Inspiring Messy Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair & A Chic Classy Look

Oh, that dreadful moment whenever your alarm clock goes off after half an hour, but you only have 10 to 15 minutes to get dressed and then be on schedule. Heaven bless the untidy bun, updo, or "I don't have time for this today" bun. Whatever you choose to name them, one thing is sure: we can't get enough of these simple messy buns.

A bun is a hairstyle that involves pulling hair back from the face, twisting or plaiting it, and wrapping it in a circular coil in on itself, usually on the top or back of the head a little above the neck. This quick, charming, and easy hairdo will fit your comfort demands for an afternoon training or a BBQ weekend, as well as help you meet the workplace dress code and shine on a romantic night. We've prepared a list of the newest and most popular messy bun styles, which are all simple and quick for you to achieve.

The Ultimate Messy Bun Hairstyles for Long & Strong Hair

I don't mind if my hair is a mess! You've probably heard this dialogue a few times, particularly among young modern women's circles. Messy hairstyles are one of the most popular looks right now, and there's no denying that messy bun hairstyles are equally attractive and graceful. These hairstyles have a gorgeous and sizzling contemporary vibe to them, and they may easily make a sleek style statement.

The messy bun hairstyles are a must-try for any woman, whether it's for a special night out party, cocktail events, or formal looks.

Low messy bun

This lovely hair bun is great if you desire something simple and elegant with a timeless style statement. We like this result because of the flower arrangements, the low sloppy style, and the hair knot. This low messy bun updo is perfect for those looking for something quick and straightforward for parties, weddings, and bridal hair / special occasions.

How to do the low messy bun and slay the night?

Step 1: Make a side part in your hair with a comb. If you're applying this hairstyle on filthy hair, tease the top section of your hair or just use dry shampoo or powder to avoid a flat, greasy look.

Step 2: Make a low ponytail with your hair, making sure it's not too smooth and that there's some fullness above it.

Step 3: Make a low bun by twisting the ponytail. To keep the bun in place, use a stretchy hair tie.

Step 4: Make a complete mess of your hairstyle. Allow a few locks of hair from the bangs to fall out. You're good to go if you use styling products on your hair.

  • This hairstyle is suited for ladies with oval or even round faces.
  • This edgy appearance may be appropriate for anyone with wavy or curly hair.
  • For the best results, ladies in their mid-30s to 40s should try this style.

Messy double buns

Do you desire an appearance that is both chic and funky? That's the one. You've probably seen double buns or perhaps even untidy buns. However, this combination of the two is both unique and original. You can look great with this simple and quick hair double updo in a chaotic form. This can be an excellent alternative with a wacky undertone if you have any informal or casual meetings with pals or casual outings during regular routines.

  • This hairstyle is suitable for women with a round, oval, or diamond facial shape.
  • This stylish appearance works well with any hair texture.
  • On the other hand, this sloppy bun may be excellent if you really have thick hair density.
  • Girls and ladies under the age of 25 can wear this and appear nice and cute.

Messy buns with braids

This will always be one of my all-time favorite hairstyle transformations. This gorgeous hairdo transformation can be edgy if you have ceremonies or festive occasions coming up. The contemporary look is new and attractive, with a partially braided bun and an untidy look. To add further intricacy, try adding a few elaborate floral attachments like the ones seen above. This messy bun hairstyle is ideal for weddings, proms, and parties.

  • This one is suitable for women with a heart, diamond, or oval facial shape.
  • For women who have curly or somewhat wavy hair, this messy bun is ideal.
  • For women in their late twenties to mid-thirties, this appearance can be edgy and fashionable.

How to braid your long hair?

Step 1: Brush and detangle your hair, using a detangler if it's especially knotty.

Step 2: At the nape of your neck, divide your hair into three equal portions. There will be three sections: one on the left, one on the right, and one in the center. In your right hand, hold the right section, and in your left hand, hold the left section.

Step 3: Get ready to braid!

Start by crossing the right strand of hair over the center strand, bringing it to the center. The once right strand has now become the center strand, which has moved to the right. Now cross the left strand over to the center so that it becomes the center strand and the strand in the center travels to the left.

Step 4: Repeat the pattern, alternating among putting the right and left hair sections to the center. Rep until you're left one or two inches of hair. It's entirely up to you how much space you want to leave open. Finally, use a hair elastic to secure the braid.

Messy bun with bangs

Are you a fan of fringes and bangs? These bangs-added hairstyles are timeless and will never go out of style. This is one of the most youthful haircuts we've ever seen, with the untidy hairdo bun and bangs spilling over the forehead. This chaotic bun hairdo with bangs may be edgy and suitable for workplaces or casual outings.

  • Those with an oval or oblong facial shape would look great in this outfit.
  • If you have a flat or curly texture, try this hairstyle.
  • This makeover is best suited for women in their 20s and 30s.

Messy bun updo

This is one of the most popular wedding untidy hairdos we've seen recently. These bun hairstyles might look big and plush with exquisite looks, whether you have Christian wedding ceremonies or even wedding parties with long gowns as clothing. Adding hair accessories to this makeover might give even more colorful and vibrant colors. It's snappy while also being edgy and current.

  • This hairstyle is suitable for those with a round, square, or oval facial shape.
  • This hairstyle makeover bun will look great on both straight and smooth hair. For medium and shoulder-length hair, this can alternatively be a simple untidy bun.
  • Women in their twenties can look fantastic in this sleek appearance.

Messy updo but with a twist

This gorgeous style has us completely enthralled. To create a sloppy updo, the hair is knotted together and twisted upwards. This is a great option for women who want bright, trendy styles. It doesn't matter if it's for a party, a cocktail event, or a dinner. With modern statement enticing looks, this might be excellent and trendy. What are your thoughts?

  • The above messy bun hairstyles for long hair are ideal for women with oval and round faces.
  • This edgy look works well with both straight as well as wavy hair types. This effortlessly messy bun can also work if you really have long hair with a thick texture.
  • Women in their 50s and 40s are ideal for this role.

This bun is called the messy blonde bun.

This blonde messy reverse bun is great for professional events and formal meetings. The grace, as well as charm linked with the outfit, give off the ideal dignified and elegant sensations. Wear this look with a knee-length dress, skirts, and shirts, and we're sure you'll look amazing.

  • This blonde hairdo is suitable for women with a diamond, oval, or round face shape.
  • Women with straighter and wavy hair textures can try this edgy, fashionable hairstyle.
  • This gorgeous appearance may make women in their 30s look youthful and fascinating.

The “bump” it

If you're seeking a stunning hairdo to complement your outfit, the bump-it messy bun is indeed the way to go. This haircut has more volume and a cleaner appearance than most messy hairstyles. To get this fantastic hairstyle, you'll need a second set of hands for the bump.

"woke up like this” messy bun

So, having long hair is lovely and all, but there is just something special about having your hair out of your face and then on top of your head every now and then. It can allow you to take on the day having your hair all tucked in one place and produce an immediate get-it-done mindset.

In recent times, many women have adopted the "messy bun" as their go-to hairstyle for days when they want to look beautiful but may not have as much time to devote to their hair. Many of us hoped we could pull off the look, but its prominence has turned it into a full-fledged multi-step fancy hairdo that is far too exact to be what it was supposed to be: simple.

Don't worry ladies, there is such a thing as an easy messy bun! Let's get started with two elastic hair ties and a few hair clips. The sloppy bun is for hair that is at least one day old and not newly cleaned. Grab some dry shampoo, like this one from Batiste, to add structure and spritz your hair before you go.

Then brush your hair (particularly upside down) before tying your hair up with a high pony with your first hairband. I'm talking about a high-pony on the center of the head, similar to Ariana Grande. Once you have a great, tight, high pony on top of your head, twist and wrap the hair around the tip of the ponytail to form a bun, use the second hair band to secure the bun in place, resulting in a pretty, even, neat bun.

Grab the roots of your hair that aren't encased in a bun and begin to draw them out from the bun slowly and gently to add volume as well as edginess to your traditional ballerina-style bun. Begin from the front and work your way to the corners until you're satisfied with the result. To get that "woke up like this" yet stylish look, play around with the bun itself, loosening up portions that were originally bound by the hair bands.

What Is the ideal and easiest way to make a messy bun?

It takes a certain level of skill to seem unkempt in style. You can achieve this simple but still exquisite slept-in appearance in only a few steps. 

Step 1: Add texture. 

Begin by brushing your hair lightly until it is smooth and free of knots. Spritz your hair with hairspray to add volume and texture to your strands. Shake the bottle well before spraying it on your strands and teasing your hair at the base with a comb to give your hair a clean sensation and full-bodied look. 

Step 2: Form a ponytail using your hair.

Make a ponytail out of all of your hair at the crown of your head. Then, with just a few bobby pins, gently twist the pony into a bun—the more disheveled it looks, the better. So don't be concerned if any ends protrude; this only adds to the overall effect. To keep the sloppy bun in place, wrap a hairband around it twice or three times.

Step 3: Apply hairspray to complete the look.

Use the hairspray to keep your sloppy hairdo in place throughout the day.

Rock That Messy Bun Look!

Messy bun hairstyles are one of the most fashionable and beautiful hairstyles for modern ladies. These untidy hairdos are perfect for a variety of events and occasions and can suit females with a variety of tastes thanks to the new-gen current hues and traditional features. Try them on; they'll look great on just about anyone.