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Wavy hair extensions have a flexible wavy texture made in various lengths and colours, differing in their textures and forms. Some of the long wavy hair extensions are made up of such good formulas and techniques that they retain their wavy texture after flat-ironing straight or even when styling with a curling rod. It is an era of style and rapid change. Life is happening so fast, and occasions pop up; every day is in hustle and bustle. We need something durable, flexible, and retained for hair extensions, especially long wavy ones. And we mostly do not want the commitment of glues, tapes, and clips in the hair most of the time. 

The best part of long extensions is that you can use them anytime for a party, office, lunch, or anywhere throughout the day, even if you have pretty short hair. They also add a considerable amount of thickness and volume to your natural hair by magically blending in with them and creating a wholesome look. 

Types of Wavy Hair Extensions You Can Wear 

There are three main hair extensions; tape-in, fusion, or clip-in. These types are easy to use once you get a hold of them and learn how to use them; trust me, you would never want to go out without using them. Hair extensions vary in colours depending upon the type of colour which matches your hair; they usually have a length and weightage variation ranging from 12 inch-70g,14 inch-80g,16 inch-90g,18 inch-100g,20 inch-110g, and last up to 6-12 months in use with proper care. Most of the hair extensions are affordable and not too expensive to be reachable to the masses.  

Different hair extensions include clip-in, tape-in, fusion, sew-in, and lace hair extensions. 

  • Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the best kind of hair extensions because they do not damage the hair, one can clip them in and clip them out at the end of the day, and they are not going to rip out your actual natural hair. Moreover, you do not have to wear them to the gym or bed, and you have to apply them when there is an occasion where you feel like having volume or extra length in your hair, and they are the perfect solution. They are sort of an accessory for your hair applied at some occasion or something, and you put some extra effort and time to feel extra glamorous. 

Now when it comes to the colour of your hair, it is much easier to match the perfect one-colour shade with your hair, but when it comes to two-tone colours, highlights, or lowlights, then it is a bit hard to find the ideal shade. The best tip for such hair is to use two different hair sets, each matching your one shade and blending them into your colored hair. 

  • Tape-in hair extensions

They are the most wanted and requested hair extensions because the application is concise, and there is little to no hair damage. Many people want them to be DIY, but they actually are meant to be applied by a professional in a salon, preferably someone who is certified in tape-in hair extensions. Although they are super simple to use, there are still many tricks to ensure no damage or breakage and that these extensions last. The reason to hire a certified professional to apply these hair extensions is that this stylist is specifically trained in this hair extension method. Throughout their training, they can have a lot of practice and learn all the tips and tricks for tape in hair extensions. Some tips cause them to last longer without any breakage, and if you try to put them with the help of a friend or someone close, there are chances for them to slip out faster than expected. They could end up splitting and damaging your natural hair. There are no same-day treatments for tape in hair extensions, and you can not colour your hair or use any chemical processing on the same day of application. When it comes to the tape in hair extensions, you have to make sure that your natural hair is 100% clean of products, oils, and conditioners. The hairstylist must clarify your hair two to three times and not put any conditioners or products on your actual roots. 

There are two different methods of applying tape to hair extensions; the regular double-sided method. In this method, the hairstylist sandwiches two pieces of hair extensions in between the natural hair; this method may not be the best for thin hair. The single-sided tape method is for thin hair; instead of sandwiching two tape wefts together, they use one tape weft and one single-sided tape. The second method puts 50% less weight on your head than the first method. 

  • Fusion Hair Extensions

These hair extensions are strands of hair applied with low heat and a keratinized protein bond to the root of the hair shaft, and they last from 3 to 5 months of application. They blend in seamlessly with your natural hair, and if they are installed correctly by professionals, there are no chances of natural hair damage. But if your natural hair is sensitive and can hardly bear heat or such products, then these hair extensions are neither suitable nor recommended. The best way to sleep with these extensions is to put your hair up in pigtails or a high pony for a comfortable sleep. 

  • Sew In Hair Extensions 

These hair extensions last up to 6-8 weeks and are meant to be replaced soon after the limited time. Their hair extensions are comparatively pricy, but they are adorable and worth it; they allow your natural hair to grow long and healthy without any chance of hair damage or hair loss. A plait or a ponytail is suitable to sleep with these hair extensions.

  • Laced Hair Extensions

These hair extensions last up to 3-6 months with a proper hair care routine and take about an hour for application. 

How to Use Long Wavy Hair Extensions - They Will Never Move Out of Place! 

First, find the perfect shade, texture, and length of the hair extensions you want to get installed in your hair. Collect all the necessary equipment required for the application of these extensions. You often want to use them to add length and thickness to your natural hair to make it look lush and beautiful, but there are some genius ways to spruce up your hairstyle that most people do not know about. 

The perfect way is to find two different shades of hair extensions to get a custom look if you have highlights or lowlights. Always start up by blending your hair by using chunks of both shades. It would be best if you had a shade that matches your base and also a shade that matches your highlights and then blend away. 

Choose what type of hair extensions you want to use, the natural human hair or synthetic hair extensions. The synthetic ones are made up of keratin or plastic, mimicking the appearance of natural human hair. In contrast, human hair extensions are donated by real people, and the most common and popular types are Brazilian, Indian, and Malaysian hair extensions. Purchase wefts of hair that match the exact colour of your hair, then you have to clip them in between the layers of your hair to add length; human hair wefts are pricey, so synthetic ones are preferable. Try not to go over 4 inches (10.2cm) of your natural hair length, or it may look fake and expensive. 

For Clip-in hair extensions, divide your hair into sections by putting them into a bun or pony on top of your head, leaving a thin section against your neck. Continue to add wefts and add sections from the top of the head, which are each about an inch thick. Take a back-comb and tease your hair to gain volume from a half to one inch at the base of your hair strands. This will give something for the extensions to hold onto as the natural hair is slippery and harder to grab for the extensions; it also blends in with the extensions perfectly. 

Take a weft and clip it onto the teased hair; divide the hair into equal sections so the length remains the same throughout. You can also look at layers in your hair by applying them in evenly spaced vertical areas and blending them with your natural hair. Continue to add more and more sections of hair from your ponytail and add one weft at a time to your teased roots and finish the procedure of adding long wavy hair extensions. They should thoroughly blend at the roots so that the clips of the wings are not visible at all.

For the fusion hair extensions, clarify and cleanse your hair thoroughly by using hair products and conditioners and dry them entirely; otherwise, the wings may not apply to damp hair. Then divide your hair into sections, preferably by using a divider. Take a six inch round cardstock, cut one side to the centre, then make an enlarged whole about one to two millimetres wide. You may apply strands of fusion extensions to your roots without burning your scalp. Section the hair and add one strand of extensions to your divided hair; line up the extensions to the roots and try them to be as near as possible to the scalp. Now use a flat iron and hold the hair strands into the iron for about two to three seconds and repeat all along the hair length. Roll up the fused hair with the natural hair to blend them in and roll when warm to help you set up the glue or melted keratin. 

Now remove the cardstock divider and adjust it to the next strand of hair for the application and be careful during the whole process. Repeat the dividing and fusing of the hair evenly throughout your head for the best results, and then brush your hair, making sure not to comb them near the scalp. 

How To Style Your Hair Extensions No Matter The Occasion! 

You can style your hair extensions in many different ways. All you have to do is make sure that the extensions are not visible from the roots while making your hairstyles. 

For a messy bun look, take sections of your hair, hiding the top clips onto the roots and join them at the back, making a ponytail, push it up a little bit and then clip them in place. If you see any slips, pull your hair out to cover them up. This look holds up the hair from your head, leaving behind the long and voluminous hair. A hair tie can also create a crazy messy look, take hair from your head and grab them up high and secure them with a hair tie. 

For another look, part your hair from the middle and make two ponytails on your head; this is a cute hairstyle. Make a low ponytail, or put them in a messy low bun to make them look natural and seamless. You can also make a loose fishtail braid that is chunky and hides your hair extensions. If you want to make a high ponytail, make sure to section half your hair and clip in the wefts facing upwards so when you make a high ponytail, they look smooth and sleek. 

Rock Those Waves Like it’s 1968!

Hair extensions are a game changer if used in the right length, texture, colour, and method. Many people do not know which type of hair extensions suit them better and make wrong choices resulting in hair loss or hair damage. You will love to use hair extensions in your hair once you know all the pro tips and tricks to apply the hair extensions to your hair effortlessly. They do not just make you look ten times better but also make you feel like a diva with such pretty and voluminous hair.