TOP 5 Easy Hairstyle With Afro Hair Buns

Dreaming about amazing buns to take care of your curly hair? Then afro hair buns are exactly what you need! With the afro hair buns, you can do ballet buns, one or two buns, creative twist style, and other easy rubber band hairstyles.

The afro hair bun is developed to fit afro hair types both long and short hair. It also can perfectly raise your confidence. Want to be ready for summer? Then you need to take your tresses off your shoulders. Be ready to turn to the bun - this practical look never goes out of style.

Simply tie your hair into a bun, tie Afro curly hair bun around your bun, and style as you desire. Sure it looks simple and gorgeous!  With JuvaBun afro bun your hair will be in place allowing your hair to save its volume along with natural appearance. 

You can save your time and money with an afro bun hairpiece only by creating your magic hairstyle with the help of JuvaBun! If you want to look amazing with your bun, you should simply add braiding hair for a more voluminous and dramatic look. Then you can add a little elegance with some hair jewelry.

Afro Hair Styling

Why Should You Choose The JuvaBun?

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Afro Hair Styling

Afro hair styling seems to be popular these days. This hair styling is appropriate for any age, type of hair, and even hair length. This is an easy hairstyle that can be brightened up for both casual and formal occasions. For fixing this hairstyle you will need a set of elastic bands or a JuvaBun afro bun with its clip. 

You can diversify your hairstyle by arranging the rubber bands into a criss-cross pattern, twists, or any other cute and lovely hairstyle. To style almost all types of afro hair buns you will need: water in a spray bottle, styler gel, rubber band/ hairband, wide-tooth comb, hairbrush, bobby pins, toothbrush and cutting comb.

Updo Hairstyle

Afro bun hairpieces and rubber bands add more style and glamour to the common updo hairstyle. Use the sectioning technique to create patterns at the front, side, and back of your head. Then you can twist the rest of the hair or your extensions up into a bun. Try not to make the bun too complicated. You can use rubber bands together with the jewelry, for example, a pair of earrings.

Colorful Rubber Band Hairstyle

Colorful Rubber Band Hairstyle

Why not choose colorful rubber bands? You can choose different rubber bands starting with pastel, neon, and bright that attract the eye! With this hairstyle, you will be noticed in the crowd. It’s important not to overdo the rubber bands and keep the rest of your look glamorous. 

Half Up Half Down Rubber Band Hairstyle

Half-up half-down hairstyles provide the elegance of a bun with the low-maintenance vibes of a loose hairstyle. Rubber bands provide a cute, unique, and individual twist half-down style. Moreover, it won’t take too much extra time. Draw attention to your face with the use of white or colorful bands. This hairstyle is a fun and amazing look perfect for school, brunch, or a picnic.

Rubber Band And Bun Hairstyle

Rubber band and bun hairstyle give an eye-catching and stylish contrast. You can wear it for a formal event by using bands that blend in with your hair. As an alternative, elastic bands in a beautiful and feminine color such as pink are a great option for a date.

Rubber Band And Two Buns Afro Hairstyle

Make your double buns or puffs stand out by pairing them with rubber bands. The hairstyle is an excellent choice for a festival or day party. Plus, the rubber-band sections ensure your hair lies flat, meaning the buns will ‘pop’ more. Add to the joyful vibes of the afro bun hair piece hairstyle by choosing colorful rubber bands instead of basic black or white.

Congratulations! You look neat and amazing!

We hope our information was useful for you. And you can find and get the best afro hair buns in our online shop JuvaBun. We guarantee the best price and quality!


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