Get The Perfect Vacation Look with Straight Bun Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Don’t all of us despise bad hair days and wish we had a magic wand to fix our hair and knew how to make a hair bun with thin hair?

We imagine making the perfect messy bun we see in magazine photographs but the reality is opposite. Hair buns look not only chic but classy as well. The best part about them is that they complement every outfit and look. Be it elegant or a girly style, hair buns slay any look! 

Most women struggle with making buns. They just go for the simple ones and do not try out other buns that look stunning as ever! Some struggle with thin hair too and making a bun in thin hair can be tedious. If you are someone who struggles with this as well, then you are at the right place. This article will look at some of the best messy buns for thin hair. All of the hair buns mentioned below are too easy to make!

Moreover, you can know which hairstyle goes with what occasion and outfit. Sounds exciting? Then scroll down and keep reading. Get your hair brushes ready, you’re all going to look drop-dead gorgeous! 

Different Types Of Straight Bun Hairstyles

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Here are some of the different types of straight bun hairstyles you need to try NOW: 

1- Chic Messy Bun 

At number one, we have the most versatile hairstyle, an easy messy bun for thin hair! The best part about this hairstyle is that it doesn't take you much longer to make it. 

All you need to do is brush your hair and tie it in a bun; however, leave a few hair strands at the front for a messy look. Next, you need to wrap a rubber band around your hair. To ensure you achieve a messy look, you need to loosen the bun a little from the back, and you are good to go. If you think your bun might open up, you can always add a couple of bobby pins on the sides. However, you won’t need to do this for a straight hair messy bun

A messy bun is one of the best and easiest hairstyles to make. Getting late for dinner with your girls? Make a messy bun, and off you go. It is not going to take you more than 5 minutes! The best part about this hairstyle is that you do not need to use any gel or heat. This way, you get to keep your hair protected as well. How great does that sound? A messy bun is perfect for different occasions.

For instance, you can always make it while going out for dinner, for groceries or looking for a casual look. Wearing a t-shirt with jeans? Make a messy bun and look gorgeous! It also goes with different outfits such as a blouse and wide pants. You can wear heels and a cross-body bag to elevate the look. For makeup, go for a nude look with bold lips and look sexy.

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The thing I love about messy buns is that they are great for both casual and formal looks. It is all about how you end up styling your outfit. Here is your guide for all thinking about how to do a messy bun with thin hair

2- Sleek High Bun 

Wondering how to make messy bun with thin hair? We have now got your back! It doesn't matter if you have thick or thin, long or short hair; a stylish bun will always ensure a chic look. There are a variety of options for hair buns, and one of them is high buns! 

It is an easy-to-achieve hairdo that will last you all day. A high bun is one of the classiest hairstyles out there that keeps your hair out of your face and looks elegant. To make the hairstyle, you should first add some mousse to the roots of your hair for a sleek look. Next, you must comb your locks away from your face and brush them into a ponytail.

Ensure that you do not leave any hair strands behind and that the front is neat and clean. Since it is a high bun for thin hair, you do not need uneven hair at the front. It needs to look sleek. Now, you need to add a hair tie to secure your hair. Next, twirl the ponytail until it settles around the hairband and add bobby pins to ensure that your hair remains in place. If you still believe your hair might get out, you can always go for some hairspray. 

This hairstyle is going to look incredibly sleek. If you are a fashionista, you definitely need to go for this one! The number of outfits you can style with this hairstyle are endless. We totally recommend you go for a stylish pair of jeans and a beautiful crop top with this look.

In winters, you should wear a leather jacket with a beautiful cross-body bag and a pair of boots. Perfect for having lunch with your girls or going on a date. You will love the hairstyle, which doesn't even take much time to make and will keep your hair in one place. Making a high messy bun for thin hair is no big deal now. 

3- Braid Bun 

Here we have yet another gorgeous bun for you ladies to try out. We all know that buns and braids are two different hairstyles? Both of these never go out of style. 

They are classic, easy to make, and perfect for the days when you do not feel like leaving your hair open or are looking for a different hairstyle. How about amalgamating the two hairstyles and making a high messy bun with weave? Sounds fun, doesn't it?

Most women believe braided buns are hard to make just because they look perfect? However, that is not the case at all! Just like a high bun, braided buns are also easy to make. It takes you a little longer than a high bun, but it is worth it! 

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To make a braided bun, you must brush your hair thoroughly. Make sure there are no tangles, or else it will be hard for you to make the braids, and you won't be able to make neat ones either. Once done, you need to part your hair and make two braids for each side.

Here you need to ensure that the braids you make are neat. However, do not make them tight, or it will be hard for you to tie your hair in a bun. Now you need to bring both the braids to the back and roll them together. Add bobby pins to secure the hair, along with some hairspray. This hairstyle will not be sleek; instead, it will be a little messier. It is one of the most elegant hairstyles you can go for. 

4. Pigtail Buns

I am never going to get over pigtail buns. People believe that they are only for young school girls. However, that is not the case at all. Anyone out there can make pigtail buns and look stylish. However, you must ensure that you add a modern and elegant twist to your pigtail buns.

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This kind of hairstyle is playful, and you can test around and see what goes best for you. The best part is that it is perfect for daily use. Going for a casual hangout with your friends? This bun has now got your back! It doesn't matter if you have straight, wavy, or curly hair; anyone can pull off this hairstyle.

Most girls with thin hair hesitate to make this hairstyle as they believe it will not look good. However, that is entirely wrong! This hairstyle looks gorgeous for all hair types, and that is a fact you cannot deny. 

To make pigtail buns, you brush your hair thoroughly. Make sure your hair has no tangles at all. Now, you need to part your hair in two. Do this neatly and ensure that you have the same amount of hair on each side. When done, you will have to twist your hair from each side and then roll the ends into a bun.

This means your hair should look twisted from the front, turning it into a bun from the back. Do this for each side, and there you go. You have two beautiful pigtail buns that look gorgeous and give you a girly look. This bun for fine hair is great for a casual dinner or lunch with your friends and family. It is not only easy to make but looks great too. What is better than that? 

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5- Cute Side Twisted Messy Bun 

Want to make a lasting impression with your hairstyle? Not sure how to do a cute bun with messy hair? Well, this bun is something you need to go for! This cute side twisted messy bun is something you do not want to miss out on.

The low messy bun for thin hair is not only stylish but looks elegant as well. This bun has always been in style, and it seems like it will never look bad. It takes about 5-10 minutes to make the bun but let me assure you that it is not hard. In the beginning, you need to brush your hair and leave them smooth.

You should also add a little mousse to the roots of your hair. Once done, you need to part your hair in two from the middle and ensure that you have an equal amount of hair on each side.

Remember, this is important or you will get a bad messy bun and destroy the entire look. Now you need to start twisting your hair from the front for both sides, and then start rolling the two sides together. Since it is a messy bun, you do not need to do this lightly.

You should also leave some hair from the front while twisting your hair. Now, add a rubber band and secure your hair in place. For a messy look, you need to loosen the ends of the bun a little, and voila, your perfect messy bun for thin hair is ready. 

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There are different looks you can go for and choose anything as your outfit. However, since this is an elegant bun, you should wear a dress with this. You can go for a long floral summer dress or a small plain one. Keep your makeup minimal, and wear a cute pair of flats. This thin hair bun is going to look fabulous! 

Key Takeaways! 

This article is perfect for all of you who have always wondered how to make a perfect bun with thin hair. The best part is that the hairstyles mentioned above are going to last you all day. Isn't that great? Going out with your friends for a dayout? Traveling to your favorite vacation spot?

Going to your office? Well, you will need to make hairstyles that do not get ruined. You can also follow some tips to make your hair last all day long. For instance, you should always hairspray your hair so that they remain in place and do not move at all.

Apart from this, it is also suggested that you add bobby pins and add a strong rubber band to your buns. You should also take care of your hair by applying hair oils and masks to make them stronger. 

Remember, your hair are one of the most important aspects of your personality, which is how people judge you. Always flaunt your beautiful hair and now you know how to make amazing hairstyles even if your hair are thin; from messy buns on straight hair to topknots, we got you covered!