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The phrase ‘oh, physician, heal thy self’ fits perfectly here. Not sure what's the relevance? Wait, we will explain all in a while. 

Good designers wear fantastic clothes. Good physicians can maintain a good health, and good teachers learn concepts instantly. Similarly, you can't have a successful hair extension procedure done without having a basic knowledge of the underlying process. 

So before embarking on this monumental journey, we suggest you learn a few basic things about hair extensions. Before we delve into the details, let us understand the product and what it means for women.

Hair extensions are of two main types, and you can choose to go with natural or artificial hair. There are unique benefits associated with each, which are explained in detail in the later sections. 

Women and even men make use of hair extensions to either change their look or escape a medical problem. In the former case, things like the color of the extension, its size and its installation need to be factored into the decision. However, with the latter, you need to focus on usefulness, longevity and budget.

Another thing to remember is that hair extensions and their quality difference according to place and store. So the idea that the more you spend, the better will be your product doesn't always hold relevance.

Now that you have understood the basics, you are ready for more advanced knowledge. You are going to get your mind blown, so brace yourself. Here we go.

Blonde Hair Extension

Types of Hair Extensions and varying installation techniques

Hair extensions are roughly categorized into three main types; temporary, semi-permanent and permanent. As the name suggests, temporary hair extensions are worn every day or on special occasions and the procedure is quite quick. These extensions are also unlikely to damage your hair.

Semi-permanent hair extensions, as the name suggests, can be worn up to 2 months and offer minimal damage to your hair. They also require regular maintenance.

Lastly, permanent hair extensions usually last for around 6 months and can cause significant distress and harm to your hair. This type of extensions are usually attached using heat methods, thus damaging your hair in the process

Prerequisites - steps to pull off a successful hair extension

Decide between natural and artificial hair extensions

The first step is to always decide whether you want human hair or not. There are two main kinds of extensions, each offering its own benefits. Human hair extensions are relatively more popular because they are low-maintenance and are easy to style. They also look more natural when blended in with your hair. Moreover, you can also dye these extensions according to your preference. So if you want to pull off a successful balayage or Ombre style, this is the way to go.

However, synthetic hair extensions are cheaper and don't need to be treated very delicately. Natural hair are delicate and can break easily. So before you jump   to the next step, make sure you have a preference.

Choosing the right color

Many people dismiss this step and underestimate its importance. However, in the larger scheme of things, your choice of color plays a great role. If you want to achieve a natural blend, you will have to go for tones similar to your natural hair. However, if you want to completely revolutionize your look, you can go for cool pinks, maroons or even blues. 

When it comes to hair extensions, no amount of experimentation is ever enough. 

Assess the amount of hair you need

Many people dismiss a great many options because of costs without first assessing the entire picture. In most instances, people with thick hair only need a small amount of wefts to achieve their perfect look. So before you start restricting your options, know what you need.

The actual amount you need will depend on the thickness of your hair, your preferred style and your budget. If your hair is the same length as extensions, and you want to add a good amount of fullness, 2 to 4 ounces of hair will dol.

Consider how you will wear your hair

Depending on this, you will decide the right way to put your hair extensions. If you want a non-permanent solution, you can go for clip-in extensions. However, if you want a semi-permanent solution, you can go for the braided type, but more on that later.

Hair Clip Hair Extension

How to put in clip-in extensions at home?

Clip-in Hair Extensions - for quick and easy installation

Clip-in hair extensions, one of the easiest to pull off, are also one of the least expensive type in the market. This, along with many other factors, make this a really popular type among buyers. Contrary to what people think, clip in hair extensions don't require a hairdresser. By following a few simple steps, you can easily pull off this look at home.

For this, you will need a rat-tail hair comb, a few hair clips and your extensions. Here is how you can achieve this look within minutes

  • Use the rat-hair comb to make a small horizontal part in between your scalp. Leave around 2 inches of space above the nape of your neck to achieve a perfect division. 
  • Next, use a large hair clip and secure the hair above the neck part. 
  • Position the hair clips near your root’s hair and then clip them down for attachment. You can then attach the weft or the extension strand to your natural hair.
  • Release the hair that you clipped previously and let them blend in with the extensions together. 
  • Remember that the art is to create a natural look. To achieve this, you can use a styling rod or straightener to enhance the blending. However, remember that this will only prove consequential if you are using natural hair extensions.

But clip in hair extensions aren't the only type available. The world is full of so many distinct extensions, and it would be a crime not to mention them here. 

Even if you don't intend to try these at home or any time soon, knowing about how each extension is put helps you make an informed decision. So without further ado, let's get started.

Fusion hair extensions - budget friendly and convenient

These make for one of the best permanent hair extensions in the market. Also known as the glue-in or keratin bond extensions, these require the hairdresser to use small keratin bonds to enhance your look. 

  • For starters, the hairdresser will melt these bonds with a heat gun near the surface of your natural hair. 
  • The process sounds scarier than it is.
  • In reality, it is a safe process that only fuses or bonds your natural hair with the extensions to create a natural and durable look. 
  • Since this is a permanent type of extension, you’d have to think carefully before trying them on.
  • You should also remember that these hair extensions can last up to 6 months and may require maintenance and checkups every 6 weeks or so. 
How to put hair extensions

Sew-In Hair Extensions - for long-lasting glamour

Another very popular hair extension type, sew in hair extensions, makes for a reliable and durable semi-permanent solution to your hair problem. It's a relatively cheap method whose average cost doesn't exceed $1000. 

  • To achieve the end result, you will have to sew in your extensions to your natural hair. 
  • You will have to use a needle and a thread to sew the extensions into a cornrow or a braid. 
  • To do this, you can grab three equal and small amounts of hair from the thin section of your hair that you have reserved for the braid. 
  • Next, you can hold one part in your right hand and the other in the left hand. 
  • You will have to use the thread and the needle to sew extensions to your hair. However, make sure to not add too many wefts, as this will put undue pressure on your head.
  • The procedure lasts for 2 to 4 months.

Tape-In Hair Extensions - for breathtaking visuals

When it comes to tape in hair extensions, wefts of hair are taped together using a special tape. The entire process is simple and hardly takes any time. At the end of the day, you achieve a voluminous look that helps make you look gorgeous. Here how you can put in hair extensions.

  • Wash your hair twice using a good quality cleansing shampoo. It is advised that you don't use any other hair product such as a conditioner or a protein treatment.
  • Make sure your hair are completely dry before you move on to the next step. This is because damp hair tend to be heavier and hinder the process.
  • Next, you have to divide the hair with a pin tail comb into as many manageable sections as you can. 
  • Lift a small section of hair and place any hair piece under it. Now comes the challenging part.
  • You have to place a new piece of tape over it and press gently.
  • The above process should be repeated with all strands until you have achieved the required volume.
  • Once you are done with the process, it is important to not wash your hair or style them for the next 48 hours.


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Micro Link Hair Extensions - for long-lasting results

This hair extension type uses small bead-lime clamps, a special micro ring and pliers to connect extensions or wefts to your natural hair. The beads are very small and are not visible to other people. This is a semi-permanent option that costs a lot of money but lasts for around 6 months. Moreover, the procedure is great for short hair.

Micro-link hair extensions make for a complicated procedure and one that requires expertise. It is hence advised that you don't try out this technique at home. You can consult with a hairdresser to get a perfect end result. Even if you can't try this at home, it never hurts to know the technique. 

  • Here is how micro-link hair extensions are added to your hair.
  • Gather the strand of your hair
  • Using your free hand, take a micro ring extension and carefully place the loop over your fore finger and thumb. Precision and accuracy is a prerequisite of this step.
  • Next, pull the natural hair through this look using only your index finger and your thumb.
  • You can hold the plastic loop with one hand and the micro ring using the spare hand.
  • The next step is to pull the plastic loop so that your natural hair begin threading through your micro ring.
  • Pull all of your hair completely through the micro ring.
  • Next, using the plastic pliers, you can squeeze the ring shut. Now here’s the tricky part. You have to press onto the ring firmly, however, putting too much pressure can be counterproductive. An excessive amount of force can damage the hair and hinder the process.
  • Once you have gotten the earlier steps correct, you simply have to repeat the procedure with each strand of hair.
Curly Ombre Hair Extension

Hair extensions - how can you make them last?

How amazing would it have been if we could all get what we wanted, right? Women who want to have their extensions remain intact dread when they hear about maintenance tips, but that's the hard truth. Once you have gotten your extensions, it's time for the next step, but don't worry. Here are some excellent tips to help you bear this ordeal.

1. Show some love

you have paid a lot of money for a new glamorous look, so don't put it all into the drain by being reckless

2. Don't sleep on them

If you are wearing clip-in extensions, make sure to remove them before you jump on your bed. 

3. Kindness goes a long way, 

be gentle with your hair. When combing your extensions, don't be too harsh. Patience is the key to perfection.

4. Understand the difference

Your clip in extensions aren't the same as your natural hair, so don't wash them frequently. Once a month wash is enough to retain their perfect texture.

5. Go easy on the shampoos and conditioners

You don't have to bombard your hair extensions with a lot of products.

Begin here!

We have saved the most vital piece of information for the last. Once you have decided to get hair extensions, the challenge begins. You will look at a plethora of shops but might be unable to find suitable products, but before you give in, breathe- we have a quick solution for you. 

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