Get The Celeb Look: How To Carry Hair Extensions This Summertime

Summer, a.k.a. the legitimate season of attentively contemplating chopping your hair short only to immediately mourn your long locks, appears to be on the horizon, judging by the flowering trees and (soon-to-be) pleasant weather. 

However, contrary to popular belief, it is feasible to wear long hair and chop it at the same time: hair extensions. Extensions, while scary at first, can help you achieve the best of both worlds if done correctly. Here are three expert-backed recommendations for sporting extensions this summer, from the "Rolls Royce" of hair extensions to advice on basic hair maintenance. 

  • With Confidence, Rock It 
  • Invest In A Quality Set 
  • Take precautions

Rock it like there’s no tomorrow! 


Hair extensions, like most other beauty trends, appear to be as simple as wearing them with pride. 

Hair extensions were formerly considered taboo, but in the age of social media, the narrative surrounding them has significantly shifted. For years, extensionists like Takisha Sturdivant-Drew, a celebrity hairstylist, had to operate in secret to keep their high-profile projects private. "But don't you want the truth to get out, especially to young kids who look up to you?" I ask. Sturdivant-Drew recalled one of her clients to Allure. "It's preferable to be truthful." 

In comes Instagram. In recent years, celebrities have been more open about their extensions, often mentioning their extensionist in Instagram pictures. "That's their way of saying, 'This isn't really me; I borrowed this hair,'" the stylist stated, comparing it to "dressing up." With celebrities happily and publicly using extensions, they appear to have progressed from a celebrity hair secret to a unique technique of adding volume to hair and experimenting with various looks, as celebrity extensionist Priscilla Valles said. 

"The more we normalize the idea of extensions as an extra hair accessory, or like getting your hair color done," she said later in the same post, "the better it is for everyone." "Many women are self-conscious about their hair. Many celebrities who are known for having the "greatest" hair actually have a head full of extensions."

Purchase a nice set 

Beyond confidence, another strategy to ensure extension success is to treat the extra hair as an investment item that will be utilized for a long time. 

In a recent talk with the NY Post, Valles, who has her own line of hair extensions with extension firm Glam Seamless, said, "When it comes to extensions, you really pay for what you get." "If an extension appears to be on the cheap side, it's probably not the best quality hair, and you'll have to replace your sets fairly frequently — therefore, it's preferable to invest in a decent quality set of extensions." What distinguishes a high-quality set of extensions? The hairdresser, dubbed the "Rolls Royce of extensions," recommended buying keratin bonded extensions, which are applied and removed by a professional. "Because [the glue point] is the width of a grain of rice," Valles noted, "they move and flow so easily." "Basically, you're putting a wig on your head."


Take care of the extensions

Because great extensions can be costly, it's critical to keep them looking and feeling nice. 

Valles added that after removing the extensions, she washes them out, applies some dry shampoo, and stores them in a silk or Ziploc bag, according to the New York Post. She washes her extensions "every six to twelve weeks depending on how much product is being used while you wear them," she says.

Things you should know before getting celebrity hair extensions! 

A good rule of thumb, according to famous hairstylist Sabrina Porsche, is to treat your extensions like your own hair. "The best method to preserve your extensions is to treat them like your own hair," she told Allure, emphasizing the need to use "items that you would use on your hair" and avoiding "too many harsh chemicals." 


Kim Kimble, a well-known stylist, appeared to agree. "Hair extensions require specific care because there is no oil flowing down the hair shaft, resulting in dry hair," she explained. "Always use hydrating and soft on the hair products," she added, recommending that extension wearers "select products that are sulfate-free, have mild detergents, as well as provide lots of moisture and hydration." 

Summer may harm a naturally silky head of hair, and for those of us who have hair extensions (guilty!), summer can transform those extra waves into a tangled catastrophe. Given the cost—several hundred dollars just for the raw materials—this is definitely something to avoid. Hair extensions can be treated in the same way that your own hair can. The bonds or tape are the ones that are delicate and require additional care, and each has its own set of problems throughout the summer. Water is the greatest hazard to bonded extensions. Swimming is fine, but don't leave your extensions in the water for too long, and dry them as soon as you exit the pool or the ocean. 

To help extensions last longer, it is essential that you rough-dry the bonded regions every time they become wet. Allow the rest of your extensions to air dry. To avoid tangles with your bonded extensions, keep them braided or in a low bun while swimming. This merely places further tension on the keratin connections. 


Hair extensions are genuinely a lifesaver! 

Thin hair is relieved. Hair extensions aren't just for lengthening hair. They can also give thickness to thin hair, giving it immediate volume. Hair extensions have the advantage of blending in smoothly with your own hair. 

Adding color for a more modern aesthetic. Hair extensions come in a variety of hues and textures to match your hair and your desired style. Our hair extensions can be used as highlights, lowlights, or to provide a splash of bright color for summer enjoyment.

Here's something Marcia Brady taught us all: Every day, brush your hair, especially if you're wearing extensions. Particularly in the summer. Just make sure you're brushing the bonds or tape with a specific extension-friendly brush. Other brushes' teeth will tug at the extensions. You can, however, disentangle the ends with an ordinary brush. The looped bristles of extension brushes are specifically intended to glide through hair.