How To Wear Headband: 7 Easy And Original Hairstyles

Harry Styles Headband

One of the hottest updo trends has been all types of headwear bandages. With a wide variety of them, there really is something for everyone. Headbands top the list of the most popular locks accessories. They can either make you feel serious and focused or evoke memoirs from prime school that you would not like to remember. But fashion is back, so headpieces have become a popular accessory again.  Both celebrities and other people wear them, so you can choose any at different prices. 

There are so many ways to wear headwraps that the ideas are really endless. Pair your messy buns, slicked-back ponytails, and loose locks with a headpiece. Take your favorite updo and don a fun decorated or knotted headwrap, and it will look fresh and fashionable. It’s also a great way to add some dry shampoo and cover up your locks that needs a bit of a wash with a pretty headpiece. You can find them for sporty styles and for any luxury event where you will need to look like a queen.



Harry Styles Headband

It can be a bandana, a headband, a Keith Richards do-rag—but the thing Harry uses to tie back his hair is pretty great and useful. It's one of those style idiosyncrasies that rock stars of every genre develop, from Axl Rose to Frank Ocean. Unless you're playing sold-out shows, we recommend only wearing this headgear to outdoor festivals or on off-duty days. At the right place and time, it'll transform you into that eccentric person who likes Jaritos, which is never a bad thing.


In the video is talking about Harry Style's headband, and how he wears them and why it is so useful.

This item is perfect for workouts, running in the park, or yoga. If you have curly, or wavy hair just like Harry, then surely you always struggle with flyaway strands of hair after you tie it all up in a man bun. A headband is a solution to your problem. You can also roll up a thin scarf and use it as a headwrap on summer days.

Bandages in the style of headbands

Bandages In The Style Of Headbands

There is a variety of headpieces:

  • The padded headwrap (start put it on at your hairline and push it back);
  • The Embellished headwrap (comb your locks out);
  • Turban style headband (turn the kerchief around your head with your locks up or down, then thrust the ends of the band in the back of your head. A harry styles headband is also made in turban style);
  • The sporty headwrap (pull locks into a lower bun with a scrunchy and don it with a dense, resilient headband);
  • The wrap headband (bind a silken scarf or find a variant with a flexible strip along the bottom);
Girl with pretty headband

  • The beaded headband (is suitable for a luxurious look for an important event);
  • The wide headband with part (secure your headband over your middle parting to be more stylish. You can try to make a ponytail with one of the headband styles);
  • The headband bow (the tousled locks perfectly poises the prettiness of the headband);
  • The thin ribbon headband (for short locks, a skinny ribbon headband won't divert from your image or conceal too many locks beneath);
  • The comb-tooth headband (make sure the rest of your locks are sleek to look perfect).

How To Use Headbands To Style Your Hair

Headbands look chic with your hair down or a bit of flair around a ponytail, but if you’re interested in a few more interesting types that can be styled in no time at all, then these easy tutorials will help you to create original hairstyles.

Headband in a snow
  1. Start with brushed locks and separate a small section of hair on top of your head. Tie that off with an elastic. Take the small ponytail and roll it under, and then tuck that up under your elastic. Move the hair around a bit to get it even to sit the way you want, and then use a few bobby pins to keep everything in place. 
  2. Start by dividing your locks into two even sections. Lay the headwrap across your shoulders so that it is even on both sides. Braid one side of your hair, including the headpiece in one of the sections of your braid. Tie it off with a small elastic. Repeat on the other side, so you have two braids with your turban (for example) style headband woven through both. Pull the braids to the top of your locks and twist the headwrap together to hold the braids in place. 
  3. Start by dividing your hair into two sections and tie each section off in a high pigtail. Then twist and fix them. Tie your accessory stylish headbands on top, and you’re done.
how to style wire headbands

How To Style Wire Headbands

The appeal of a wire headband over a regular fabric one is how well they stay in place, and there are so many ways to wear them. You can do a ponytail with headband styles, classic rolled updo, or combine it with milkmaid braids. Create a unique look with wire headpieces:

Beautiful headband
  1. Start with wrapping the headwrap around your head and twisting the two ends together into bunny ears. Then tuck the ears underneath the headpiece, and the turban-style headband is ready.
  2. Start by wrapping the headwrap around your head and twisting the two ends together to form bunny ears. Then wrap one ear in a circular motion and tuck the end. Wrap the other ear in the same circular motion and tuck the end. 
  3. The simplest way to learn how to style wire headbands is by wrapping your wire headpiece around your head with the ends at the back of your neck. This gives you a seamless look ala Brigitte Bardot, perfect for a bouffant or another retro hairstyle.
  4. The classic and most popular method to understand how to style wire headbands is the bunny ears. Wrap the headwrap around your head with the ends towards the front, twist the two ends together, and that's all.
Red headband

    Headband style FAQ

  1. How to wear an elastic headpiece?
  2. Pull a headband down around your neck and pull it up behind your ears. Take away the front layers of your locks back behind the headpiece. It must be settled behind your ears and around the back of your brain so that it stays in place.

  3. How to wear a headwrap with glasses?
  4. The only way to find out how to use headbands with glasses to style your hair is to use little tubes of fabric or just tying a rolled-up scarf like a headband. Or try bending the ends back behind your ears and tilting the top forward. 

  5. How to wear a headpiece with thin locks?
  6. Just pull your locks up into a messy bun and fix it with a scrunchy. Choose a pretty silk neckerchief, wrap it around your head, and tie it. Then use hairpins to hold the scarf.

  7. How to wear a headwrap with a ponytail?
  8. To make a ponytail with headband style, put the headwrap in your locks and then pull it into a tail. That will prevent it from having a slicked-back look. And leave approximately 1-2 inches of your locks in front of your ears when you get the headpiece on. You can always tuck them behind your ears later.


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