Why Judy Enjoys Using JuvaBun Messy Bun for the Arizona Heat - Demo

judy with her bun hair extension at home

Judy is yet another satisfied customer of JuvaBun who was shocked with how amazing the product is when she bought it. Judy loves JuvaBun and it's her new favorite product. It's the perfect messy hair bun and it looks amazing on Judy. She's in love with how well and seamless the extensions look and despite being skeptical at first about the product she's completely in awe of how gorgeous it looks. Judy has transformed her hair game by using the JuvaBun messy hair bun.

auburn hair extension

Since she lives in a hot climate and we're talking about an extremely hot and humid climate. Yes, you've guessed it right! She lives in Arizona and oh boy the heat and humidity make it very difficult for Judy to let her hair down even though she loves her haircut and hairstyle. It's a struggle to wear your hair down!

I mean you can either wear your hair down or suffer in sweat and humidity or you can use the JuvaBun to save you from this heat and make you look fabulous with a messy yet perfect bun. Judy has been using this JuvaBun ever since she got her hands on it for creating the perfect messy hair bun and she gets compliments everywhere she goes!

People ask her how she made her hairstyle and how she looks so adorable with the messy bun. We completely agree! Judy looks adorable and gorgeous with her JuvaBun. Since it gets boring to wear the same hairstyle and be sticky in the heat if you put your hair down. Judy thinks it's the perfect solution for the hot climate all through the months to April to October.

How Judy gets the perfect messy bun that looks very stylish and can easily be worn throughout the summers:

Step 1

The first step is putting your hair into a pony. Judy ties her hair in a high ponytail because she can't stand her hair being in the face and being open in this humidity. However, you can wear it in a lowly ponytail or a high one like Judy. Judy secures her hair with a rubber band and makes a simple bun! I mean it's that easy that's the first step done!

Step 2

After tying your bun and getting your hair out of your head Judy recommends securing with a Bobby pin to ensure no hair sticks out and now it's time for the magic to happen. Here comes the JuvaBun! Simply, take your JuvaBun out of its package and tie it on your hair like a scrunchie. Just put it on like you would wear a scrunchie and that's it!

Step 3

Voila, ladies! Judy looks beautiful in her JuvaBun and she recommends lightly fluffing up the pieces to make it look messy or use a comb or a brush! You can even spray it with hairspray but Judy assures you it won't budge! I mean if a woman who's worn the JuvaBun in Arizona heat assures you it won't budge it actually won't move or come off. No need to worry ladies! JuvaBun is the answer to all your messy bun prayers!

Looks Just Like Real Hair! 

Judy loves the JuvaBun because it doesn't feel like hair extensions and it looks so natural. Judy has been a cancer survivor and this strong lady has worn multiple wigs which cause itching on her scalp and also look very fake. However, Judy has approved the JuvaBun since it feels so soft and luscious! She gets compliments by everyone around her whether she goes to a restaurant or she meets her friends. No one can tell whether it's her real hair or whether it's the JuvaBun. Even her best friends couldn't tell the difference because the Juvabun is made to look like your real hair!

Even the waitress at the restaurant complemented Judy's hair which gave this gorgeous woman a boost of confidence!

Easily Match Your Hair’s Colour 

Judy was surprised with how well the JuvaBun matched her natural hair color. She was a bit doubtful at first and was skeptical about ordering the JuvaBun thinking it wouldn't match her hair however it matched perfectly. Even her best friends can't tell the difference between her real hair and the JuvaBun. I mean if your best friends tell you they can't tell the difference it's a definite add to the cart item. Judy loves how it blends with natural hair and she assures you that buying this product won't disappoint you at all!

juvabun packaged hair extensions

Just Believes it Can Transform Your Hair Completely!

Need help in caring for your hair during summer? The JuvaBun messy bun transforms your hair and allows you to look like the gorgeous queen whatever the season! It fits perfectly, works well with all hair colors, and works well with all hair textures which includes curly, straight, thick, or thin hair.

Not only does it add volume to hair, but it also enables users to create the perfect look in under 5 seconds! How great is that right?! Judy believes that the JuvaBun messy bun is a hair piece everyone must add to their hair styling kit, it is a life saver for sure. Running late to a meeting and having a bad hairday? Just whip out your JuvaBun messy bun, make a small bun, add the hair piece and VOILA, you will look effortlessly beautiful in less than five seconds! 

The Juva bun is a literal dream! Judy was sick of wearing the same hairstyle and the JuvaBun adds an oomph to your daily hairstyle by making it look effortless which by the way it is! So go get yourself a JuvaBun messy bun or go through the page and find your preference.