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They say Summers In, We Out. We say, smooth and neat looks out, textured hairstyles in! These days women are either embracing their natural hair textures or doing everything under the sun to create texture on the hair that is recalcitrant when it comes to holding a curl, from the runway to the street style.

We want you to know what hairstyles are a must-try this summer, how to get that perfect look at home with pro tips on humidity-proofing your summer style, and which old-school product is resuming as we enter the new season. So What are you waiting for? Let’s dive into classic hairstyles!

The Top 8 Textured Hairstyles

Beautiful purple hair

The Beach, SPF & a Beach Bun!

This messy bun is the ideal hairdo for hot summer nights, beach days, and sunset soirées. 

Start by styling your frizz-free, lived-in waves using any humidity-proof serum. Then tie it up in a loose, effortless top knot, leaving portions to frame your face. Lastly, set the look with any decent Hairspray, which is brushable and comes in three different strengths for a crunch-free finish that lasts all day and night. Tada, you’re perfect to go! 

Air Dried Waves

To keep it looking effortless, the texture in the hair looks best when it doesn't look like you used a hot tool. Adding texture without heat, like braiding or twisting, or using the indirect heat from a blow dryer are all options.

Divide your hair into five broad sections and braid them loosely to the ends. Braid as far down as you can and tighten loosely with a hair elastic, avoiding kinks. You can air-dry these in the sun or overnight, then remove them when they're completely dry.

big hair curls

More Waves? Yes, These Are Humidity Proof!

Humidity-resistant styles are essential if you live in a humid climate or are planning a tropical vacation this summer. 

Thus, to beat the heat and humidity, prep your damp hair with a relaxing Fluid and blow it out while maintaining body and bounce. Use a styling lotion that contains coconut oil to add moisture while sealing the cuticle, ideal for curly hair. Once your hair is dry, turn on your straightening iron and create soft bends to give the hair a lived-in texture. Lastly, apply any finishing foam from roots to ends to give the hair just the right amount of soft texture and separation for a tousled texture look. How cool is that?

Messy Sock/Ballerina

Have you ever had a Messy Sock - Ballerina Hair Bun?  It is ideal for creating volume and giving your bun a fuller appearance. Only a sock or something similar, hairpins, and elastic bands are required. 

hair bun extension

A strange-looking bun will arise from an uneven doughnut made by a thin sock. Remove the toe portion of the hose and roll the adjustable side until a sock doughnut is formed. Allow your hair to fall over the doughnut band's top. Make your hair long enough to cover the band entirely. Secure the hair that has been covered with an elastic band. Wrap the remaining strands around the bun's base and pin it in place. You’re good to go!

Round & Curly Bobs

Summer is the ideal time to embrace a shorter silhouette. It will not only keep you cool on those hot summer days, but it will also prevent you from overheating. This classic bob is a must-have for anyone with natural texture who wants to flaunt their curls this season with no effort.

Start with Shampoo and Conditioner in the shower, and then towel dry. Apply any Detangler to damp hair and comb through evenly with your favorite wide-tooth comb. This will keep your hair moisturized while also protecting it from the sun. Finally, apply any Curl Cream from roots to ends and gently scrunch to awaken the texture. Allow your hair to air dry for bouncy curls with maximum definition and luster. With this effortless summer outfit, you'll be sure to turn heads at the pool.

Curly hairstyle

The Ever Famous Slick Back

We've got you covered if you're a big Shay Mitchell fan and want to copy her hairstyles. Trust us; it doesn't get any easier than this to channel your inner Shay!

For a seductive slick-back appearance, you don't need silky straight locks. We think the appearance is even more appealing when worn with curly hair and natural texture, as demonstrated below. Regarding a bit of glitz without the fuss, we love Shay Mitchell's approach, which we think is a perfect style. Furthermore, it could not be more straightforward. Allow for complete drying before brushing your hair with a high-quality boar bristle brush. Brush back curly hair after working a styling gel into the strands to smooth and slick it back. That's it! Your dreams can become a reality in just ten minutes. This style is highly adaptable and can be worn to a party, for a professional meeting with a solid red lip and dewy makeup, or simply for a short supermarket run. 

The Classic Textured Ponytail

The versatility of this hairstyle is demonstrated by the ease with which it may be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Pair it with a bold lip and overalls for a unique and laid-back look this summer! 

braided headbands

Using your fingers, tease your hair if you need to add extra lift and volume at the crown. Teasing your hair to provide the appearance of "bedhead" is what elevates the updo. Using an elastic, gather your hair into an ultra-high ponytail at the crown of your head and secure it. Attach two or three vertical bobby pins to the underside of the ponytail. Enhance the ends of your curls with a curl-defining lotion to keep them looking beautiful and bouncy. Do you know what the best part is? It just takes 2-3 minutes, and boom! 

Get in Infront Of The Mirror & Try These Amazing Textured Hairstyles Today!

Our love for ourselves is growing, so it's only natural that we learn to appreciate our hair as well. Try these fantastic looks using the JuvaBun’s hair accessories this summer and look beautiful as ever!