How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost In A Salon?

How much do hair extensions cost in a salon, are hair extensions worth buying? How many types of hair extensions are there? Is it worth doing hair extension jobs by the salon, or is it better to do a hair extension yourself? With many questions, we have decided to write an article on how much hair extensions cost in a salon, or is it better to buy a hair extension on your own and maintain it.

Regarding the price range of hair extensions and hair extension costs in a salon, hair extension varies drastically. It depends on what kind of extension you are using, the quality of hair you want, the amount of volume you want, how often you use them, and in which region you are in. It also depends on the color and length of the extension.

The cost of your hair extension also depends on how frequently you use them, as you will need to buy new extensions more rapidly. The life of your extensions depends on the fact that how often you use them and what kind of products you use on them. If you use them as often as in everyday use but take care of them then you will probably need to replace your current extensions with new ones every year.

The final hair extension cost depends on different factors like the type of hair extension you are using, the length of hair, the method you are using to maintain your hair extension, and the amount/ density of extension. 

We have talked about washing hair with extensions, clip-ins, and more, but it's time to talk about getting hair extensions done professionally by a stylist at a salon. Plus, for those who have no idea how much hair extensions cost in a salon, this article will help them. So, let's get started with it.


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How Much Does The Hair Extension Cost In A Salon?

Well, the best answer for this question might be, "it depends." It depends on the hair extension length and quality of service you are getting from the salon.

After some research, we can say that you can expect from $150 to $2500 for hair extensions in a salon. Based on the factors mentioned, the forehead is also based on stylists, how professional they are, the salon's location, the stylist's experience, and the method of application they are using.

The partial head of lower quality extension would cost you around $150 - $300, moving further on the higher quality hair extension like the Remy that is human hair extension would cost you about $250- $500 for parts, and the entire hair extension can cost from $1000 - $2500 for full.

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Estimated Average Professional Salon Pricings for Hair Extensions

Here is the list of average national prices of hair extension in the salon:

Sew-ins hair extension will cost: $230 - $400

The Sew Ins extensions price tags start with $275, and for an additional set of tracks of hair, you'll need an extra $60. Comparatively, the permanent sews cost fewer than fusion treatments, but if we talk about the clips, it costs more than clip in because of the work that is involved in it.

With sews-in hair extensions, professionals and stylists set the extension in strands around your natural hair with the help of a fine needle and thread.

Glue-ins hair extension will cost:  $300 - $500

Those who have thick hair naturally prefer the glued-in hair extensions, as they provide a firm hair grip. These hair extensions don't require too hard effort, but these cost around $300- $500. In addition, these extensions don't work efficiently with thin hair because of the thickness of the bond created by the glue's heat.

Tape-in hair extension cost: $200+

The tape-in hair extension is made of human hair, and the cost starts from 200 for partial length at a salon. Similarly, the full extension would double, and it cost more effort as it takes more time to put the tape-ins.

Clip in hair extension cost: $100 - $500

The clip-in extension cost about $100 more for 20 inches of hair. Comparatively, the temporary hair extension costs less because you can easily handle them and put them on yourself. The clip in hair extension is the perfect hair fall solution.

Bonded hair extension cost: $1,500 - $3000

These are the cold-fusion bonded hair extensions that cost higher as the name tells these are adhesive-based extensions. This extension can last up to 6 months. These keratin bonded hair extensions can cost anywhere around $1500 - $3000.

While applying, the stylist uses the keratin-based polymer to join or attach the extension securely to the selected strands of your hair. These are less damaging, as they don't require heat.

Microbead hair extension cost: $200

The microbead hair extension cost around $200 with the installation cost. These extensions are also called beaded weft and micro-weave extensions. This extension works with the help of metal beads and a silicone liner of the same color as your hair. This connection results in resting the hair extension completely against the head, making it easier to blend into the hair.

Fusion hair extension cost: $200 - $1,000

There are tons of fusion hair extensions available in the market, as it's a kind of hair extension, including bonded extensions, glue-ins, microbead, and nano, link, and loop hair extensions. This is why any fusion hair extension can cost anywhere between $200 - $1000

Note: the type of hair extension you have increased or decreased the pay range you'll have to pay.

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Here is a Short Tip Table

  • The Clip-ins hair extension is the most affordable compared to all other hair extension types.
  • Cold fusion and Tape-ins hair extension are the most expensive of all
  • Using human hair vs. synthetic hair significantly increases the cost.

Hair Extensions Maintenance Costs

Another thing that is important to realize with the hair extension is its maintenance. If you want your hair extension to last longer, then care is essential.

The sews-in and clips-in don't require any maintenance when you are using them, but the other type of extension requires some maintenance like micro links, Tape-ins, and I-tips hair extension requires care so that these hair extensions look best. So here is the cost that you can expect for the maintenance of hair extension.

Tape-in Hair Extensions Costs

You are expected to pay around $150-$350 for the move-up maintenance. In this session, the stylist removes the taped sections and then reapplies them anywhere closer to your roots from where your natural hair grows.

Ensure that when you get the maintenance extension service, the salon will do a shampoo, conditioner, and clean the hair before reinstalling the extension in your hair.

Micro link and I-Tip Maintenance

Any hair extension that uses the bead technique to attach the extension to your hair strands requires regular maintenance after a few weeks. You can expect to pay from $100 - $300 for these kinds of attachments.

To open or loosen up the microbeads, the styler will use a plier tool, and then they'll slide them closer to the root of your hair. This will ensure that your hair extension looks natural, fresh from the very start of the root.

The Big Question: Salon vs Online?

Yeah, we know that feeling. No need to lose your mind about how much hair extension costs when you can buy a hair extension and do it at home. Buying your hair extension is a far better extension than getting the hair extension from the salon. It saves all-time, effort, and traveling costs.

You need to be more careful with the extension if you will use it on your own. Here are some things that you need to be aware of.

  • Please don't mess up or ruin the extension by using it roughly or not detangling it.
  • Use additional products to take care of and maintain your hair extensions.
  • Buy the essential products to attach the extension and likewise to detach the extension.

In the end, by weighing out all the pros and cons of having the extension on your own, we came to a final recommendation that having a hair extension on your own is always beneficial and cost-effective. You can comfortably apply the extension to your hair at your home, and you don't need to go anywhere.

Where Will You Be Getting Your Extensions From?

In this article, we have given you a whole idea of how much hair extensions cost in a salon. Another essential thing to realize before you buy any hair extension is how long will the hair extension last? It would help if you asked about how long it will last and how frequent it requires maintenance.

According to research, it depends on how much you take care of hair extension. Keratin bonded. Tape-ins hair extensions can last for one year as you are not going to wear them constantly.

I hope this article will give you a clear image of how much hair extensions cost. Don’t forget to check out the JuvaBun catalog for hair extension options!