Welcome to the JuvaBun Referral Program

You get $5 for every customer, they get 20% Off their order, and with your help - we get to spread the JuvaBun movement.

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Payouts will be sent once a month only through PayPal. If you don’t have an account you can simply create one Here. Once you sign up to our referral program you can login Here

On the top right corner will be “Your Rewards” - where you will able to see your rewards, the amount of referred friends you’ve successfully referred, and you will be able to update/change the PayPal account you wish to get paid to - through Setting. (You can change the account email if you’ll ever need to).

Referred purchasers will go through a 30-day review period. Once the purchase passes the review period, you will be rewarded. Payouts are made once a month between the 25th to the 27th of the month.

Exactly! You will get paid $5 for every friend you refer!

Just make sure they use your referral (personal) link, and that their order value is at least $20 (including shipping costs), otherwise it won’t count.

As many as you want! For every friend you refer, you will earn $5 (in cash), plus your friend will get a 20% Discount on their entire order!

Our system is smart and works in a way that can detect when a user is trying to outsmart the system which will not work, and will ban the user from participating again in our referral program.

Anyone you want to! Friends, family, co-workers, your social media following, or anyone else that loves your new look 😉

Nope! You can refer friends and still earn money even if you still haven't tried any of our products.

You know your friends better than we do. Which means you know who of your friends would be interested in our products, so you can offer them a 20% discount and still get rewarded even without you ever purchasing!