Crown Braid: The Classic Hairstyle That Never Goes Out of Style

The crown braid is an timeless hairstyle that always gives women a elegant and charming look. It has been popular, for centuries. Remains a choice especially for special occasions like weddings, proms and formal events. While the crown braid may seem simple it adds a touch of sophistication, beauty and class to any appearance. Lets explore this hairstyle further and discover how you can confidently rock it!

Different Variations of Crown Braids

Crown braids are elegant hairstyles that involve creating a braided crown around the head. There are types of crown braids each with its distinctive style and technique. Here are some liked variations;

1. Classic Crown Braid

The classic crown braid is a timeless hairstyle. It entails braiding two sections of hair on either side of the head and wrapping them around to form a halo crown shape. The ends of the braids are typically secured with pins. Tucked beneath the braid.

2. Dutch Crown Braid

The Dutch crown braid, also referred to as an inverted crown braid is crafted using the braiding technique. Of crossing the sections, over each other while braiding they are crossed underneath one another.

There are braiding techniques that can add dimension and beauty to your hair.

3. Bohemian Crown Braid

The bohemian crown braid is known for its slightly messy appearance. It involves creating wide braids, around the head incorporating twists and smaller sections of hair to achieve a carefree boho vibe.

4. Halo Braid

The halo braid is a style that forms a circular braid encircling the entire head resembling a halo. You can achieve this look using a three strand braid, a braid or even a fishtail braid.

5. Waterfall Crown Braid

The waterfall crown braid adds a touch to the crown braid by incorporating cascading strands that give the illusion of flowing waterfalls. This style involves creating a crown braid while leaving some strands loose for the "waterfall" effect.

6. Twisted Crown Braid

For those seeking an alternative, to braiding the twisted crown braid offers a texture to your hairstyle. This style is achieved by twisting two sections of hair on each side of the head and wrapping them around to form a crown.

7. Double Crown Braid

Involves crafting two braids on each side of your head and placing them side by side to form a double braided crown. This style adds volume and drama to your look.

Another option is the up crown braid, which combines elements of a up hairstyle, with a crown braid. Typically you create the crown braid at the front of your head while leaving the remaining hair loose or styled in waves.

For an romantic touch you can try the flower crown braid. In this variation flowers or floral elements are woven into the braid. It's a choice for weddings, festivals or any special occasion.

Each type of crown braid offers its appearance and level of intricacy. Feel free to experiment with these styles to discover which one complements your hair type, occasion and personal style.

Now lets dive into creating a classic crown braid step, by step;


Step 1; Prepare Your Hair;
Begin with washed and dried hair.To give your hair grip especially if its too slippery you can apply some texturizing spray or dry shampoo.

Step 2; Prepare Your Hair;

Gently brush your hair to remove any tangles and ensure it's smooth.
Choose either a part or a side part based on your preference.

Step 3; Divide Your Hair into Sections;

Take a section of hair from one side of the part, towards the ear. This section will serve as the starting point for your crown braid.
Temporarily. Tie the remaining hair out of the way.

Step 4; Commence Braiding;

Divide the hair section into three sections to begin a three strand braid.
Braid a few stitches to secure the starting point of the braid.

Step 5; Incorporate Hair into the Braid (Using Braid Technique);

Start adding hair to the braid from the top section, similar to how you would do it for a Dutch braid.

Take a portion of hair from near the part, at the top. Add it to the outer section of the braid crossing it underneath the middle section.
Repeat this process on the side.

First take a section of hair from, near the part. Add it to the outer section on the opposite side crossing it under the middle section. Keep braiding this way. As you go incorporate hair from the sections of your head.

As you continue braiding ensure that the braid stays close to your scalp and follows along your hairline. Braid across your head incorporating hair from the sections and maintaining a tight braid.

When you reach the ear keep braiding that section without adding hair. Use an band to secure the end of the braid.

Now release the hair on the side of your part. Repeat the same braiding process. Braid across your head incorporating hair from above.

Once both braids are done take the end of the braid. Wrap it around towards the back of your head like a crown. Secure it with pins, near where you started withthe second braid.

Follow the procedure, with the braid wrapping it around your head and securing it with bobby pins close to where the first braid ends.

Make Adjustments and Finalize; Gently pull on the sides of the braids to loosen them up and create an appearance giving them a look.

Use bobby pins to secure any sections or stray hairs that may be sticking out.
If desired you can lightly spray a hairspray with a hold to keep everything in place.

Creating a crown braid may require some practice especially when it comes to incorporating your hair evenly. Take your time. Don't get discouraged if it doesn't look perfect on your try. With practice you'll become skilled at the technique and achieve a crown braid.

Enhancing Your Crown Braid with Accessories

Incorporating accessories can give your crown braid an attention grabbing flair making it more noticeable. Here are some accessory ideas you can consider adding to your crown braid hairstyle;

1. Decorative Bobby Pins;
Opt, for pins adorned with pearls, rhinestones or flowers. Strategically place them along the length of the braid for a touch of sparkle.

2.Hairpins and hair jewels offer an option to enhance your braids or adorn your crown exuding an glamorous allure.

3. Decorative hair clips and barrettes can be utilized to secure the ends of your braids or neatly pin back any strands providing a finishing touch.

4. To create an whimsical vibe intertwine flowers within your braids. Opt for flowers that complement your attire or align, with the occasions theme.

5. If fresh flowers are not accessible you can achieve an effect by incorporating flowers or floral hair accessories along the braids or around the crown area.

6. For an feminine accent delicately wrap a ribbon or lace around the base of your crown braid. You can. Weave it through the braid. Elegantly tie it in a bow.

7. Strategically placing hair accessories such as pins, headbands or combs adds a boho chic touch or vintage charm, to your crown braid.

8. Hair Chains;
For an enchanting touch you can adorn your braid with hair chains. Another option is to place them around the crown area to achieve an ornamental appearance.

9. Hair Rings or Cuffs;
To give an edgy twist to the crown braid consider adding small hair rings or cuffs that can be threaded onto different sections of the braid.

10. Sparkling Hair Accessories;
Enhance your crown braid with dazzling accessories, like hairpins crystal hair vines or gemstone clips that will add a touch of glamour.

11. Glitter or Temporary Hair Color;
For a fun and festive look during events or themed occasions you can incorporate some glitter spray or temporary hair color into your braids.

When selecting accessories take into account your outfit, the occasion and your personal style. Experiment with options to find the accessories that perfectly complement your crown braid and make it truly stand out.

Tips for Maintaining Your Crown Braid Throughout the Day

To ensure that your crown braid stays intact and fabulous, from morning till night follow these tips;

1. Start with Freshly Cleaned Hair
Begin by washing and drying your hair before creating the crown braid.
Here are some tips to ensure your braid stays put without weighing down your hair;

2. Avoid conditioners or leave in products that could make your hair heavy and prevent the braid from holding.

3. Prioritize texture. Hold by using a texturizing spray or hair mousse before braiding. This will give your hair some grip. Help the braid maintain its structure.

4. Strategically use pins to secure the ends of your braids well as, along the path of the braid to anchor it to your head. Make sure the pins are hidden discreetly beneath the braid.

5. Choose pins that match your hair color so they blend in seamlessly. Longer pins or hairpins can offer grip for securing the braids in place.

6. Opt, for bands to secure the ends of your braids instead of visible ones that could detract from the overall look.

7. If you have fine hair create a base by gently teasing or backcombing it at the crown before starting with the braids. This technique adds texture. Helps with hold.

8. Make sure to use a couple of pins to secure the base of each braid before wrapping it around your head. This step is important as it ensures that the braids have a starting point and won't slip.

9. Give the braids a tug at points after securing them to add more fullness and volume. This little trick also helps in providing stability to the braids.

10. Avoid constantly touching or fiddling with your hair during the day. The more you handle the braids the higher the chances of them loosening or coming undone.

11. After placing your crown braid lightly spritz it with a hairspray that offers hold. This will help set the style and keep any flyaways under control.

12. Refrain, from adjusting or readjusting the braids as it may cause them to loosen over time. Once you've set them in place let them be.

13. Consider using pins or other hair accessories to secure any stray strands or further anchor the braids in place.

By following these suggestions and utilizing products and techniques you can effortlessly maintain a stunning crown braid all day long. Remember that with a bit of practice you can master the art of crafting and keeping up this hairstyle.

In conclusion

The crown braid is a choice that complements any outfit, occasion and individual. Whether opting for an intricate style it adds a touch of refinement, to your overall look. Now is the ideal opportunity to get creative with your hair and fashion your crown braid appearance! Whether attending a wedding or strolling along the beach select an accessory that reflects your style and personality. The timeless appeal of the classic crown braid ensures it will remain a hairstyle for years to come.

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