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A lot depends on the hairstyle. It can make you look sexy and attractive. But, if the styling and chevelure color are chosen incorrectly, they can age for several years.

Hairdressers advise paying attention to several important points before creating a hairdo not to be in such a situation.

When selecting a hairdo, you should take into account: your age, skin color, face type, shade, and hair structure to find the best option. After all, the appearance of hair directly affects creating an overall impression of a person's age. If you don't want to look older than you are, analyze your look and think if your hairdo suits you. In this article, you will learn about hairstyles to make you look older.

One length bob makes you older

Older women love the classic, straight bob hairstyle. This hairdo obviously will not suit you if you are under forty years old. Pay attention to the modern modifications of this haircut: asymmetry, oblique strands, cascading transitions, layering. These elements will help you return to your age and maybe even allow you to throw off a couple of years.

If you have already done this hairdo for yourself and are no longer ready for further style changes, experiment with hair extensions. You can use a variety of modern hair clips to change your style. You can change your image according to your mood, thanks to this method. Moreover, these hairpins do not spoil your chevelure, and you can return to your haircut at any time.

Perfectly sleek, high hairstyles can make you older

how high hairstyles can make you older

Neat high hairstyles make women visually older. If you decide to style your curls in this way, try not to tighten them too much. A bright accessory or a pair of loose strands coquettishly knocking out on the sides can also save the situation.

Classic hairdos are designed for evenings, special occasions. They look elegant with evening wear. But if a young lady chooses styling with a fleece, a large high bun on the top of her head, or a high and large hairdo, she immediately adds a dozen years to herself. Still, retro styling doesn't look good on everyone.

Super volume hairstyle to make you look older

Huge flecks and a lion's mane are remnants of the turbulent 90s. Nobody does such hairdos now, and they are not very popular. Besides, such a hairstyle can make you look older and also spoil the overall impression. Practice in moderation and try not to overdo it.

If you have thin chevelure and do not have enough volume, you do not need to do the bouffant; you can use an extension. Just take a few strands and clip them into the bulk of your hair, and you will get an organic volume that will not age you.

Too short haircut

Too short haircut

It is believed that short streaks are visually youthful. This is usually the case, but only if the haircut is really stylish and fits the face well. And even if your face is oval or triangular. Otherwise, cutting your chevelure too short can achieve the exact opposite effect. Conservative short hairstyles with straight lines make you especially old. Therefore, it is better to keep up with the times and try on a fashionable asymmetric haircut or an undercut with a relevant shaved temple today.

Hairstyles with long hair can make women older

Loose-long hair is always considered a woman's adornment. You need to be more careful with such a hairdo after 30 years. If your skin is dark and your chevelure is not in perfect condition, loose curls can make you look older.

Long hair, especially in combination with a central parting, is best avoided. This hairdo makes women look older and emphasizes all the imperfections of the face. If you really don't want to part with long hair, you can freshen up your hairstyle with a cascade. In combination with the length of the strands just below the collarbones, some asymmetry will also benefit.

If you are over forty, stylists recommend you avoid wearing loose long hair. At this age, such hairstyles rarely suit anyone. It is preferable to do various styling of braids, shells, bundles.

Incorrect hair color

Incorrect hair color

Poor chevelure color is perhaps the most common reason why girls look older than they are. Contrary to popular belief, it's not just dark colors that age. Blondes with hair that blend in with their skin tone can also look older than they really are.

If highlighting is your thing, avoid platinum as you get older, not look older than you are. Although, too dark shades of strands are much more likely to cause premature aging. It is enough to consult a stylist and dye your chevelure in a suitable color to rejuvenate. If you don't want to paint entirely, you can try on yourself such coloring techniques as ombre or balayage. They will help freshen up your look and won't do much harm to your hair. Moreover, you can use colored strands for extensions. You can change your image depending on the mood, thanks to the multi-colored strands.

Extravagant and teenage hairstyles make you look older

If a 45-year-old woman decides to braid two pigtails, shave her temple, or dye chevelure in bright blue but does not change her wardrobe, then it ages. Follow the golden rule extreme hairdos need to change your entire image.

Fashionable, straight, thick bangs are one of the best ways to add a couple of extra years to your look. If it is also curled inward, such a bang will certainly draw attention to all the face’s imperfections. The only benefit from this haircut element, it masks aging wrinkles on the forehead very well.

Don't do too fashionable hairstyles. It is better to experiment with hair extensions, creating different looks. This way, you will be able to find a hairstyle that will perfectly suit you without aging.

Hairstyles with straightened hair

Hairstyles with straightened hair

Carefully straightened chevelure that looks unnatural and accentuates existing hair problems will age you significantly. Hair styled with light waves or natural curls will look more attractive.

Also, not many will fit classic buns with slicked-back hair. They add austerity to the image, and chevelure gathered in a large bun at the back of the head looks completely non-sexy. It is worth noting that styling with the effect of slight negligence will suit almost everyone and will be reduced for several years.

Always watch your chevelure, incredibly bleached, and colored hair. Wash your chevelure with special natural-based shampoos. Be sure to use a hair mask regularly. Use it so that your curls do not lose life-giving moisture and are obedient, silky.

Well-groomed hair that reflects a healthy shine is a true adornment of any woman.


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