Latest Perming Techniques: How Does It Work?

Perm is a method that allows you to keep hair wavy or curly for a long time. How does it work? Perm is performed by applying a special composition to form waves or curls. After the procedure, you should not wash your hair for some time. Your hairdresser should warn you about it before the procedure. Compositions of perm differ due to the client’s hair type and desire. 

It is suitable for girls with straight hair and those who have long dreamed of curls without daily use of the curling iron. For certainty, you heard about perm from your mom or grandmother. Unfortunately, perming techniques of that time looked not only unnatural but also ruthlessly burned hair. Today, a perm is back in style! It has become far safer since the latest technologies are more careful about hair. Of course, if the hairdresser obeys technology.

When you go to the salon for a procedure, you expect to get a stunning result without significant damage to your hair. And it is quite possible! All you need is to find an experienced professional who will treat your hair with care, using modern and high-quality compositions. Before entrusting your strands to any hairdresser, ask if he is aware of the latest perming techniques if you have not addressed him before. 

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5 Modern Ways of Perming Hair

Nowadays, a few different perming technologies and compositions have appeared. They allow creating beautiful romantic locks or playful curls for a few months. All types of perms offered in modern salons can be divided into two types - gentle and classic. The main advantage of a gentle perm is minimal harmfulness for your hair. Such technique provides for curls of different shapes and sizes, having a light effect and not destroying the hair structure.

Despite the benefits of gentle compositions, the classic alkaline perm has not lost its popularity. Perming technologies with the use of stronger chemical compositions are still popular due to their long-lasting effect. It takes up to six months, which is the main advantage. Let’s talk in detail about modern perms.

1. Neutral Perm

Neutral perm is characterized by the presence of components with a reduced pH level in the composition as an active ingredient. It does not traumatize the hair. The corneous layer is softened through allantoin. The result is soft curls with a neat, natural look.

2. Organic Perm

Organic perm is also a safe, modern technology of long-lasting curling. It uses a biological component, the artificial protein cysteamine, identical to the natural hair component. It penetrates deep into the hair structure, strengthening the strands and allows twisting them into curls. Hair can be permed in many ways depending on chosen rods and composition level. The result is fixed with a locking agent (neutralizer).

3. Digital Perm

Digital perm is one more modern method that is extremely popular in many countries. The essence of the technique is wrapping the hair around heated rods and applying the active compositions. The result is soft and slightly shaped curls or large waves.

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4. Amino Acid Perm

This type of perm is noteworthy because it treats the hair more protectively. The active ingredient is an Amino acid, which strengthens the hair structure. In addition, the composition is complemented by proteins, also beneficial to the health of the strands, which allows using this method even for dyed and weak hair.

Beautiful large curls obtained thanks to this perm technique please their owner with softness and naturalness. However, if you have too wiry hair, amino acid perm will not work due to soft effects.

5. Alkaline Perm 

Alkaline perm is considered the most effective and at the same time the most dangerous perming technology. But it is reasonable for wiry and too thick strands. The active ingredient is a mixture of glycolic acid with ammonium. It penetrates the hair, opens the scales, and makes it more flexible.

To some extent, it breaks the hair and weakens it. The result is firmly shaped locks that last up to 3 months. But the consequences of the wrong procedure can be disastrous for strands. The peculiarity of the technique is that heating during perm is not required at all, and the use of an additional fixer is excluded. It uses soft rods previously saturated with an active ingredient.

How Long Does Hair Perm Last

 The effects of a perm will vary depending on the type of perm method you applied on your hair. 

  • Digital perm: 3 to 6 months;
  • Neutral perm: up to 6 months;
  • Organic perm: 3 to 6 months;
  • Amino acid perm: not more than 1.5 months;
  • Alkaline perm: up to 6 months. 

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      Reminders When Applying Perm to Your Hair

      There is a wide range of modern hairstyles for permed hair, and you should have some knowledge to do it. Whether you have digital, organic, alkaline, or another perm, you can create a new look that will please you for as long as possible. Pay attention to a few ideas of hairstyles for permed hair:

      • The effect of wet hair. The whole process takes a little time and does not require any special knowledge and skills. First, divide the hair into separate strands. Apply gel and then mousse or foam. Use your hands to form the desired volume and shape. Allow your hair to dry naturally without using a hairdryer. A fashionable hairstyle is ready!
      • Styling with curlers is a familiar ritual that gives stunning results on curled hair. This procedure is performed on wet hair using the right curling iron. It perfectly gains control over curls, prolonging their life. The variety of sizes and types of bobby pins gives unlimited space for variations to create extraordinary and romantic hairstyles.
      • Large, lush curls are obtained if you put a fixing liquid on wet hair, and then dry it with a hairdryer. After that, you can hand slightly squeeze the resulting hairstyle to make it more natural.

      If you want to get more pronounced and structured curls, it is necessary to apply a styling agent before styling. It can be foam, gel, or mousse. To get the effect of creative permed hair, you should form curls with a diffuser.

      To give your hair more volume, you can gently raise it with your hands at the roots and lightly fix it with hairspray, but without excessive enthusiasm; otherwise, the curls will stick together and may deform during sleep. It applies to long permed hair, as well as short and medium.

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