Why Providing Extensions Now Could Help Your Business - If It is A Hair Salon

According to data from Spate Research, Hair Extension receives 1.2 million monthly searches in the United States, which is a relatively high volume compared to other hairstyle products. It has seen a 25.7 percent increase in searches since last year, despite fierce competition. Bellami, Boho Locs, and Zala are among the top 20 market leaders in terms of volume. 

Hair extensions may have grown in popularity as a result of the stress of the past two years when hair loss became a major problem. Hair extensions can also be used to change one's hairdo from short to long and add instant volume and fullness. Near me, tape, best, curly, salon, how-to, short hair, and permanent are examples of related searches. Consumers looking for "near me" and "salon" imply that they want their hair extensions placed professionally. When looking for hair extensions, search terms include hair tinsel, braid extensions, clip-ins, and tape-ins, with curly and short hair being front of mind. 

Leaders in the professional beauty sector, such as Danielle Keasling, have established themselves as specialists in the field. 

Basic Baking Guide

On Beauty Launchpad's Facebook page, Danielle Keasling, executive artistic director for Great Lengths, demonstrated how to offer customers the volume and length they want with fewer tape-ins utilizing the 100 percent traceable and ethically sourced Great Lengths USA hair extensions. 

Keasling recommends using one to two complete packs, depending on the client's hair density, desired length, and volume. GL Tapes Plus, which can be mixed with GL Tapes, can be used up to the client's part-line. For a smooth service, Keasling recommends asking clients to purchase two sets of recordings. Hair extension services require even splitting, carefully spaced application, and tape side sealing. Clients should sleep with their hair braided to prevent friction, brush it two to three times daily, and use a shampoo and conditioner designed for hair extensions, according to Keasling. Great Lengths hair extensions can last up to six weeks with correct application and client maintenance methods and can be re-taped and re-used up to three times.

What kind of target market should you expect? 

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To determine the viability of your target market using demographic, psychographic, and geographic data. Answer the following question: Who will utilize your hair extensions products? Then, as clearly and as thoroughly as possible, describe them. 

They could be elderly or unwell women who have lost their hair or patients undergoing medical treatment. Or they require hair extensions for aesthetic reasons; they could be celebrities, stars, models, or actors/actresses who require the ability to change their appearance at any time. 

Please keep in mind that you should sell a wide variety of hair extensions to people near your hair extension stores.

What is your distinct competitive advantage? 

Hair color trends

Over the last decade, the hair market has gotten much more competitive, requiring very inventive and proactive individuals to survive. 

Larger hair extension companies can invest a significant amount of money in acquiring hair extensions in bulk and receiving a quantity discount, allowing them to sell hair extensions at a lower price. If you own a modest hair extension business, though, you can't afford to use that strategy. Instead, you should provide specialized and personalized client care, as well as a variety of convenient payment alternatives via a POS system or an online store. Furthermore, make certain that our store always has a diverse selection of hair extensions. Customers will find it impossible to leave our store without purchasing at least one wig or hair extension product.

Create a logo and an e-commerce website 

The next most crucial thing you should do is spread the word about your brand. If you appropriately raise brand recognition, you will likely get more clients and generate more cash for your company. To achieve this goal, you must first launch your products with beautiful packaging and then build a superb website with the perfect user interface. 

To begin, remember that the packaging can not only visually boost your goods but also provide a touch of flair and class. People buy your goods because, of course, they want to look good when they go out. Hair extensions are never purchased only for the purpose of staying at home. As a result, your customers are sociable, and they can help you advertise your business. You must ensure that their family, acquaintances, and others in their immediate environment will like how you produce and package their hair products. And that's when your customers should tell their friends about your business. 

Second, your internet presence is crucial. When people are exposed to a fantastic hair extensions website, they will be aware that your company exists. To advertise your business, you need to create a website and use various social media channels. Make sure your website is eye-catching, informative, and simple to navigate. You can smoothly interact with your clients this way.


Find a reliable hair extensions provider 

It would be easier for your business to have a dependable wholesale vendor as a business partner who not only sends out the products but also provides the greatest customer service when you need it. 

Consider the reputation, pricing, hair quality, and service while looking for hair extension suppliers, and then place several trial orders with multiple vendors to see how they handle everything. The right suppliers are those who can ship items quickly and at the best price and quality, allowing you to provide products to your consumers who are happy. When you rely on reputable distributors for your hair extension business, you can relax knowing that you won't have to worry about your company's success.

Make your hair extension products and services available in your salon and online 

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Release relevant and different hair extension goods based on market trends and target customers that you have researched. 

The following features may be included in the products: 

Lengths are determined by consumer demand. 

Straight hair, body waves, curly hair, and a blend of different styles 

Wigs or hairpieces in style 

Hair might be synthetic or human. 

Color: depends on what the buyer wants. 

Aside from the hair extensions' quality and affordability, the packaging should be stylish and reflect your brand's uniqueness.