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One of the main details of a woman's attractive appearance is her hair. It is recommended to select it relying on the shape and features of the face. Not the last place is taken by the shade and structure of the hair. Moreover, it is essential to consider the peculiarities of appearance to obtain a harmonious image when choosing. You will determine the most advantageous option for yourself and understand how to select the best hair for your face shape after reading the article.

Moreover, you can use false hair and buns to create a variety of hairstyles. False hair is easy to remove, put on, and easy to care for.

Determine your face shape

how to determine your face shape
  1. Oval face shape. This form of lady is taken as a standard. For an oval face, the height and width correspond to the parameters of the golden ratio. There are no sharp corners on it, only smooth lines. 
  2. The square face shape looks masculine because of the wide cheekbones and the visually heavy lower half of the face. The chin is angular, and the brow, cheekbones, and cheeks form one elongated line, so the face’s width is less than the length.
  3. The round face has a smooth and rounded lineament. The width and length of the face are equal to each other. The chin has a smoothed shape, without sharp corners. The cheeks are noticeable, protruding. The brow is low and fits into the general form of the circle.
  4. Diamond-shaped. The girl has accent features with a similar face form: wide and high cheekbones, a sharp chin. The face is a little elongated; the cheekbones stand out and merge with the cheeks.
  5. The wide face has almost the same height and width. The brow is low and flat. The lower part of the face protrudes a little, the cheekbones are noticeable, located in line with the temples.
  6. The triangular form of the face resembles a turned triangle. The brow is wide; the chin is angular, the line from the cheekbones downward is sharp and clear. The middle of the face is wider than the lower part; the cheekbones and temples are not on the same line.
  7. In a rectangular face, the length and width are close to an oval form; the only difference is in the absence of rounded lines in a rectangular face. There is no narrowing in the upper or lower part of the face. The cheekbones are located strictly under the temples. The transition from the cheekbones to the chin is hard, with obtuse angles.

Hairstyles that fit oval face form

Hairstyles for oval face form

The oval face resembles a turned egg with a tight end downward. The cheekbones stand out a little, the chin is slightly round, and the brow and jaw are the same sizes. What is the best haircut for an oval face shape?

There are practically no restrictions on the selection of hair for an oval face. You can visually correct the proportions if it has a small error. For example, a smooth hairstyle with a straight parting will not work for a too narrow brow. And it is better to let preference for long hair and bangs if the oval face.

Naturally falling strands with a light root volume in the forehead area will be an excellent solution. If the forehead is too high, straight or oblique bangs will do. By the way, the oval face looks great with or without bangs. The best hair for oval face shape is straight hair of the same length, multi-layered haircuts like a cascade, a bob.

Hairstyles that fit square face form

Hairstyles for square face form

You need to avoid smooth hair, an open brow, a too-short length, and symmetrical hairstyles with chin-length to select the best haircut for a square face shape. It is advisable to select asymmetric haircuts and oblique bangs to soften the characteristics of the square shape.

Any hair length is suitable for a square shape. Short haircuts should be made as voluminous and asymmetrical as possible. Long hair should be curled or styled. The basic rule is the lack of perfect smoothness and straight parting.

Hairstyles that fit round face form

Hairstyles for round face form

Women with a round face should not wear thick, wide bangs. Not the best for a round shape would be short haircuts with tips near the face. Besides, it is better not to dye their hair in a uniform tone for owners of a round type. You should avoid horizontal lines and even parting when selecting a hair.

To bring a round face as close as possible to an oval shape, multi-layered hair with volume at the top of the head is right.

Hairstyles that fit diamond face form

Hairstyles for diamond face form

You need to balance the tight chin, reduce the cheekbones’ width, and hide the face’s excess length to find the best haircut for a diamond-shaped face shape. Try not to leave hair in the neck and chin area. If you choose a short haircut, try to combine it with side bangs and side parting.

Add volume to the brow and chin areas for medium hair.

All options for curly curls look very beautiful and feminine on long hair.

Hairstyles that fit wide face form

You need to avoid volume in the crown zone, smooth strands pulled back, short haircuts with a fluffy top and voluminous styling, ending at the neck’s level for the best haircut for a wide face shape.

You can try classic soft chin locks, vintage waves with deep side parting, or just a beach perm. Regardless of what hair length you have, an elongated bang with a voluminous top will help out in any situation. Always try to loosen some hair near your open ear to soften the look, add volume to the top, and equipoise the long side parting bangs.

Hairstyles that fit triangular face shape

Hairstyles for triangular face shape

Short and wide bangs, hair with slicked-back side strands, and ultra-short boyish haircuts are not appropriate for this face shape. It is undesirable to make a ponytail combed back and wear hair of the same length.

Trapezoidal haircuts, curls, and squares with curled ends are ideal for the triangular type. As for the length, the best options would be an elongated bob, haircuts to the middle of the neck, and the beginning of the shoulders. Long hair needs extra volume at the ends. Curls and waves will look advantageous on them.

Hairstyles that fit rectangular face shape

It is better to avoid excessive volume in the crown area, long, smooth hair parted in a straight part, hairstyles that completely open the face and emphasize its length. Pay attention to the bangs that cover the brow and shorten the length of the face vertically. Its face type demands additional volume, which can be created thanks to multi-layered haircuts, curls, and curls, especially for long hair.

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