Luxurious Way to Blend Your Gray Hair: The Importance of Highlights

Many women sigh heavily, when it comes to gray hair, as it is a sore subject for them. Gray hiding is a tiresome procedure, and sometimes attempts to find the perfect way leads to the increasing gray hair because of stress and impatience. The majority of women choose monotonous dyeing, but it is not an advantageous option. Those who want to look younger often get the opposite result. The problem is in the absence of color play and smooth transitions peculiar to a natural shade. Accordingly, regular color does not return youth; the other way round, it makes you look older. You can avoid this outcome by choosing the proper dyeing technique for your gray hair.

A great option is a dimensional color which means a contrast of darker and lighter tones and highlights basically. In the simplest terms, it is a contrast of light and dark shades. Why choose it? You will not attend your salon every four weeks anymore - it is the main difference between regular and dimensional hair color. It not only saves your nerves, but provides more pure shade, adds lightness and ease to your whole image.

As a rule, gray strands are wiry, and it is difficult to penetrate their structure, so special compositions and optimal blending techniques should be selected individually with consideration of your hair quality. You should contact only experienced specialists to disguise the gray in a befitting way, and get a stunning dimensional color.

Make Hair Gray

How to blend your hair 

Let's talk about the specific blending ways that help to dash undesirable gray on your hair by adding noble shades and transitions. We defined TOP-3 dyeing techniques, perfectly suitable for performing this difficult task.

  • Highlights
  • Highlights are the most effective way to create a luxurious, dimensional color. First, it manages with partial gray and thus allows you to dye only some strands, not the entire length; it is a great virtue for weak or damaged hair. Secondly, it does not draw the eye to the newly appearing gray thanks to a combination of several colors. Highlights provide for vertical lightening of strands, i. e. discoloration, to add a visual volume to hair. Lightened strands contrast with darker ones, and it looks advantageous. This blending method not just creates a bright visual effect on hair, but also leads to positive changes in the whole image. By the way, it is in vogue and currently is popular among women of different ages. But do not forget that highlighting is partial hair dyeing; it is better to highlight gray strands if there are no more than 30% if you are brunette and 40% if you are blonde. However, an experienced colorist manages the task of any complexity.

    In general, highlighting for gray hair has significantly more pros than cons:

    • disguising gray without affecting the hair with a natural pigment;
    • wide choice of dyeing options;
    • minimum of a detrimental effect on the hair structure, by contrast with monotonous dyeing;
    • does not require frequent duplication of the procedure;
    • suitable for hair of any length.
  • Balayage
  • One more fashionable technique, a kind of highlight that is suitable for hair of any length, type, and color. In particular, balayage is an excellent blending solution for gray hair. The dyeing appears from the new perspective with the inclusion of various ashy shades. It is kind of 50 shades of gray, capable of disguising the undesired natural one. Gray strands join another tone, and it turns out a beautiful play of smooth highlights

    Balayage benefits:

    • the hair looks well-groomed for a long time; 
    • the hair is less spoiled compared to monotonous dyeing;
    • it becomes more voluminous visually by color transitions;
    • allows you to refresh the hairstyle without fundamental changes;
    • it is a cross-functional option suitable for all ages and hair types.
  • Ombre
  • Ombre is an equally successful blending solution and at the same time one of the trend variations of highlighting. In general, the advantage of this technique is partial interference without dyeing the whole hair mass. It is a favorable way to blend gray hair. But what to do with roots? When dyeing gray hair in an ombre, the roots also can be colored to hide undesired shade. If gray is more than 30% of the total volume, it must be pre-treated with a special means before the procedure to smooth dye proportioning. 

    Popular ombre techniques for gray hair:

    • the effect of burnt hair - a smooth transition from dark roots to brighter ends. You can choose from natural shades of dark, brown, and red;
    • classic ombre - the use of two shades, smooth transition on each portion of the hair;
    • colorful ombre - when performing, the hair tips are dyed or tinted into pink, red, blue, purple, etc. shades;
    • inverse - creating of the transition from light roots to the dark ends;
    • a sharp ombre - the contour between the shades is not blurred but remains clear. It is better to apply two contrasting colors.
    How long it takes to switch to gray hair color

    When dyeing gray hair

    Of course, help in choosing the right dyeing and care for it - the task of your hairstylist. But at the same time, you should have control over the process to maximize all the expectations and enjoy your new image. The main rules for women who want to dye their gray hair with one of the above-mentioned blending techniques are the following:

    1. refrain from independent dye selection and self-dyeing directly without a professional point of view;
    2. do not be afraid to dash your gray, instead of full getting rid of it by the monotonous coloring;
    3. choose a dyeing option by selecting those colors that suit your face and the whole image;
    4. try to avoid too light natural shades. If your stylist recommends it, there also should present more dark shades in the color palette;
    5. do not regret your time and money when it comes to timely corrective procedures.

    Hair problems only_get worse with age

    To keep your dimensional color noble and shining, you should provide your hair with proper attention. Do not forget about the particular care after dyeing. Since gray dyed hair loses moisture more actively, provide intensive nutriment using moisturizing balms and masks. Give a new lease of life to your tired strands and allow yourself to feel the admiration of renewed hair, well-groomed and shining.


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