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How To Do A Messy Bun With Short Hair Using Hairpieces? - JuvaBun

A Messy Bun With Short Hair Using Hairpieces

A bun for short hair - hardly anyone knows that even short hair can be pinned up in a bun - is a bit time-consuming but very effective. A bun on short hair is created using tiny hairpins, colloquially known as "frogs" - each holds and fastens one strand of hair. Then, if the hair length allows it - the strands can be twisted into tiny snails and pinned tightly at the back of the head - one next to the other. 

The messy bun, or tousled bun, has been one of the most fashionable hairstyles for several years. It owes its popularity to the simplicity, speed of execution, and many variants of fastening. It is the perfect hairstyle - quick, easy, and comfortable. A loose bun will be perfect at work, at the university, or during a party.  Another solution to make a messy bun is to combine the natural hair with a particular hairpiece to the back, arranged in the shape of a ready-made bun. Of course, the hairpiece must have the same color as the hair. How to fasten up? Bun! Messy bun, or tousled bun, has been one of the most fashionable hairstyles for several years. It owes its popularity to the simplicity, speed of execution, and many variants of fastening. This is the perfect hairstyle - quick, easy, and comfortable. A loose bun will be perfect at work, at the university, or during a party. It has many options, and here are some ways how to do a messy bun with short hair.

A simple bun that women adore

A messy bun is a hairstyle many women, especially with short hair, have come to love! It is the opposite of grandma's boring bun, stiffly and tightly curled on the head. Instead, a straight bob gives the impression of quickly grabbed hair, lightly and carelessly braided with an elastic band, from which thin strands slide out. Until recently, the messy bun was a typical home hairstyle, hardly anyone appeared with it on the street, but for several years the bun became a trend.

The advantages of such a hairstyle are, above all, the speed of making. We do not have to spend time in intricate hairstyling, in front of the mirror with many styling accessories. There are no strict rules for what a short hair bun should look like - we create our artistic disorder. All you need is a brush, a hair tie, and a few hairpins. Ladies with curly hair like a bun because twisted curls are very graceful in styling - there is no need to tap them because the natural locks allow you to keep the strands in perfect condition. 

The most straightforward bun of curly hair is made by gathering the hair into a tail and gradually pinning each strand upwards, slightly twisting it. The advantage of a messy short hair bun is that it fits all hair types - both thin and thick, sparse and wide. Women with bob curly hair can also afford it.

Why is the bun so popular?

Why is the bun so popular?

The answer is surprising: it's all about the exposed neck and shoulders. It is the open neck and nape acting as a red rag to a bull for many people. There is, therefore, something intriguing in the neat bun. A high pin-up also reveals the face and eyes, making you always look neat and your face fresh. It's safe to say that the bun is always impeccable. Even the loose, (seemingly) sloppy messy bun in short hair has something elegant in it.

How to do a messy bun with short hair?

The messy bun is a non-standard bun, intricately arranged and reinforced with a million pins. It is a symbol of simplicity, and you only need a brush, rubber band, and a few hairpins to make it.

Opinions vary when it comes to combing the hair before styling it. People with thick hair should comb it before curling it into a bun, as it can get too tangled. If the hair is thin and delicate, you don't need to comb it a lot - then the bun will gain volume. You have to make your own brushing decisions because you know your hair best.

Messy bun with a hairpiece - a solution for every occasion

False hair in the 21st century is an opportunity to update your hairstyle literally whenever you want: change the length, add bangs, create volume, and experiment with color. Technologies have stepped forward, and now the overhead strands (they are tresses) cannot be distinguished from natural hair

The benefits of false hair:

  • saving time and money;
  • safety and no harm to your hair (as opposed to extensions);
  • wide field for experiments;
  • convenience for home use.

A luxurious overhead chignon messy bun is the perfect way to transform your short hair in such a minute. Easy to put on over piled-up hair, fixed with a comb, and tightened with elastic bands. 

Customers who have already used the detachable bun agree that it is a perfect accessory for any occasion. It will help increase the hairstyle volume for a special occasion and beautify it at a social gathering every day - at work and even at home. The messy bun is easy to do on your short hair. Very comfortable and easy to use, absolutely not felt on the hair. False hair is an excellent express method for creating voluminous hairstyles. The main thing is to fix them correctly and take care of them carefully.

In our assortment, you will find detachable buns in natural, subdued shades of blond, brown, and gray, as well as slightly more extravagant hairpieces. Such a wide selection allows you to accurately match the attachments to the color of your natural hair, as well as find something truly unique and eye-catching. The making is very easy and fast. The short hair bun is quick and easy to add volume to your hairstyles. It looks very natural when fastened.

Extremely effective - and very easy to make messy low bun is perfect for short hair. You don't need a whole arsenal of barrettes to make it - two are enough to hold your hair at the end. Next, tie your hair into a low ponytail with a rubber band, turn it upside down and fasten it with hairpins. See how easy it is! In a situation where we want to obtain the effect of more voluminous hair, we can also use an extra natural-looking messy bun hairpiece!


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