Subtle and Beautiful: A "No-Updo Updo Look" with Jane Fray

healthy and natural hair with JuvaBun

Our newest JuvaBun Ambassador, Jane Fray, has been married for over 10 years, so she values a quick and simple routine that allows her natural beauty to shine through.

A couple of years back, Jane “went natural” with her stunning hair. 

She had some doubts about going natural at first. But now, she says, “Just call me sterling!” and gets compliments while walking down the street.

Jane believes in the importance of caring for your hair first, which is why she uses the JuvaBun almost every day. She says, “My hair feels healthy and natural and basically saying, ‘Thank you for taking care of me.’”

Watch the video below to get Jane's simple tips for using JuvaBun to recreate her beautiful “no-updo updo look.”

Step #1 - Don't Do Nothing With your Hair!

Jane starts by not doing nothing with her hair: No straighteners, no combs, creams, nothing at all. And just leaves it the way it is - Natural and Healthy, in it's regular condition.

Step #2 - Simple As A Regular Hair Bun

Next, Jane takes our bun, JuvaBun, our of the package and puts it around her hand, just like you would do to make a regular hair bun.

Step #3 - Use The JuvaBun Instead

The next step in Jane's routine to use the JuvaBun is simply to put her hair into a regular bun, But instead of using a regular hair tie, she uses the JuvaBun.

Step #4 - The "No-Updo Updo Look" 

Jane's final step after putting the JuvaBun on, is to play with it a little bit just to find the perfect angle she wants, and she's done!


What do you think of Jane's "no-updo updo" look?