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Main of the injury to the chevelure does not occur during waking periods but during sleep. Therefore, proper preparation for a night's rest is the pledge to healthy hair condition. Cosmetologists taught us to take a specific night cream an hour before bedtime so that the leather is sleek and moisturized the next day. Chevelure necessity night care, too, particularly if you have desiccated and injured plies. We will respond to the problem of how to sleep with long hair? Just follow these tips, and after awake, you will finally have soft, healthy, and manageable chevelure.

Advice on what to do with long hair while sleeping 

A modern woman does not always have time to do all the necessary self-care procedures and change her looks. Indeed you have once thought about how great it would be to awake with excellent styling. You will have to expend much time styling to look cute. There are some tricks that not everyone knows about. Let's talk about what to do with your long hair until rest to make it look beautiful and healthy after sleep.

wet or damp hair while sleeping

Never go to bed with wet or damp hair

Long hair is more brittle when moist. When combing, sleeping, or modeling moist chevelure, it stretches and deforms, which ultimately reason increased dryness, fragility, and break ends. Such treatment does not help your head of hair; you do not need to manipulate and style on wet chevelure. Here are some tips to keep your chevelure healthy.

Use oil for chevelure until going to sleep

Take oil to desiccated chevelure till sleep if you want to enhance the outcome of your beloved cosmetic. The nutritional components will enter deep into the chevelure and not remain on the surface. Clean your chevelure in the usual way, and you will be surprised how obedient and sleek the chevelure will be after sleep.

Take oil to desiccated chevelure supports to keep a high level of moisture, even at night. The oils make a protecting coat round every follicle, minimize the chance of injury to the ends. If you usually awake with desiccated and unruly chevelure, the oil will refine its state.

Spread the oil over the total chevelure and divide your chevelure into several sections. While you sleep, the plies will absorb the maximum useful substances; this is the correct way to repair your chevelure within the cold and windy period. Do not blow-dry your chevelure after sleep, but let it dry on its own.

Which hair oil is best? Argan oil is highly nutritious and non-greasy. It penetrates deep into the chevelure shaft, regenerating it from the inside. With continued off, the chevelure will look healthier and shinier.

The answer to how to sleep with long hair is straightforward; you must take care of your chevelure to make it look its best.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase

silk pillowcase for healthy hair

How to keep your hair straight while sleeping? Classic cotton pillowslips provide a static effect, and chevelure gets electrified and gets more brittle. Replace them with silk ones; the smooth surface will help fight for shine and hold your styling if you sleep with perfect curls. Silk pillowslips are gentle to the touch, which means rough fabrics won’t injure chevelure, and you will forget about split ends, dryness, and breaking.

Moreover, a silk headband can save all the essential properties of oils and masks. Using a mask to your chevelure, cover it in silk and go to sleep. If your chevelure is moist, put on a shower cap first.

Another variant for a bamboo fabric pillowslip is they are tougher but work the same way.

Get a simple hairdo

Make a loose braid and save the end with a gentle elastic band to defend your chevelure further while you sleep. Using this accessory will reduce rubbing and make beautiful curls. The main thing is not to do a tight hairdo; it will injure your chevelure and do unnecessary pressure. A loose and simple hairstyle is the right answer to how to sleep with long hair.

Hair Mask for repair

When was the last time you made a chevelure mask? The mask must be done at least once a week to refine the chevelure overall condition, tame curly curls, and throw off dryness.

Hair Mask for repair

Long hair is in great need of permanent care. An excellent chevelure mask will help repair, reinforce and subdue unruly chevelure. Take special cosmetics to your chevelure until going to sleep, save your chevelure with a gentle scrunchie, and put on a protective cap. You can also spot a small towel on top of your pillowslip to protect it from stains. When you awake, clean off the cosmetics and clean your chevelure as usual.

Do not leave bobby pins and fixatives on your hair

Hairspray, chevelure extensions, and various barrettes harm chevelure under sleep, generating it to mess and breakable. For example, varnish has a lot of alcohol, which dries out chevelure and head skin. Tight scrunchie and uncomfortable pins can get caught in your chevelure, resulting in unwanted breakage and tangles. Therefore, before bed, always clean off varnishes and other modeling cosmetics or pick many tender products.

Basic recommendations for the care of hair extensions

If you have hair extensions, hairdressers do not recommend going to bed with damp chevelure. It is essential that the chevelure is well combed dry before going to sleep.

The grown hairs can only be washed in an upright position and are not hot water. For artificial hair, you will need a special shampoo that does not dry out the chevelure.

Extensions are best dried naturally, but if you need to use a hairdryer, turn on the gentle mode. Moreover, be sure to use thermal protection.

Do not forget to go for correction so that your hair always looks gorgeous. Do not wash your hair every day, and frequent washing can ruin the appearance of your hair extensions.

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