Hi everybody! I wanted to share a little review about a product that I recently got, It’s called the JuvaBun. I am in love with this product! And I wanna share with you why.

I have very thin hair, this is it, just blow-dried. Literally, this is what my hair does, not all that sexy.

However, this product is so easy to use. Literally, I mean, if I can do it, honestly, anybody can do it. 

Super, super easy! Tada! I mean look at that. Look at how thick that is. That is, wow!

I mean, just really good quality! 

So, all you do is put it on your top-knot, twist it over, and perfection!

I love this, I love this product!

I don’t a whole lot of hair but I could pull some little wisps out, loosen it up maybe.

I love this product!

So, what do you think? Yeah, look at the back. Nice and full, super messy, very cute!

I wear this product everywhere. I wear my JuvaBun all over the place!

Get up in the morning and running errands, going out to dinner with my husband. 

Work, like I don’t have time everyday to get up and curl my hair and get all dressed up, sometimes I’m in a huge hurry, so I can just throw my hair up, put it up.

Tons of compliments, everybody says, “Oh my gosh, is that your rea hair?”

I mean, it’s so full, I just love it! I mean, look at that! Ain’t that great?

I mean, you don’t have to do anything to it, it’s just there.

It’s beautiful, it’s sassy.

I feel kinda sexy sometimes when I put it up.

You know, it’s just a fun night out, It travels with me everywhere I go. 

So If we’re in a hurry and I need to throw it on real quick, then, you know, JuvaBun goes in,

And I’m ready to walk out the door and my husband is literally shocked, because I get ready in record time.

Please go check it out! They have a ton of colors, you can’t mess this up.

You can match any hair color.

I love it! It is just so comfortable. I don’t get headaches wearing it and I don’t know what to say.

It’s just a great product!

Go check it out on their Facebook or their website, you’re gonna love it!