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Girls who have naturally straight hair try in every way to make them lush, wavy, give the shape of curls. Owners of curly hair, on the contrary, have to face several difficulties provided with the features of care and styling such hair. Today, this is not a problem because there are many stylish and unusual hairstyles for curly hair that will help you feel confident and feminine at the same time.

Besides, curly hair owners can be sure that their hair is a gift of fate because there are more and more popular hairstyles for women with thick and curly hair.

How to make a ponytail hairstyle?

The most common and simple hairstyle for curly hair will be the fluffy curly ponytail. How to make it? You need to follow three simple steps: 

STEP 1: The hair is carefully combed. 

STEP 2: Using a comb, gather the hair into a tight high ponytail on your head. If your hair is unruly, you can use a special smoothing serum. A couple of drops is enough to make your hairstyle perfect.

STEP 3: Get rid of all bumps on the head, leaving your ponytail curly and fluffy.

If you want to make the hairstyle more voluminous, you can divide each twisted strand into several smaller ones and carefully comb it.

The tail on the side looks more original. The basic technique of its creation is similar to the previous version. Only the tail should come out a little lower the back of the head. You can decorate this hairstyle with two pins on the sides to make it look original.

How to braid your hair originally?

How to braid your hair originally?

Creating braids for curly hair requires skill. But the result is worth the effort. The most organic and simple hairstyles in this way will be those that have a touch of carelessness. Such braids on the curls will last much longer.

  • You need to wash your head and dry it slightly to make a classic weaving of spikelets. All hair is divided into two equal parts. On each side, in turn, you need to take one equal strand and lay them in the middle. Keep doing this until you reach the ends of your hair. Then fix the hair with rubber bands. You can fix the result of the work with tape, a rubber band, or a suitable hairpin.
  • A simple braid of curly hair, braided sideways, will look spectacular. You can make this hairstyle more stylish by using the hair’s free part to fix it, wrapped around the braid’s end. You can also leave one curled strand near the face. Complete your hairstyle with stylish hair clips.
  • For a quick and simple evening hairstyle, the method of forming plaits from curly hair is suitable. Small strands, randomly placed throughout the head, twisted into dense bundles and form dense buns of them. Each of them is fixed with an elastic band or pins and then treated with varnish. You can make your hairstyle more exciting with a combination of plaits, braids, and hair clips. The plaits can be left to hang freely or twisted to the base. These hairstyles will suit the bow casual, grunge, street, sports, and casual style best.

Create a cool messy bun on curly hair

Curly hair is a gift for creating the perfect messy bun. You don't need to deliberately fluff your hair, create extra volume, or curl your hair. All you need is to follow our top tips for creating beautiful buns.

High sloppy bun

  1. Make a high ponytail. This will be the middle of your bundle, so determine the height yourself as you like. Do not make your tail too tight to feel comfortable.
  2. Put the bun roller onto the base of the ponytail.
  3. Wind your hair around the hair bun roller, hiding the ends. You can use hairpins to secure your hair.

Halo hair extension 

If you are in a hurry but want to look great, halo hair extension will come to the rescue. Simply gather the high ponytail and secure the halo at the top of your head, hiding the tail. You can also use hairpins to fix your updo. 

Curly hair has many benefits and is ideal for many hairstyles. Curls will always make your look more playful, and your hairstyle will be mesmerizing. Create unique looks with JuvaBun!

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