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Owners of naturally curly hair envy many women who are forced to create curls with styling products. However, only ladies with naturally curly hair know how hard it is for them to choose interesting and stylish hairstyles because without proper styling, curls look chaotic. Naturally, curly hair adorns the appearance but requires special treatment and care. Unkempt strands make the hairdo sloppy and the appearance messy. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right hairdo to decorate the image and help tame naughty curls. Nevertheless, it is entirely unnecessary to run to the salon every time. In this article, you will select options for simple hairstyles that you can easily do at home.

Easy hairstyles for long curly hair

Hairdos for curly hair are varied and are best considered based on the length of the curls. There are many hairstyles for long hair, from the most complex to the ordinary, but no less spectacular. If you have small curls that continuously creep into your eyes, you can solve this problem using a french braid. A regular ponytail will also become more interesting if you add some braids to it. Moreover, a messy bun hairdo will look amazing on curly hair. It is suitable for an ordinary day and a solemn event.

Curly strands are difficult to braid neatly. Therefore, you should not strive to make a tight and dense braid. Fashionable types of weaves loosely and look a little sloppy. 

This technique creates a romantic look:

  • The french braid looks impressive, starting at the top of the head, which gradually turns into a long braid. Since the beginning of the common braid is located at a considerable distance from the forehead and temples, the front curls can fall out of the weave and fall on the face.
  • Asymmetric weaving over the forehead and temples will open the face and make the image gentle. You need to start weaving near the ear and move to the opposite temple. The spikelet can pass over the bangs, grab the strands at the temples. You must hide the tip of the braid.

There are many options for simple hairstyles, but they all require a skill. The braid looks great on both thick and fine hair. It will go every day and is also appropriate for outdoor activities.

Long hair illusion with clips in

Long hair illusion with clips in

You can increase the length of your hair and do more hairdos by using hair clips in. However, to achieve the illusion of thick curls, you need to make an effort. 

To do Hollywood styling, you need:

  • Comb, apply your favorite styling product to the washed hair, make a parting. 
  • Secure the extensions under the top strands. You can already use curly hair for your hairstyle. 
  • Raise your chevelure at the roots with a light comb and hairspray. A diffuser gives a good effect, as well as drying the head down.
  • Roll your curls onto hot, large curlers or curling iron. Gently loosen the curled strands and place them on your shoulders. Fix with hairspray without brushing.

Aristocratic styling

You need to remember the beautiful hairstyles of fairy-tale princesses to make an aristocratic styling. Their main feature is a combination of collected and loose curls. 

You can easily do these hairstyles at home.

  • Gather the top of your chevelure into a loose bun, leaving curls over the neck. 
  • Now take the ponytail and pull it through the hole between the gathered hair behind the attachment point; that is, twist it out. 
  • Cover loose strands and decorate your chevelure.

This styling will brighten the evening and will also be appropriate on a solemn day.

High hairstyle and messy bun

High hairstyle and messy bun

The wavy hair gathered at the top reveals the neck, which gives an impression of fragility and femininity. Trendy, tall hairstyles can be austere or playful. The shell hairstyle is ideal for curly, not necessarily thick chevelure. This styling has a lot of varieties, and there are several ways to create it. One of the simplest methods is to roll the shell yourself.

  • Gather the ponytail at the back of your head and take its base in your left hand.
  • Then, with your right hand, begin to twist the bundle from the bottom up. Try to get a tight shell by leaving the ends of your hair at the top. 
  • Secure the hairdo with hairpins, and hide the strands sticking out from above, or carefully lay them out on your head.
  • The messy bun hairstyle is created based on the ponytail, which needs to be collected as high as possible. 
  • Then, each curl must be taken from the bundle in turn and twisting it, fasten it on the head with a hairpin. 

Studs decorated with a flower made of fabric or a large bead look spectacular. With this styling, even a gloomy day will seem sunny.

Simple hairstyles for medium length hair

Hairstyles for medium-length curly hair are the most versatile. This length lends itself well to styling with a hairdryer, allowing you to construct rather complex fashionable hairdos on your head, creating different images every day.

Hairstyles for curly hair look deceiving. It seems that the hair is enough to loose so that the wavy curls freely frame the face and create a stylish image. However, you need to make an effort for a spectacular look. It is essential to choose the type of haircut that best suits your face. A graduated haircut is ideal for medium hair; then, the curls do not look too fluffy.

  • You must first treat loose strands with styling foam. Then comb well.
  • All moistened curls, in turn, must be carefully collected in the palm from the bottom up and squeezed with your fingers. After such a procedure, you do not need to comb.
  • Sprinkle each curl with varnish. A medium-length hairstyle turns out to be neat and even a little festive. Besides, chevelure will keep in shape all day. This option is suitable in cases where there is no time for styling.

Hairstyles for short curly hair

Hairstyles for short curly hair

Short wavy hair is a great option for any girl. The advantage of short hairdos is that the curls keep their shape and volume well. Therefore, creating a hairstyle for such a chevelure comes down to choosing the right haircut. Moreover, you can use hair clips in for making a more different hairdo.

The classic bob on curly hair looks outstanding and always different. Drying your hair with a hairdryer and a brush can even out the curls and achieve a soft wave at the ends. If you curl your chevelure with a curling iron, you get funny curls. And if you walk on them with irons, the square will become smooth. A playful, youthful, and comfortable bob for curly hair is a perfect way to look neat and fresh. A bob haircut in which a short top is combined with a longer bottom layer is suitable for young girls and confident women.

Beautiful haircuts for short chevelure have many varieties, but all of them, one way or another, are based on a bob. There are many hairdos for curly chevelure; it is only necessary to choose one that harmoniously complements the image.

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