How Aisha Styles Her Curly Hair into The JuvaBun Messy Bun!

Aisha is amongst our favorite JuvaBun ambassadors and she uses the JuvaBun messy bun to transform her curly hair into a messier but still put together look. Aisha loves JuvaBun because it matches her hair color perfectly, it’s amazing for when she’s in a hurry and she has to pick up her kids and she recommends that all women especially single moms who are in a rush can easily use this product to transform their hair game and not spend hours or even minutes on looking presentable. Let’s see how Aisha uses the JuvaBun to style her hair and how she transforms her hair. 



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She Finds The JuvaBun Messy Bun “Easy and Convenient To Use” 

Aisha loves the JuvaBun and she says she uses it every day because it’s so convenient and easy. She loves how the JuvaBun matches perfectly and how even the bobby pins match with her hair color. Since she has pretty curly hair which can be difficult to manage and style and it takes a lot of time and effort to make curly or textured hair look presentable.

Therefore, Aisha wears and uses the JuvaBun messy bun to make her hair look perfect yet messy. She quotes “it’s literally so easy because it’s a scrunchie”. It’s hassle free and it’s not very hard to figure out. Aisha says it’s literally a scrunchie and you just wear it like a scrunchie.

A Life-Saver For Any Mom in A Rush

Aisha is very impressed with how easy this JuvaBun is and how convenient it is. She herself is a single mom and has several responsibilities and she’s always in a rush which is why she loves the product. She says any mom in a rush should use it; it's a lifesaver. She says it’s so easy you just have to use it like you would use your normal cloth scrunchie and voila it looks like you’ve made the perfect messy hair bun. Aisha loves the quality of the product and says it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing any hair extensions at all. It’s so light and looks so natural you could never tell it’s not really my hair.

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How Does Aisha Use This JuvaBun Product To Make The Perfect Messy Hair Bun?

Aisha looks gorgeous in the JuvaBun messy hair bun. She uses the bun to style her curly hair to make it look manageable and perfect.

Step 1

This gorgeous woman brushes her hair first and then makes a tight bun with her own hair. Aisha has curly hair so when she makes it into a bun it loses its volume and when you open it it’s messy again. She ties her hair into a tight bun and brushes any baby hairs or strands.

Step 2

After brushing her hair and tying her hair into a bun she ties the JuvaBun around her hair like a normal scrunchie. Since the JuvaBun messy hair bun is like a scrunchie it’s very easy to wear it. She simply ties it around her hair like a normal scrunchie and ties it on top of the bun.

Step 3

After tying the bun she styles it slightly by pulling out a few pieces and adjusting it to make it look more natural and to make it look perfect. She uses the bun to tie it on top of her hair and then takes out a few pieces and touches the hair up to make it look like her own hair. Aisha loves the volume it provides and how elegant it makes her look. Since Aisha doesn’t have a lot of volume, the messy hair bun by JuvaBun adds so much volume to her hair. She’s obsessed with how simple, easy, convenient and stylish it looks on her.

She Compels Us To Believe That it Works With All Hair Types! 

Aisha loves that the JuvaBun isn’t only convenient and suitable for women with straight hair but women with curly and textured hair can easily use it. The JuvaBun messy bun works with all hair types whether it’s curly, straight, fine, thick or silky hair. JuvaBun caters to all customers and all women.

It’s a miracle product for women with curly hair who often face problems when using hair extensions because it doesn’t suit their hair. But there’s no need to worry about that when you’re using the JuvaBun. It comes in a wide range of styles for shorter hair or for longer hair for curly hair or for straight hair. I mean it’s amazing how many styles the JuvaBun has!

A Secret Weapon is What Aisha Likes To Call It! 

It’s a secret weapon for all working women because you can literally throw it on in the car just like you would put your hair into a ponytail. It’s literally your own hair secret to have luscious looking hair with unbelievable volume and an amazing shade range to match every hair color! The quality cannot be matched, the hair has such a natural look and feel to it, that many spectators mistake it for actual human hair. So, Aisha is a really big fan and user of her JuvaBun messy hair bun piece. 

That’s what you want in a hair extension right? For it to feel natural and not like you’re wearing a hair extension, easy to use because you simply can’t watch YouTube videos to figure out what goes where, matches your hair color, stays on and doesn’t budge. That’s what the JuvaBun messy hair bun does and it’s perfect. Aisha recommends that you get the bun and try it out. She says try it out and thank me later! She’s not wrong, it's a pretty solid product and if you don’t like it or you’ve accidentally ordered the wrong hair color you can simply exchange it and get the shade you wanted. It’s that easy! What more do you need? It’s the answer to all your hair problems, consider it a gift from the hair gods to you.

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