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Do you know what a claw clip is? Do you find it to be damaging to your hair? Are you scared that the claw clip curly hair extensions might not be the one for you? Do not worry, my lovelies. You will look drop-dead gorgeous in it whatever you wear. Just remember, when you are on a mission to don a messy bun or a half updo or a French twist, large claw clips do the trick seamlessly.

These do not damage your hair if you wear them properly and buy the ones that are high quality as anything low quality will definitely be bad for your hair. Claw clip hair extensions can be straight, curly, wavy, or however, you want them. A claw clip curly hair extension just has a claw clip to which synthetic or naturally curly hair is attached. There are short hair, long hair, curly hair, thick hair, fine hair, and different hair type claw clip extensions. They vary in color, length, style, and texture.

You can take your pick and enjoy whichever one you want. These claw clip hair extensions are very feasible as you can simply tie your hair, then wear them and get your perfect look. So, what are you ladies waiting for? Let's learn what different claw clip hair extensions are and how you can use them, along with how to style them for different occasions to get your drop-dead gorgeous and perfect look.

Types Of Claw Clip Hair Extensions

There are multiple types of claw clip curly hair extensions ranging from soft curls to wavy hair and afro to tight curls. You can get any you like but remember to select the color according to your original hair. There are messy buns, ponytails, simple hair, and other hair extensions present for you to wear. These are easy to wear and do not damage your hair so you can wear these claw clip curly hair extensions every day with ease. Let's see what different types of curly hair extensions are available.

·         Mini Claw Clip Wavy Hair Extensions

The first one is mini claw clip wavy hair extensions; if you have thin hair, then you can definitely go for these. The claw clip of these hair extensions is smaller in size and has wavy hair attached to it. The length of the wavy hair varies, and you can select one of your choices to wear for different occasions. The mini claw clip wavy hair extension is not only available in ponytail form, but you can also get it as a small wavy bun that you can wear and show off in.

·         Mini Claw Clip Curly Hair Extensions

The mini claw clip curly hair extension is similar to the mini claw clip wavy hair extension with a small claw clip that you can claw to your hair. It can have tight curls, loose curls, extra tight curls, etc. It also comes in blonde, black, green, gray, and more colors that you can pick easily. These extensions are very easy to wear, and the curly hair used in these extensions has different textures. You can get a curly hair bun or a curly hair ponytail with a claw clip in these extensions and can make various hairstyles. The hair fiber is usually made up of synthetic fibers or natural hair and can be worn with any outfit that you love to give you your perfect look every time.

·         Big Claw Clips Wavy Hair Extensions

The big claw clip wave hair extensions are your regular hair extensions that are also available in the form of a ponytail or bun. The claw clip used in such hair extensions is quite big compared to the mini claw clips. Usually, a single big claw clip is used, while in mini claw clip hair extensions, sometimes multiple clips are provided to secure those extensions on the hair easily and to have a really good grip. These extensions are also available in a huge color range, and you can style them however you want. The wavy hair is made from synthetic hair fibers or naturally wavy hair, and it is then attached to a claw clip to make a claw clip hair extension that people can easily use for different occasions.

·         Big Claw Clip Curly Hair Extensions

Big hair claws clip curly extensions are perfect for people who want extra voluminous hair with more defined curls. If you are someone that wants such hair, then these are best for you. These come in unlimited hair colors and are perfect for all occasions. Since a big claw clip is used for these, a lot of hair is added to hide the claw clip, giving these hair extensions a fuller look. Like other claw clip hair extensions, these are also available in different forms such as a bun, ponytail, bubble bun, and more. You can wear them as you wish and whenever you like these, just take a minute to be clawed on your head.

·         Claw Clip Curly Ponytail Extensions

You can wear a claw clip curly ponytail in simply your ponytail hair extension for any occasion. The design is to make things easier for people who have thin hair or cannot make perfect hairstyles in a short time. A claw clip ponytail typically consists of a claw clip to which hair fibers or, in simple words, strands are attached; these strands can be made from synthetic fiber or can be natural hair directly taken from humans. These are attached to the claw clip, and then the wearer can wear them easily for as long as they want. These come in different lengths, styles, colors, and textures that you can select from and wear however you like. These ponytails are completely curly and can be straight from the top and slightly curly from the bottom or wavy in style.

These were a few of the claw clip curly hair extensions that you can definitely buy and enjoy for the upcoming occasions in your life. These are very easy to wear, but you can also wear them for a whole day without really damaging your hair follicles. These are perfect when you do not have money for hair salons or your personal hairstylist. So, let’s see how you can wear these amazing claw clip curly hair extensions in three easy steps that anyone can do.

How To Use These Hair Extensions

You only need a few seconds to wear these amazing claw clip curly hair extensions and a simple three steps to make wearing them very easy for you. Using these extensions does not damage your hair and even provides you with the lovely hair and volume you desire to make amazing hairstyles. So, let's see what these steps are and how you can use all these steps to decrease your claw clip work.

Step 1: Gather and Take Away

Use hair brushes in this step and any type of comb you have. First, you need to wash your natural hair to prepare it for the hairstyle. Simply shampoo your hair and then condition it. Apply the after-wash products to give it shine and make your natural hair look silky and smooth. If you are going for a claw clip bun or ponytail, gather all your dried-out and prepared hair and use a hairbrush to remove all of the tangles. Then make a ponytail or tie your hair up in a bun. Then if you want, you can always take away your front baby hair or leave them by just setting them using some hair gel and hair care products. Then after tying up your hair, move on to the next step, where you will be attaching the claw clip to your natural hair.

Step 2: Claw and Clip

You have to claw and clip in the hair extensions in this step. You can take any of the styles available and the colors present. Once you have decided on the claw clip curly hair extension that you want, you can easily take the claw clip and open the claws of the claw clip. Position them where you need to attach your claw clip curly ponytail or bun, and then release the claws so that they can claw on your natural hair. It will be easy to make the claw clip stay in the position for a longer time if you spray some hair spray before attaching the claw clip on your naturally made pony or bun. Once the claw clip is attached, tighten it a little by pressing the claws on your head together to stay there and have your hairstyle for the whole day. Then, let's move on to the next step to finalize your hairstyle.

Step 3: Set and Style

Styling and setting these claw clip curly hair extensions is really easy. You have to get a setting spray and then spray it all over your hair to tame down all the crazy fray ends. Then if you want to style your ponytail or bun, you can add accessories and different styles to your hair to get the perfect hairstyle for the evening. There are multiple colors available, including the ombré hair effects, blue colors, shades of black, and much more in these claw clip curly hair extensions that you can get to match your real hair and make it all look original and natural.

So, now you know how you can wear these amazing claw clip curly hair extensions in three easy steps and in just a fraction of time without paying much for the product. Now, let's see how you can style these amazing claw clip curly hair extensions for different occasions and what type of different hairstyles you can make using these beautiful hair extensions.

How To Style Claw Clip Extensions For Different Occasions

You can make different hairstyles using these hair extensions, and to do that. You only need to wear these claw clip hair extensions, and then you will be good to go. You can wear these for your friend’s birthday party while pairing them up with some pearls or a ponytail cuff. You can wear these to get a sleek look on the go and when going for a formal meeting just by pairing them up with a professional suit and shoes. Use gel to make your hair sleek by applying it on short hair that stands up like spikes. Wear a claw clip curly ponytail, take a few strands, and then tie them where the band of the ponytail is and you will have a really pretty ponytail hairstyle. You can use the added hair to make pretty buns, waterfall braids, low buns, high buns, etc. You can wear these claw clip curly hair extensions for events like weddings, camping days, hiking days, and more and can easily have the hair you desire. You can also add sparkle with some amazing clips with pearls and beads on them; you can add your bracelets to your hair as an accessory and take your hairstyle to another level and match any outfit you wear.

Style That Claw Anytime - Anywhere! 

So, I guess now you know how efficient and easy wearing a claw clip extension is and the variety available. You can easily get the perfect claw clip hair extensions and match them with your hair color to get a voluminous and amazing hairstyle. As discussed, you can wear these for unlimited occasions and can style them however you want. Wearing a claw clip curly hair extension is very convenient, and you can also wash them on a regular basis to use them again and again, just like your natural hair. Even though the hair is usually synthetic when it comes to hair extensions, the texture, color, style, and everything's made to mix in with your natural hair. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these amazing claw clips and curly hair extensions as now you know the easy way to wear them and enjoy styling your hair in just a few seconds. Get up now and select the best claw clip curly hair extensions to make your friends and colleagues turn their heads after seeing your beautiful hair shining in the lights. So, do not wait and get the perfect hairstyle in seconds by using these extravagant claw clip curly hair extensions without damaging your hair follicles, pretty ladies.