An In-Depth Tutorial On Perfecting The Ponytail

Isn’t having beautiful hair every woman's dream? No matter what outfit you wear if your hair doesn't look good, you are not rocking your look. A good hairstyle defines your overall personality and is one of the most important aspects of getting ready. Now, hundreds of different hairstyles people have tried out over the years, including open hair and tied ones, but the most famous one to date is the luxy ponytail! 

Ponytails have always been in existence since the beginning of time. They are still styled by people out there, including celebrities, politicians, etc. A ponytail never goes out of style and is one of the most versatile hairstyles ever. You can make different kinds of ponytails, and all of them look equally stunning. 

If you are a ponytail lover and want to perfect their styling, then you have found the right place. Have you ever wondered how models make their ponytails look flawless?

They wear extensions which is one of the easiest ways to make your ponytail stunning by adding extensions and slaying your look. In this article, we will look at a tutorial on how to make a hair extension ponytail and a couple of hacks to make a stunning hairstyle. Sounds interesting? Keep on reading! 

How to Make the Perfect Ponytail Using a Ponytail Hair Extension 

Ponytail without elastic

Hair extensions are a blessing. However, they can be a hassle if you want to try something different with your hair. If you follow steps in this tutorial, you will be able to achieve an effortless look. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? If you are trying to make the perfect ponytail using a ponytail hair extension, read below and follow all the steps! 

Step 1 - Brush Your extensions. 

Firstly, you need to brush out your easy ponytail extensions. There might be a lot of tangles in your extensions, so it's better to make it smooth so that it is easier to style and looks good as well. 

Step 2 - Brush Your Hair 

Next, brush your hair properky. An easier way to do this is by separating your hair into three different sections. Start by brushing the hair at the slides and then from the back. You need to make sure that your hair looks smooth, or else you won't be able to achieve the perfect look. 

Step 3 - Tie Your Hair 

Here comes the important part, where you will be tying your hair. You need to follow this step carefully and not rush things. Take your time and start holding your hair together in your hand. Now, brush them from the front and move your hairbrush to the ends.

Side tail

This is where you need to start making a sleek bun so that your high ponytail extension can sit on top of this. Make sure your bun is high and remains in place. You should add bobby pins so that the bun doesn't move at all but that’s not necessary if your hair have natural volume. 

Step 4 - Add Hair Extensions 

This is the part where you will be adding the ponytail hair extensions on top of the bun. Make sure to do this with concentration to keep the extensions in place. You must be wondering how to put in a ponytail extension. Well, it is pretty simple; you have to attach the extension on your hair using the clips attached to it and you’re done! You also get tie on ponytail extensions from the market.

Step 5 - Final Touches 

To complete the look, you should add bobby pins to secure the hair extensions and ensure the ponytail is high. It is also suggested that you add some hair spray for a more finished look. 

Tips And Tricks to Create a Voluminous And Stunning Ponytail 

useful tips for gray hair

We live in a place where Ariana Grande's signature high ponytail and Lizzos 9ft long ponytail look exist, right? Celebrities following this hairstyle is one of the major reasons the ponytail look still exists and ends up completing your look.

Now you might have gotten your answer to why celebrities wear costly wigs and extensions, which is the secret behind their beautiful and fuller-looking ponytails. However, let me assure you that there is much more. 

Professional hair stylists worldwide claim that no matter your hair texture and type, you can still create a fuller and luxy ponytail. Seems impossible, right? However, that is actually true! Most of the celebrities out there have really thin hair, yet they come up on the stage with gorgeous hairstyles, including sleek ponytails! 

Here we are going to have a look at some of the best tricks learned by professionals to create fuller-looking and stunning ponytails from all angles. It doesn't matter if you wear ponytail extensions; these tips will help you in all cases.

Classic ponytail

The best part is that the tricks are followed by the top and most famous hairstylists out there who style celebrities and a lot of other famous people from all over the world. Make sure to follow the tips mentioned and end up loving your hair! 

  • Tease Your Hair 

One of the most straightforward ways to create volume at the base of your ponytail involves using tools that you have at home, such as a dry shampoo and a tooth comb. The co-founder of Utilities Beauty and celebrity hairstylist Josh Liu says that applying dry shampoo section by section throughout your entire hair will help you achieve the perfect hairstyle! 

Once you have applied the dry shampoo, it is time that you tease your hair with a fine-tooth comb and make sure to lock the tease in place with a volumizing hairspray for a much fuller look.

You should definitely focus on teasing your hair on the top and the back of your head, where the base of your ponytail is. You should consider building a huge amount of volume, and then you can easily brush it and make it into a shape. Make sure to brush the top layer of your hair well enough to hide the tease. 

This method works when you are making a ponytail with extensions as it will give your hair a magical lift.

One shade of paint for brown roots
  • Curl Your Hair 

If you want a fuller ponytail, it is suggested that you curl your hair in alternate directions to add some volume and texture. Sarah Klein, a professional hairstylist from New York who works at Nine Zero One Hair Salon, uses this technique. The thing about alternating the direction of the curls is that it offers a natural and finished look.

Another great benefit about curling your hair is that it ends up hiding thin-looking ends. Curl the ends of your ponytail horizontally to create a flip, as this will create an illusion of a much fuller and bouncy ponytail, hiding your thin ends. It is also suggested that you back-brush the body of your ponytail once you are done curling the ends for a fluffy look. 

This idea is great if you are not making a ponytail with extensions as it’ll add volume to your hair. 

  • Making Two Ponytails For a Voluminous Look 

Another amazing way to make an illusion of thick and voluminous hair is to create two ponytails, according to the celebrity hairstylist Cynthia Alvarez. You must start by parting your hair horizontally from the middle of your head. This way, you will be able to create two sections of your hair, one from the top and one bottom.

How to put extensions on clips

Now create a ponytail from the top section of your hair. Once done, you need to create another ponytail using the bottom half of your hair by placing it underneath your first ponytail. This will help you elongate your ponytail and will also thicken the end. 

According to Klein, you should also hide the rubber band and double pony by wrapping a section of your hair around the base and then securing it with a pin from the base of the ponytail. 

  • Use a Texturizing Spray 

In order to make your ponytail look fuller from the top, you should use a texture spray on each section of your hair. Do not forget to reach the roots of the ponytail. This will help you achieve a high pony with extensions. There are loads of incredible sprays available out there, so make sure to do your research and choose the one according to your hair type. 

  • Make Bobby Pins Your Best Friend 

When you add bobby pins underneath your ponytail's base, you get some extra lift. It is suggested that you cross two bobby pins underneath the base of your pony, and you will end up with a fuller-looking, high pony with extensions.

Straight hair ponytail
  • Don’t Forget to Use Mousse Before a Blowout 

This is one of the most important aspects of making a voluminous ponytail. You need to make sure to apply mousse to your hair before a blowout for a bouncy look. Use a lightweight, creamy texture that will hold your hair as well and give you a smoother look. This is a really important step that you do not want to miss. 

  • Purchase a Ponytail Holder For Best Results 

You must have seen a lot of ads for ponytail holders, right? But never really considered getting one? Well, now is your time to make the purchase. There are loads of ponytail holders that ensure to keep your hair in place, ultimately giving you a fuller look. In order to use your ponytail holder, press each end with your thumbs until it is secure in place. These holders come in different colors and hair types to give your hair a great lift. 

  • Buy a Ponytail Wrap 

You should invest in a good quality ponytail wrap that adds length, body, and volume to your hair from root to tip. A ponytail wrap is an extension you can easily clip in. It wraps the base of your ponytail to add a lot more volume, length, and fullness, which will last you for two years if you treat it well. There are loads of wraps you can find in different colors in textures.

Ponytail and bun

Their length varies as well, so you can purchase the one that suits you best. Moreover, the best part is that you can also cut your ponytail wraps in order to customize them according to your hair length. Make sure to secure your hair tie as tight as possible since the weight of the ponytail wrap will loosen your hair tie and create a saggy ponytail, which you do not want at all.

  • Adding Clip-ins or Hair Extensions 

If you are not interested in ponytail wraps, you can always go for a clip-in extension which is going to help you achieve a heavier look. Make sure to add clips in extensions before pulling your hair into a pony, as this way; you will be able to fill out the ends in a much more natural-looking way. Pull-through ponytail extensions work well too.

  • Ensure That Your Ponytail is Secure And Remains Tightly in Place 

You need to make sure that your ponytail is tight and completely secure. Make sure it is not loose at all, or you won't be able to achieve the perfect look. If you have a secure ponytail, it will lift to and add more volume to the base for a thicker and fuller-looking ponytail. This is the part where your hair tie matters a lot. It is going to make the entire difference to your hair, so ensure that it is a tight one. 

Slay Your Ponytail! 

Now you know how to apply ponytail extensions for the best look. Style it with different outfits, whether going for a date, lunch with friends, or work. By following the steps above, you will be able to make an ever-lasting, beautiful and luxy ponytail.

Moreover, when buying hair extensions, make sure to purchase high-quality ones. You do not want to go for cheap products that are not going to last you longer. Also, a lot of hair extensions look fake, which is something you need to avoid. Do your research before purchasing anything because you want your ponytail to look fabulous!