not only the most fashionable celerity hairdo this summer but also comfortable. After all, it helps to curb the naughty fluff along the hairline.

If you have a question “what are edges”, then you can find out and look at this hairstyling on the actress Tracy Ellis Ross Instagram page.

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A huge number of such hairstyles with hair edges were seen on the catwalks of the autumn-winter fashion weeks - and today stylists love not just a hint of the effect of wet hair, but extremely “wet” hairstyles created with a very generous amount of gel. Hair can simply be combed back, formed waves from strands at the forehead, or made into a semblance of bangs: the main thing is shine and perfect smoothness. Many of the runway designs are easy to replicate at home with a good comb and a nemat-textured strong hold gel - a product like the R + Co Wall St Strong Hold Gel is great.

What Are Edges on Hair?

They are called "baby hair" or "baby fluff" - thin, fluffy, unruly hair is almost impossible to tame: they spoil the styling, knock out from under the bangs, and do not allow to build a perfectly smooth ponytail. However, there is nothing bad about them. What are edges? "Baby hair" is a sign that you are not in danger of baldness - on the contrary, a new layer of hair is growing. Therefore, you just need to help them grow faster with the help of special care products - your favorite oil, which you are used to applying to the ends, will do just fine.

True, not everyone is ready to put up with them. Kim Kardashian, for example, solved the problem simply - she resorted to laser hair removal and created an evenly drawn hairline: this is the secret of her famous perfectly smooth even parting. If you are not ready for such drastic measures, we will tell you about a couple of more effective and simple ways.

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How The Famous People Wear Baby Hair?

Edge hairstyle is a trend with a century of history. In the early 1920s, women painstakingly created curls from a child's cannon on their foreheads and temples. With this styling, La Toya Jackson shone back in the 1970s, then a lull followed. In 2015, Givenchy and DKNY had a boom in fashion shows: models defiled with black hair edges: symmetrical and asymmetrical waves, baby hair patterns against the background of smoothly combed hair.

It all seemed like it would stay on the catwalk, but has the beauty industry ever succumbed to logical rationales? In the same year, Katy Perry starred with an edge hairstyle. Then Rihanna and Beyoncé joined in, and then the wave of popularity was unstoppable: Tessa Thompson, Kaia Gerber, Zendaya, Janet Jackson, Keilani, FKA Twigs, Yara Shahidi, Zoya Kravitz, Rita Ora.

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Burning and restless mega-beauty Jennifer Lopez showed the whole world that annoying fluff on the temples easily turns into stylish styling. The star combines perfectly laid curls with a low ponytail or playful horns.

In the collection of star looks, you can see variations of hair edges: with low and high tails, with lush stylized waves, pixie haircuts, loose hair with even parting, classic braids, and cosmic styling, without which, it is impossible to imagine FKA Twigs.

Styling baby hair: 5 ways to do styling correctly

Baby-hairstyling is suitable for any type, color, and length of hair. However, even such a technique, which seems elementary at first glance, requires adherence to certain rules.

Method 1

Designed for lovers of perfection and original styles. Here you cannot do without styling mascara: the brush "pacifies" unruly hairs, applies the product in a pinpoint manner, and allows you to experiment with the shape. Add some sparkle and you are a star!

baby hair hairstyle

Method 2

Just pick up your toothbrush. This is not a joke at all! This tool allows you to create masterpieces of hair art: add a small amount of foam, mousse, gel, or hairspray, and boldly layout real drawings, giving them the desired shape.

Method 3

The easiest way to tame your hair, to lightly wet it with your fingers or spray it with water. Then dry them with a hot hairdryer, backing about two to three centimeters from the roots. Change the temperature from hot to cold every three seconds to avoid damaging fine hair, which also dries very quickly. The final step is to comb with a clean toothbrush or fingertip sprayed with hairspray or a drop of styling foam.

Method 4

Arm yourself with your favorite dry shampoo or texturizing spray. Be careful - the shampoo will work many times more efficiently on fine hairs than on the bulk of the hair. After sprinkling with shampoo, comb your hair back - because of the resulting volume and comb back, they "merge" with the entire styling.

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Method 5

Make baby hair part of your style. Take an example from Rihanna, who does not hide the disobedient hairs near her forehead and emphasizes with pleasure. At the Dior show, the singer demonstrated how to style unruly forehead hairs with taste - she fixed them with varnish and combed them to the sides. And if you are ready to experiment, focus on Katy Perry's styling - but such an image necessarily requires skillful bright makeup: boldly put the accent on your lips with a deep wine shade of lipstick.


So, we can conclude that styling these baby hair edges around the perimeter of the head, which many girls are constantly trying to hide, is considered the most fashionable trend of this season. And even many stars love this hairstyle and often practice it, making their image unique and stylish. Here in JuvaBun, after reading our article, you should know what are edges on hair, and you can try to make such baby hairstyling with ease because it does not take much time and effort.

One has only to do a little magic, and even the protruding hair at the forehead becomes cute baby hair. Follow one simple rule: never look back at the rules and requirements. They are too fleeting, but love and attention are always in vogue.


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How to style Baby Hair?

You will need to fix it with gel, wax, or varnish - baby hair will literally stick to the skin. If you still want to hide baby hair, keep this in mind. Gather your hair into your desired hairstyle. Then take a toothbrush, sprinkle it with strong hold varnish, and comb the baby hair to the rest of the strands with gentle strokes.

What is baby hair?

Baby hair is tiny, incredibly fine, and fluffy hairs around the edges of your strands. They can be long, short, or even curly (it all depends on the type and texture of your curls).

How to style your forehead hair?

Lightly dampen your hair to help the gel fit better. Part the front of the hair that will fall over your forehead. Starting at the back of the head, apply the gel to the hair from the roots, combing through and styling back. The hair near the forehead should also be moistened with gel, combed, and glued with fingers in strands.