What Are The Best Hair Extensions Clips?

Hair extensions are the talk of the town; almost all, everyone is trying them on. But choosing the right type of extensions is a hard job. Not because there aren't any good brands available, but because the poor and cheap brands are more in number and can easily fool you.

But if that is your concern, don't worry, we have you covered. To make any final judgment, we need to first understand the different types of hair extensions. Some people prefer permanent extensions, whereas others like extension clips. But to delve in further, you need to understand the differences between various types. Here is a quick overview of everything you need to know.

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Semi-Permanent Extensions or Temporary Ones?!

Many individuals cannot decide which hair extensions to go for, as buying extensions is a big commitment! They wonder whether they should go for the semi-permanent ones or the temporary ones. Well, before deciding which ones to go for, you should know which one is which and what the features of each are! 

Temporary hair extensions

Quick, easy, and very convenient, temporary hair extensions make for an excellent choice for women who like to experiment with their hairstyles and want to try out different extensions. As the name suggests, these extensions can easily be worn and can be taken out before you to bed every day.

Over the years, the world has advanced and more and more people have invested in unique temporary extensions. This has also increased the market for such products. So if you are looking for cheaper and more reliable extensions that don't force you to loosen your purse strings, make sure to give this type a quick look.

Semi-permanent hair extensions

The name of this type of extension is pretty self-explanatory. Semi-permanent extensions offer features of both permanent and temporary extensions and can be worn in a relatively shorter time. They are ones that are meant to stay on your hair for a relatively long time. They make for a permanent solution for people who are busy and don't have time to wear extensions every day.

Furthermore, they are called permanent not because they will always stay on your head, but because they can easily survive a couple of weeks. The exact duration depends on the type of extensions you choose, however, for most of them, the time is from eight to twelve weeks. Things like the nature and quality of your hair and the brand you invest in also makes a difference, but more on that later.

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Types of Hair Extensions 

Just as every individual has their own personal style when it comes to clothes, there’s a similar case in extensions too! Hair extensions come in various types, styles, and colors to allow more diversity and variety. Below are some of the most common types of hair extensions. 

1. Clip-in hair extensions

A clear winner, clip in hair extensions is the talk of the town these days. If you see someone having an overnight transformation, know that clip-in extensions played some part in it. This type is one of the most popular and readily available extensions found anywhere in the world. In essence, these extensions also make for a truly temporary solution to your problem.

Clip-in hair extensions make for a versatile and diverse option since you can find a range of colors, styles, and brands under this category. Moreover, these also make for a relatively cheaper option for people who don't want to invest a great deal of money. Additionally, these are recommended for people with very thin hair. So if you are on a budget, but you want to win over a crowd, we suggest you invest in this type of extension.

2. Halo hair extensions

The name might sound unconventional but read ahead before you dismiss this option. Halo hair extensions make for one of the unique choices for people with good quality hair. If you are always running late to work, or you are not good at time management, this hair solution will do wonders for you. You can wear them and remove them within minutes or even seconds. All you have to do is invest in good-quality halo extensions.

Additionally, these also make for a great choice for people with weak hair. This is because this type is least damaging to your hair. Unlike extensions that make use of glue or heat to bind to your hair, this option helps retain the excellent quality of your hair. What more do you need, right?

3. Ponytail hair extensions

Another type that we wanted to introduce here was ponytail hair extensions. We were amazed at the sheer number of people who have used and benefited from this option. It makes for a great addition to your hair products. As the name suggests, this type allows you to put your hair in a healthy and long ponytail.

You can pair up this hairstyle with western wear or with a sexy gown. A high ponytail will also look great for an office meeting. Like halo extensions, this also protects your hair and prevents them from getting excessively damaged. At the end of the day, you will have successfully mesmerized the crowd and also retained the exceptional health of your hair. 

4. Tape-in hair extensions

For people with very fine or thin hair, tape-in extensions make for an excellent choice. These are small and are not all noticeable. This means you don't need thick hair or make a lot of effort to hide your tape-in extensions. The process, however, the process is difficult and you will have to hire a professional or go to a good salon to get a perfect look.

Depending on the quality of extensions, your hair quality, and frequency of maintenance, your extensions will last up to 6 to 8 weeks. As for the downsides, tape-in extensions tend to damage your hair. Moreover, they also make it harder for you to wear ponytails or buns since they can get in the way of some hairstyles.

5. Fusion hair extensions

These are also known as pre-bonded hair extensions and make for one of the best semi-permanent options out there. Their major downside is that they use heat or adhesive keratin glue to bind to your hair. The process is pretty complicated and can take up to 5 hours to finish. Another thing to remember is that once you get these hair extensions installed and removed, you cant reuse them.

This is why every time you decide t remove the hair extensions, you will have to buy new ones. However, the good thing is that the maintenance is relatively easy, and you will end up achieving a fantastic and well-blended look.

6. Weft hair extensions

Also known as beaded weft extensions, these make for another semi-permanent option for people who don't want to wear clips. The process requires the hairdresser to use small beads with inner silicone linings. You will have to hire a professional or go to a salon to get this unique look. However, a major downside to this option is that weft hair extensions last for only a month.

But what stands out is the fact that no adhesive is used to attach these extensions to your hair, thus making the process gentler and smoother. As for maintenance, you will have to pay attention since weft extensions tend to come off easily.

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Choosing The Best Hair Extension Clips

Picking the right hair extensions clips is essential! You need to make sure they are a perfect fit, are high quality, and sit well in your hair. Well, not to worry, we have made a checklist of items you should definitely consider while purchasing a pair of hair extension clips for yourself! 

Choosing the right material

As most of you know, there are two main types of hair extensions based on their material; synthetic extensions and natural extensions. As the name suggests, synthetic extensions are made from artificial fibers that are specially manufactured and resemble real human hair. They are the perfect choice for people who want to stick to a budget and don't want to spend all their money on a single product.

Additionally, they are also preferred by people who like to experiment with different extensions and don't want to feel restricted after spending a lot of money on a single product. As for quality, synthetic extensions are not comparable to natural extensions and may not blend well.

The second option for you is natural hair extensions. These are very much in demand as these extensions are made up of real human hair and hence blend well with all kinds of natural hair. They are true to their name and will make you look gorgeous before any event. Additionally, you will be pleased to know that these extensions are easily and safely dyed, tones, and even styled to match your own hair.

Although these extensions are more reliable and long-lasting, the actual quality varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Additionally, you need to remember that natural hair extensions are relatively expensive and will make you spend a couple of extra bucks. So if you are looking for a high-end product, make sure to choose the best brand, but more on that later.

The color of extensions matter

In a bid to look different and unique, women make the cardinal mistake of choosing a different colored extension as compared to the color of their hair. This can work for women who have treated hair and have had highlights, lowlights, balayage, or ombre. However, for women with one-color hair, this can be counterproductive. When you go shopping for real hair extensions, make sure to put the extensions next to your hair to see whether there is any major difference in the colors.

This is because you certainly don't want to add black curls to naturally blonde hair. Another thing that many women don't realize is that the color of the extensions will look different depending on when you shop for them. So for the best results, you should try shopping for extensions in daylight. This is the best time to make an informed decision. 

Go for a smooth and similar texture

Another thing worth considering is the hair texture. Now there are two things to consider here; the texture of your own hair and the texture of the hair extensions. The real goal is to make sure the extensions blend perfectly well with your natural hair, giving you a well-toned and well-blended look. This involves matching hair texture as well.

So before jumping on the bandwagon, it is important for you to consider the texture. For example, for medium hair density, Chinese hair makes for an excellent choice. Similarly, for denser hair, women choose Russian hair. So at the end of the day, if you choose hair extensions that don't match your natural hair, you put yourself at huge risk of not looking glamorous on your night out.

Should you always go for the same length?

This is another question that women often ask when they go looking for the best extensions. It is without an aorta of doubt that we say that choosing the right length will make all the difference. You may want very long hair, but it may not suit you. This is why we recommend you analyze your hair and the texture before you choose a length. 

The most important thing is to look for a length that is both comfortable and convenient to apply. Next, you need to have a clear picture of how long or short you want your hair to be. If you have very long hair, you can easily tie them up and wear a shorter wig. Similarly, for very short hair, you can invest in a longer extension and achieve your perfect look. However, before you rush into any decision, make sure to know how high you want to attach your extensions. This will definitely help you make an informed decision.

The right brand

When you visit the right brand, you don't have to worry about all the above things. This is because good brands often have amazing teams and specialists who are always there to guide you in regard to your concerns. They will also go the extra mile to give you the product you deserve.

But how to actually assess the right brand. With the rise in popularity of social media and online stores, a lot of brands have emerged on the scene. So it is natural to be confused. But don't worry, we are here to help you out.

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Here are some things that you should consider in picking the right brand.

  • Brand repute 

It is important for a brand to be trustworthy and reliable. An easy way to assess brand repute is to go and read buyer reviews regarding that particular brand. Buyers are brutally honest when it comes to products that they have purchased. So by reading them, you can make a good analysis of the kind of store you are looking at.

  • Brand experience

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when it comes to good quality products, experienced brands tend to take the lead. This is because such brands have had a lot of time for testing and learning from trial and error, and so they are more likely to sell the right kind of product. Moreover, since these brands share a loyal customer base, they are less likely to do anything to destroy their repute.

  • Prices and discount offers

Money doesn't grow on trees, and the brands that overcharge customers need to realize that. Hair extensions have gotten very expensive lately and that has discouraged a lot of buyers from buying them. So before jumping on the bandwagon, make sure to look for stores like JuvaBun that offer good discounts and base prices on all their hair products.

  • Ease of buying

The last thing to consider is whether it is an online store on a local store. Buying from an online store is easier because you don't have to waste your time going to a local shop and looking at products manually. It is hence best to look for a great online store that you can buy from. It is even better to look at stores that have minimal or zero shipping associated with their products.

When Will You Be Buying Yours? 

Buying hair extensions isn't as hard as it seems to be. You will hear a lot of things on the internet, but you should only trust reviews like these that are based on proper research and analysis. While investing in good hair extensions, make sure to look for the things mentioned above. But more importantly, buy from a brand that people trust. JuvaBun revolutionized the way to wear extensions.

Its extensive range of products means that you no longer have to buy what everyone else is buying. You can invest in exquisite buns, amazing ponytails, or plain curly extensions; whatever your heart truly desires. On top of that, JuvaBun has been known for producing high-quality and tested hair products that last for a long time. The warranty and the texture are also unparalleled. So all in all, if you are looking for a look that mesmerizes the crowd, JavuBun is your way to go.

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