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Knowing how to dry wavy hair properly is a technique that will come in handy especially on those rushed days. Air-drying saves time and is a healthy option when it comes to hair care but how should you do it? Having a set routine on how you dry your wavy hair with or without heat makes it easier for you to live a low-maintenance hair lifestyle while still looking good. 

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Why Is It Important to Know How to Dry Wavy Hair?

Knowing how to dry your hair goes together with taking care of your hair. There are some important steps you need to follow to ensure that you don’t expose your hair to harsh elements, excessive heat, or tools that can damage your hair. Each method you use to dry your hair has positives and negatives. You must know these before going ahead and using the chosen method continuously. Factors such as your hair texture, the style you want to do, and how strong your hair is to withstand the way you choose to dry your hair.  

Why Is It Important to Own a Hairdryer?

Blow drying is an important tool used in the styling of hair. It helps to pre- mold your hair into any hairstyle you want, also takes out moisture, reduces frizz, and adds to the body of your hair. 

Using A Hairdryer the Right Way!

A hairdryer should be used on damp hair, and you must make sure to direct the airflow of the hairdryer in the direction in which your hair is growing. Attach the nozzle to the dryer before using it to dry your hair. This will help control the airflow and concentrate on the strands directly underneath the nozzle instead of blowing hair all over the place. 

When using the hairdryer keep it moving, don’t use it on one spot for too long. This will burn the hair and your scalp. You need to evenly distribute the heat of the hairdryer. 

Some Tips for using a Blow Dryer

  • Apply a styling or heat-protective product on the hair before you start blowing. 
  • Use a medium heat setting when drying hair this prevents hair from drying out too quickly. 

How to Blow Dry Wavy Hair

Step 1: After squeezing all the excess water out of your hair, let your hair air dry 80% before you use the hairdryer. Take 3-inch pieces of your hair each time and start at your roots. 

Step 2: You need to brush the top and wrap the hair around the brush and slide the brush through the hair. Once the piece is dry and you have taken it off the brush, twist it with your finger. This will make the curl pattern form and allow it to cool in that style before using a comb. 

Step 3: Once you’ve gotten through the whole head, use a serum or hair oil rubbing it through the length of your hair. This will help smooth out any frizz and tousle the waves. 

What Are the Key Features of Hair Dryers That You Should Look Out For?

There are different types of hair dryers that professional stylists use. Some hair dryers have many attachments that you can use on different hair types. Concentrators blow air more directly and this gives off a sleek finish. This attachment is mostly used for straight hair while the diffuser attachment is used for wavy hair and comb attachments are used to shape afro hair types. Here are some key features of these types of hair dryers,

1. Iconic technology 

This type of technology breaks up the water molecules in your hair. It smooths it out and prevents flyaways. You can direct positive ions to boost the volume at the roots of the hair. 

2. Cord length 

You need a long enough cord to be able to freely move the hairdryer above your head. 

3. Tourmaline or ceramic heating elements 

These heating elements are less damaging to your hair than metal ones. They lock in moisture and emit infrared heat. Tourmaline hair dryers release negative ions which give a smoother finish while ceramic hair dryers distribute heat evenly and reduce heat damage. 

4. Wattage 

If the hairdryer has a higher wattage, it means it releases a stronger airflow, which means a powerful hairdryer. The stronger the airflow the quicker it is to dry your hair. However, higher wattage hair dryers are heavier and can be harder to control.  

5. Multiple speed and heat settings 

If you want to dry your hair quickly use a high speed and a high heat setting. If you want to limit tangling, frizz, and have more styling control use a lower speed and heat setting. You need to be able to control the heat settings on your hairdryer as you do not want to burn yourself, be uncomfortable, or damage your hair. 

6. A cool shot button feature 

This button releases cool air when pressed to seal the hair cuticle and makes hair look smoother and shinier. Using the cool button after drying your hair seals in the hairstyle and makes it stay in much longer. 

7. A hanging loop feature 

This helps with storing your hair dryer while you wait for it to cool down after you use it. 

8. Weight 

A lightweight dryer is the best option if you are going to be drying your own hair. Having to hold the hair dryer above your head while drying your hair can be a tiring task as the hairdryer can get heavy after holding it in the same position for a long time. 

9. Design 

Make sure the design of the hairdryer is accommodating to how you will be holding the dryer. Make sure that the buttons are easily accessible and not far out of reach from your fingers. 

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Best Hair Dryers Of 2022

1. InStyler Turbo Max hairdryer 

    If you are always in a hurry, then this hairdryer is the one for you. Turbo Max’s aerospace-designed airflow system and the new advanced hi-torque motor have 10x iconic power of the average hair dryer and its drying speed.  It comes with 1500w, an infinity dial that allows you to control and customize the airflow. Has a continuous hair speed, cord length up to 9 ft, and this is available in black. It only weighs 14.4 ounces so it is lightweight and is ergonomic which means it can easily fit into your hands with comfort. 

    2. DevaCurl Devadryer 

      Wavy hair can be difficult to dry without having frizz and flyaways. This hair dryer includes a diffuser that has 360- degree airflow. The diffuser ensures bounce and adds volume without having the waves look flattened or stretched out. This is available in the Ionic mode, has 1600w and 3 heat settings. It comes with 2-speed settings and has a cord length of 7 ft. This hairdryer is available in white. 

      3. Remington Hair Dryer 

        This hair dryer is best used for damaged hair. It offers a conditioning and coating technology that is made from ionic, ceramic, and tourmaline features all in one. This protects your hair and prevents it from being exposed to over-drying and hair heat.  

         Available in iconic mode, has a power wattage of 1875w. It also has 3 heat settings and a 2-speed setting. The cord is 7 ft and comes in the color purple. 

        4. The Elchim 3900 

          The Elchim 3900 is one of the best hair dryers used by professionals. It has an ionic–ceramic hair dryer that locks in moisture and gives hair an incredible shine. It comes with 2400w, has 3 heat settings, 2-speed settings, and has a cord length of 9 ft. It is also available in Black, Venetian Rose Gold, and White. 

          5. Balmain Hair Couture Hairdryer

            This is one of those high-end designer tools that can be used at home. With the help of ionic technology this dryer seals in your hair with intense moisture. This results in smooth and silky hair. This infrared dryer works to dry each strand of your hair from the inside- out. It also reduces damaging your hair and styling time. 

            Made with ionic technology, it has a power supply of 1600w. It has 3 heat settings, has 2-speed settings, and has a cord length of 8ft. It comes in black. It can get overwhelming when looking for a hair dryer that you feel is the right fit for your hair texture as there are various options within the market. 

            How Do You Dry Wavy Hair?

            Women who have wavy hair tend to straighten their hair daily to handle the excessive waves and get it into the desired hairstyle for each day. Changing the way you dry your hair can protect it from heat damage.   

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            Steps to Air-Dry Your Waves

            Step 1:  After you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner make sure to detangle your hair by using your hands. It is better this way to detangle using your fingers instead of a comb.

            Using a comb can stretch out your waves and it can look stretched and limp. Using your fingers helps de clump hair that got stuck together while washing. 

            Step 2: While your hair is still wet, use a cream designed for air-drying and put that on your hair. This will help minimize frizz and help define your curl pattern. Let the cream absorb into your hair before you dry it with a towel. 

            By putting the cream on wet hair, it dilutes it and won’t leave your hair feeling hard or sticky when it dries. 

            Step 3: Use the plopping method to dry the hair once you have applied the air-drying cream. For this, you can either use a microfiber towel or a T-shirt. Open the T-shirt or towel on your bed or any other flat surface.

            Bend over forward, leaning over the t-shirt or towel, and make sure you put all your hair in the middle of the t-shirt. Then gather all your hair in the t-shirt and twist the hair in the t-shirt and make a knot.  

            Step 4: Don’t rub or squeeze your hair in the towel, this will cause your hair to frizz. You can keep the t-shirt/ towel on for as long as you want. Once you take it off, your hair should feel a little damp. Apply your holding hairspray and you’re all done. 

            How to Dry Your Wavy Hair with A Diffuser

            A diffuser is a plastic, round attachment that can be put over your hairdryer nozzle. It works by spreading the airflow of the hairdryer to much wider coverage than just the nozzle would.

            This attachment is designed for wavy or curly hair as it helps to keep the curl or wave pattern in, without straightening it as a normal-sized nozzle would. By using the diffuser, you don’t have to first blow-dry your hair and then use a curling or flat- iron to create those beachy- waves. 

            Before you use the diffuser make sure that you don’t comb or brush out your curls. If you need to detangle your hair, rather use a wide-toothed comb. Also don’t rub your hair in a towel as this will cause your hair to frizz. If you are experiencing some frizzes apply a mousse to help tame it. The thicker the hair, you must divide the hair into two sections. 

            curly hair

            Take the diffuser and attach it to the end of the hairdryer. Tilt the diffuser upwards. Divide your hair into 2-inch sections and place it in the bowl one 2-inch section at a time. You can twist the pieces first before you switch on the diffuser. Set the hairdryer between low to medium heat.

            If you set the hairdryer too high, it can blow the waves out. Don’t dry your hair with the diffuser, allow it to be a little damp so that it can air dry to give it a bouncy look. 

            Create a more voluminous look by using the diffuser on the crown of your head. The diffuser nubs can massage the scalp and add height to the hair. Use a round brush on the ends of your waves. This will help you achieve the look of straight ends and wavy strands.

            Before using the brush make sure to detach the diffuser and add on the original nozzle for a sleek finish. Apply a serum to add those finishing touches to your look. Avoid adding serum or oil to your roots as this will make your hair fall flat. 

            The Pros and Cons of Air-Drying Your Hair

            hair drying

            If you have chosen to use this technique to dry your wavy hair. Take these things into consideration. It does prevent damage by not exposing your hair to heat but this can lead your hair to appear and look dry.

            You should not leave your hair soaking wet every time you decide to air dry. Applying a leave-in conditioner or a serum helps combat this sogginess. Wavy hair people should try tying a loose braid or gather their strands together to increase natural waves. 

            If your hair is naturally wavy, just washing it and tying it up as a pineapple should achieve both goals of creating waves and air drying. Remember, that having air-dried hair out in the cold can bother you as the cold wind will hit the scalp and be an unpleasant feeling. 

            Here are some of the pros and cons, 

            • Sleeping with wet hair can cause bacteria and mold to form and grow on the scalp and between hair. This happens when your hair doesn’t get proper airflow. This creates a damp space since your head stays pressed against the pillow throughout the whole night – not allowing it to dry properly. This can lead to your scalp itching and cause a damp stench and moldy odor. Even though this doesn’t happen to everyone, it is something to keep in mind if you are someone that takes showers at night and doesn’t dry your hair before bed. 
            • Air drying as mentioned a few times throughout this article is less damaging to your hair cuticles therefore people choose it instead of using a hairdryer. 

            • Air drying also helps your hair retain moisture and therefore your hair always looks and feels smoother. Using hair dryers dry out your hair. 
            • Air drying also makes it harder to get your hair into the style that you want. It is easier to manipulate your hair when it has been blow-dried and straightened. 
            • Depending on the type of hair you have, air-drying could make it look more damaged whereas when you use a brush and a hairdryer you can smooth out any areas that are irregular or damaged. 
            • If you are someone that uses color to treat your hair, air drying it can mean that your color will last longer. 
            • Air drying prevents split ends from forming. By using a hairdryer and high heat you are forcing hot air into one area which will result in breakage. 
            • Although air drying can help strengthen your hair, constantly exposing it to water can weaken your hair over time. Water swells the hair and damages the membrane. Hair is the weakest when it is wet therefore it is prone to breakages especially when using combs and brushes. 

            lady sunbathing at the garden

            • Another risk to having wet hair in the winter is that hair can also experience dehydration. If the air is cold, allow your hair to air dry properly in the house, and at least wear a scarf over your head when you go outside. 
            • Air Drying maintains your curls and waves- twist your hair while it is damp. 
            • Depending on how your hair dried overnight, you might need to shampoo or conditioner in the morning again. 
            • Oiliness is another one of the side effects of air drying your hair. When the scalp is left moist for a long time, it leads to an overproduction of oil. To combat this overproduction of oil, use a heat protectant on your hair and use a hairdryer on a low setting, this way, you only dry the scalp and roots to avoid it from drying out and releasing more oils. 

            The Positives and Negatives of Using A Diffuser To Dry Wavy Hair

            The diffuser is used to soften the air released from the hairdryer so that it doesn’t hit the hair harshly. It uses rough high heat to minimize frizz. 

            The benefits of using a diffuser

            • Helps reduce your hair from frizzing 
            • Your waves are dried evenly 
            • Reduces the heat damage to your hair
            • Can be used on the high or low setting 
            • It is much gentler on hair, and it allows hair to get dry faster instead of using a smaller-sized nozzle and using high heat on hair. 

            The cons to using a diffuser

            • It does not take away the chances of frizz completely. 
            • Depending on the heat setting you use, it can extend the time it takes to get your hair dry. 
            • Depending on your hair type it can lead to shrinkage
            • Besides reducing frizz, it also reduces the volume 
            • It does not dry the entire head even though the heat gets spread evenly. 

            Tips to Remember When Using Diffusers

            Don’t use a lot of products on your hair. Because diffusers increase the drying time, using a lot of products can add to that and slow it down even further. If you want length, use a concentrator nozzle that will stretch your waves and avoid shrinkage like a diffuser would do. Don’t diffuse your hair in a damp room. Diffusing your hair in humid conditions means it will likely frizz while drying.  

            Tips on How to Dry Wavy Hair

            Here are some tips to help you dry your hair without creating frizz. These tips can be used when you are in a hurry to dry your hair and you don’t want to leave your house with wet hair. You do not need to use your hairdryer when following these tips. 

            1. Use moisturizer in the shower 

              Use a moisturizer on your hair before you use any products on your hair, if your hair still feels dry after using the conditioner try using a more moisture-rich conditioner. Make sure the conditioner you buy has protein in it and don’t use it more than twice a week. 

              2. Minimize the number of layers you use on your hair

                  Make sure that you don’t layer products on your hair when it is wet. Instead of using leave-in gels and creams use a small amount of moisturizing foam as hair hydration. 

                  Here are some products that you can use to minimize the number of layers you use on your hair. 

                  • Crème of Nature Argan Oil Style & Shine Foaming Mousse 

                  This is a gold mousse that is designed for styling natural and relaxed hair. It is infused with Argan oil that moisturizes and nourishes the hair and gives it a shine while minimizing frizz. 

                  The benefit of this product is to define your curls/waves and hold twist-outs, leaves hair, and moisturizes dry hair. 

                  No petroleum, mineral oils, or drying alcohol is included in the ingredients. 

                  • Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Frizz-Free Curl Mousse 

                  This product is made from shea butter, coconut oil, and sweet hibiscus. It does not leave any residue on hair and hair does not feel flaky, crunchy, or sticky. 

                  It also helps enhance the wave patterns of hair and curls memory. 

                  • Soultanicals Curl Juice Vegan Hair Mousse 

                  This product helps strand smoothing, and curl boosting. This is enriched with plant extracts and offers maximum shine and body. 

                  These products will leave your hair moisturized and hold the hair in position. 

                  3. Scrunch the water out of your hair 

                    Scrunch your hair to squeeze out all the water from your hair. Make sure that you scrunch up to your roots as well. This can be done before or after you apply any products to your hair. 

                    4. Use a microfiber towel to set your waves 

                      By using a microfiber towel you get to dry your hair and set your waves at the same time. After applying the product to your hair, tip your hair over and scrunch parts of your head. 

                      5. Choose styles that are quick-drying 

                        Use leave-in products that are lightweight and water-based. These dry quicker. 

                        6. Cut your hair 

                          Having a shorter hairstyle such as a bob or any other haircut would dry quicker. If you don’t want to cut your hair shorter, consider cutting it into layers. 

                          village girl with curly hair

                          Best Wavy Hair Products

                          • Wet Brush Flex Dry – This product is used as a best overall wavy hair product 

                          This is one of the best brushes that you can use to detangle your hair. You can use it to detangle wet or dry hair. The brush head is flexible and slides over your scalp and through the strands with ease. It doesn’t pull or snag. 

                          • Slip hair scrunchie – One of the best hair ties for wavy hair 

                          Using elastic hair ties can lead to breakage. The thicker your waves, the more difficult it will be to tie your hair into a bun or a ponytail. Switch to using slip scrunchies, these are softer and don’t leave any marks on your hair when you tie it up. They are super stretchy, stretching up to three times their original size but don't lose their elasticity. They aren’t tight-fitting, so you won’t experience any headaches when wearing them for long periods. 

                          • Oribe moisture and control deep treatment masque – Hair mask for wavy hair 

                          This treatment can be used as a weekly treatment and can be used on any hair type. It is used to maintain the wave patterns. Start by washing your hair and then apply the product and leave it on for 10 minutes. It doesn’t weigh hair down and is scented so your hair will smell nice and look healthy with an extra shine. 

                          • Davines love curl primer – Wavy hair cream 

                          This hair cream has many benefits for your hair, it helps detangle knots, and acts as a heat protectant. You can put it on before you blow-dry your hair. This product is also a lightweight product that makes your hair feel greasy. Its texture is easy to spread through hair. 

                          • Kérastase elixir ultime original hair oil – Best oil for wavy hair 

                          This hair oil can be used to protect hair up until 230°C. You can apply this to your hair while the ends are wet to dilute the oil and won’t leave your hair feeling greasy. Leaves the hair feeling soft and shiny.  

                          • Oway nurturing drops – best product to use for split ends  

                          This is a split-end sealant. It is a gel-like texture but without greasiness. It can also be used. Packaged in a dropper bottle makes it easier for you to keep track of the amount of product you use. If your hair is feeling and looking dry, apply these nurturing drops to it. 

                          • Charlotte Mensah Finishing Mist 

                          Although Charlotte Mensah is an Afro hair expert, this product is used to enhance shine and be the last product you use when styling your hair. 

                          You can leave it on for two to three minutes before you style your hair. This must gives hair a glossy color.

                          • Olaplex no. 3 

                          This is a bond-repairing treatment. Towel dry your hair, comb your hair through and leave the treatment on for 10 minutes. Can also be used as an overnight treatment. Use as a pre-shampoo product. 

                          Key Takeaways! 

                          It can be difficult to find a balance between making sure that your hair is always hydrated, and your waves defined. There are difficult tools available for you to test as well as products that can help you dry your wavy hair while still keeping the wave pattern.  

                          Using this JuvaBun guide on how to dry your wavy hair is beneficial to maintaining your hair type and texture. Be sure to check the website for other detailed guidelines to help you care for your hair type and keep it healthy.

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