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Loose wavy hair creates a mysterious and delicate image. Moreover, curls always look stunning. One of the advantages of this type of styling is that it is quite easy to create at home. Beach waves hairstyle is wavy hair with a light wave and straight ends. It doesn't matter how long your hairstyle is, the waves are sure to add grace to you, and thanks to clips on hair, you can always make your hair longer. This hairstyle will never go out of style and will not lose its popularity. How to create beach waves? You can curl your hair in many different ways to get light and airy curls, and in this article, we will tell you about the most popular curly hairstyles. You just have to choose the one that suits you.

Ways to create loose waves

Beach waves are a real must-have of the new season. Curly hair suits girls are looking for a bohemian and natural look. You just need to choose the technique that suits you best to create the effect of wavy hair.

  1. You can curl your hair with a curling iron. It is the easiest and fastest way to create curls. Dry your hair slightly, then tilt your head down and iron, curling wide curls. Choose a wide-diameter iron for impressive results. If you want natural-looking curls, focus on your hair’s middle section, avoiding the ends. Fix the resulting styling with varnish.
  2. Make loose waves with curlers. This curling technique guarantees a long-lasting effect. If you prefer this option, use a small diameter curler. Roll thin strands in curlers, keeping your hair upright. Spray on the fixing spray and leave to dry for two hours for perfect results. Blow-dry your hair again with a hairdryer before removing the curlers. Style your curls by hand for a natural look.
  3. Get loose wavy hair with hairpins. Creative hairdressers often use this technique. This technique takes patience, time, and skill. Hairpins take over the function of a curling iron. Take a hairpin, wrap a section of hair over it, and then heat your hair with an iron for optimal result. Work the entire volume of the hair this way. Don't forget to fix your styling with varnish.

How to quickly curl your hair?

How to quickly curl your hair?

If you don't have enough time or just want to wind your strands quickly, you better use curling irons with large nozzles or wide irons. So you can make the curls larger and reduce the number of curls themselves. You should also use a tool for fixing curls. If you don't have enough time to use the curling iron, there are special hair mousses that will create light curling. Loose wavy hair has large curls. It is very easy to diversify such hairstyles; even with a regular parting, you can slightly change the appearance. After curling your hair, try a zigzag or one-sided parting. The hair above the ears can be tucked back and secured at the back of the head for a slimmer face. If you want to change your look or make your hair look voluminous, you can use clips on your hair. Besides, to speed up the curling process, you can buy pre-wound clips.

The secret to fixing curls

It is best to wind the thinner strands to keep the elegant loose waves lasting longer. If you are not going to perm and prefer natural curls, you should use various styling products. Before styling, the curls are sprayed with a unique lock of curls, and after styling with hairspray. You should not comb curls, so curled hair will last all day.

Loose hair has a whole host of curling options. If you want a tighter curl, use a curler. 

  1. When wrapped on small curlers, you will achieve the effect of doll curls, which have a very durable texture. 
  2. When wrapped on a curling iron, you can achieve the result of not curls but loose waves. If you want to add volume to your hairstyle or increase the length, use clips on your hair. Curled hair can be pinned at the back of the head or fastened just above the bangs; then, the hairstyle will seem more voluminous. 
  3. You can also pin your loose curls to the side or create a high ponytail. In any case, curled hair will always make your hairstyle neater.

Loose waves with hoop or bandage

Loose waves with hoop or bandage

Loose waves will look very original if you add additional details such as a hoop or a fabric headband to them. You should wind long hair over its entire length with a curling iron. It will be more difficult to do this with a long length of strands, so separate the curls already wound from the remaining mass of strands with a large hair clip for your convenience. Before curling, you can sprinkle the hair with a special fixing agent to keep the volume better. After winding on the head, put on a hoop or bandage. You can release some small curls over the bandage, so your look will be even more original.

Loose wavy hair with braids

If you have a bang, then you should slightly curl it with a curling iron. The bangs should be laid in a light wave. You do not need to wrap the strands on the curling iron in several turns; just scroll once. Keeping such a strand on the curling iron should be no more than fifteen or twenty seconds. The middle strands need to be wound in turn on a curling iron along the entire length, slowly passing head as the whole clockwise and at the same time alternating top and bottom. After the whole head is twisted, you need to select two small strands on the left and right near the face, weave two pigtails out of them. Next, the braids should be fastened together at the top of the head with a small hair clip. Use clips on hair. The clips are perfect for girls with thin hair, making them look chic and voluminous.

Hairstyle side curls

Hairstyle side curls

Hair should be gently curled using a curling iron or curlers. Then, on the one hand, without combing the strands to the end, neatly pick up the strands along the entire length and throw them to one side. Use a few bobby pins to secure your hair to the side. Your side-facing curls will add elegance and playfulness to your look.

Loose wavy hair can be independently mastered by any girl who is not afraid of experiments on her head. With such a hairstyle, you will be the center of attention on any holiday, and your self-esteem will only increase from this.


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