Celebrities Cannot stop Gushing About Human Hair Extensions - More Volume & More Thickness

Celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Simpson, Miley Cyrus, Victoria Beckham, and countless others frequently surprise the world with new and different hairstyles — changing color, style, and even hair length — in just a few days. How do they manage it? Hair Extensions!

We all desire thicker, healthier, and more voluminous hair. However, for the majority of us, our hair thins and ends up losing volume over time. This can occur for a variety of reasons, such as genetic factors, aging, poor diet, stress, and pregnancy. Is there a way to regain your thicker, luscious hair?

The great news is that hair extensions can restore your thicker, fuller hair. Human hair extensions are made from real hair that has been treated and processed to make them last longer and look more natural.

However, not all human hair extensions are created equal. As a result, you must conduct research and select only a reputable brand, such as human hair extensions. They look stunning and blend in with your own hair perfectly. They also mimic the direction and flow of your own hair because they are made of 100% Remy human hair.

Hair extensions are available in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, colors, and volumes. Furthermore, you can select from a variety of styles, including clip-in hair extensions, Halo hair extensions, and tape-in hair extensions.

We recommend clip-in extensions if you want wefts that don't require a long-term commitment. Let's talk about how clip-in extensions can instantly add thickness and volume to your hair. 

Clip-in Extensions Are The Talk of The Town 

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Clip-in extensions are made up of individual hair wefts with clips at the base. This makes applying the wefts to your hair without going to a salon a breeze. Furthermore, you can remove and reapply the extensions at home in minutes.

To make your hair thicker and voluminous with clip-in human hair extensions, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. To begin, section off your hair at the nape of your neck and secure the top section with a clip.
  2. Apply a 3-clip extension to the part you made in step 1. Snap the clips open with your index and thumb. To close the clips, press your thumbs in the opposite direction.
  3. Open the hair section you just clipped away. Make a new part 1.5 inches higher than the first row. In this second row, sew the 4-clip wefts. To cover the second row, you may need to install two or three wefts.
  4. After you've installed the second row of wefts, you'll need to apply the third or final row at the top of your head. Create a part and install the 5-clip wefts in the third row using the same technique. Use an adequate number of wefts to cover the area. 

You'll be amazed at your stunning transformation after installing the extensions. Your extra thick and voluminous hair will make you stand out at any event. The best part is that extensions look completely natural and blend in seamlessly with your hair.

Once installed, you can experiment with various hairstyles to find the one that best suits you. The greatest part is that you can remove the wefts before going to bed and reinstall them in minutes in the morning.

Tips to Achieve More Volume and Thickness

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Here are some suggestions for making your hair extensions look fuller and thicker:

  • Use non-harmful chemical-free products: Check to see if your shampoo, conditioner, and other products contain sulfates, alcohol, or parabens. These chemicals will dry out your hair extensions, making them appear thinner.
  • Apply a hydrating mask to the extensions as follows: When hair extensions are moisturized, they appear thicker and more voluminous. Because the wefts do not absorb essential oils from your scalp, you will need to hydrate them externally. Moisturizing masks are extremely useful in this situation!
  • Use a heat protectant and avoid direct heat exposure: Heat has a negative impact on the thickness and volume of extensions. It's best to avoid using heat tools on your extensions at high temperatures or for long periods of time. Also, to avoid heat damage, apply a heat protectant to your hair.
  • Apply shine serum: A good quality shine serum can help prevent tangling of your extensions, increase brush glide, and make your hair look fuller and thicker.
  • Use a loop brush: Your regular brush may not be suitable for your extensions. For your hair wefts, we recommend using a loop brush or a large-toothed comb. Also, brush the hair extensions from the ends towards the base. This will help to create the illusion of volume while also protecting your extensions.
How to care for halo hair

For good reason, clip-in hair extensions are the most popular. Each set is double drawn and triple wefted to ensure optimal hair and thickness per piece. The multi-tonal range provides each set with highlights and lowlights for natural-looking results, and you can select the color that best suits your hair. To ensure an excellent match, feel free to use our complimentary color matching service!

You'll be pleasantly surprised by the premium look and feel of our products, whether you're a complete novice or an extension expert. The extensions are made of 100 percent Remy human hair and are extremely easy to install on your own.

Hair extensions are an excellent investment because they allow you to create as many different hairstyles as possible without spending money over and over. So make an informed decision and spend your money wisely. Have fun shopping!