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The braid is one of the oldest hairdos. The Old Testament is considered the first mention of the braid. In our time, hairstyles from braided curls are often worn by women, but these hairdos were very respected by the man in ancient times. In the history of braiding in Egypt, men shaved their heads, but they liked to wear wigs consisting of many braids on their bald skulls. Egyptians braided their chevelure in the style of modern Afro, with the difference that the braids were short, just below the ears. Besides the Egyptians, braids were highly respected by Indians and Africans.

The history of braiding also touched upon ancient Russia. There were many weaving traditions; unmarried girls weaved one at a time and married girls two braids. Braid is a symbol of a Slavic girl.

European girls of the Middle Ages also loved braids. According to the church canons, women were forbidden to appear in public with their heads uncovered. Therefore, they braided their braids at the temples, so it was both beautiful and decent.

During the Renaissance, girls were no longer required to wear hats. Women began to experiment with hairdos, creating real masterpieces. A hairstyle that is braided at the back of the head in a cross-shaped bun has come into fashion. One way or another, the history of braiding has touched all continents.

By the braid, you can understand what style the girl prefers and what her mood is.

If you are looking to tame your chevelure, you need to choose the most modern and trendy braiding hairstyles.

Wet look braid

Wet look braid

Wet look chevelure is a very popular choice for the summer season. The result reproduces the effect fresh from the beach, only in a more glamorous version. This type of braiding hairstyles combines modernity and chic style.

The effect of wet strands has remained one of the fashion choices for several years now. This effect is effortless to do, and besides, it will give originality to the hairdo. If you have a short haircut, this effect will create a rock-like look for you, and for long-haired girls, it will achieve an elegant result. But the real bombshell is the combination of the braid and the wet look.

How to make a braid with a wet look?

Those with long chevelure should prefer this hairdo. But if you have short ones, then do not be upset; you can use extended strands to grow the length. Comb your hair thoroughly, then dry it. Apply a styling product to the strands to give your hair a shine. Attach hair extensions under the top strands to increase volume and length. If you want to fix your chevelure, use a gel. Comb your hair back and start braiding. Avoid making the braid tight to allow the strands to pop out of the hairdo for a light-hearted look.

How to make a voluminous side braid?

How to make a voluminous side braid?

Instead of a side parting, you need to style the entire volume of your chevelure to the side for this hairdo. This trick will allow you to maintain maximum volume at the roots. After that, it remains only to make braiding hairstyles in a bohemian style.

Black pants tucked up at the ankle are ideal for this hairdo. You can wear sandals on your feet, which are great for hot weather. A simple T-shirt and a poncho are worn over the top in case you cool off. That’s all - your gorgeous look is ready.

You will need clip-on extensions for the braid to be voluminous and unusual. Secure your chevelure with bobby pins under the top of your hair. Then, comb all your hair to the side and braid it into a messy braid. The highlight of this hairdo is negligence and volume. You don't even need to fix it with varnish to make it as simple as possible.

Make a loose braid on your own

Loose braiding hairstyles are suitable for those who can afford any hairdo for every day. In this style, absolutely any option will suit you; you can experiment. Divide the centre and kind the head of the chevelure to one side, then make a low braid from the side to the very ends. And it doesn't matter if some strands fall out of the hairdo. On the contrary, this creates a seductive and confident casual style.

It is a chic and freestyle that is perfect for both daytime and a party. Feel free to try a loose braid with a more dressy wardrobe. After all, a skillful combination of two styles can create a fantastic ensemble.

Create a tight braids hairstyle

Create a tight braids hairstyle

Make an original hairdo with two tight pigtails fixed into a trendy low ponytail on your own. This hairdo creates a fantastic look.

Why to choose this hairstyle? Because it's the perfect solution to modernise your classic tied-up hairdos. Tight braids will create a unique and elegant look for you and allow you to open your face, highlighting its beauty. Of course, it is recommended to have a chevelure of a certain length for a perfect result; it should at least reach the collarbones. If your chevelure is not long enough, you can use an extension. This hairdo will look very harmonious in any situation. Create this hairstyle by complementing it with feminine clothing and accent makeup.

How to create this braiding hairstyle?

If you need to increase your chevelure length, attach the extension with clips under the upper strands or use the halo extension. Separate the strands needed to create tight braids, then secure the rest of the chevelure with a hair clip. Start braiding on one side, starting at the front of your head. Divide your hair into three equal sections to do this. Weave the strands together. Continue to braid the entire length, adding in new strands. Secure the resulting braid at neck level with an elastic band. Make the same braid on the opposite side, then make a ponytail. Finally, spray a small amount of hairspray on your chevelure  to keep the hair in shape for as long as possible.

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