Hairstyles For Girls With Beautiful Curls

Beautiful curly hair, light neat curls will decorate any girl and give her charm and femininity. But not every girl can boast of stylish curls that nature has awarded her. Either the hair is straight and thin, or too curly and frizzy. Moreover, the desire to always look attractive, change their image, makes women experiment with their hair, which is not always safe.

The most common hairstyle among women is perm. It can be very diverse: thin, voluminous, soft, or tight curls. And you can get the desired curls in completely different ways.

Here Are the Common Curling Tools You'll Need to Have

  • with a curling iron
  • ironing
  • curlers
  • home methods and improvised means

Frequent use of hot rollers, curling irons, and ironing leads to the fact that the condition of the hair deteriorates markedly, they become dry, brittle, dull, lose volume, and shine. Therefore, many beauties manage to curl on their own using improvised materials, such as a hairband, paper towels, long strips of fabric from an old T-shirt, hairpins, and even socks.

The methods of creating hairstyles with curls using these items are generally much more time-consuming than curling or ironing, but they are completely safe for the hair.

girl with beautiful curly blond hair

Making Curls with A Hairband

You can curl your hair using a regular headband for an Indian hairstyle:

  • Wash your hair well beforehand, dry it with a towel to keep the strands wet, and comb; as soon as the hair is slightly dry, you need to start curling it, if it dries out in the process, you need to spray it with clean water from a spray bottle;
  • put an elastic band on your head so that the hair is evenly distributed under it and divide them into thin strands;
  • twist each strand with a spiral and wrap it under the rim, if necessary, then additionally fix it with an invisible pin;
  • do these manipulations with each strand;
  • for obedient hair, two or three hours for such a hairstyle will be enough, after which you can release each lock and enjoy a cute hairstyle;
  • for thick and heavy hair, it will take about six hours, it is better to hold it all night;
  • after each strand is freed from the elastic, you need to gently straighten the curls with your hands and fix them with styling varnish.

Fast Curls

A beautiful wavy hairstyle with delicate curls can be made in just a couple of minutes and without any auxiliary items:

  • on washed and almost dry hair, apply styling mousse;
  • then with light movements of your hands, as if collecting hair in a bun, for 3-4 minutes dry with a hairdryer.
  • It is not worth combing after giving the hair the desired shape, the curls will disintegrate.

household items

Curly Hairstyle Using Household Items

To create curls, it is not necessary to buy an expensive curling iron or curlers, you just need to look around you and take what is most suitable. Paper towels, handkerchiefs, scraps of fabric will do great. The main thing is that the material is natural, otherwise, the synthetics will come apart, and the hairstyle will be poor.

Instructions: Steps to Follow When Using Common Household Items

  • First, you need to cut the shreds to the desired length and width. For thin curls, a strip 2.5 - 3 centimeters wide will be enough, and for larger curls, the width of the patch should be at least five to six centimeters. The length should be that after winding the strand, the ends remain free, they will need to be tied.
  • Wash your head, blot wet hair with a towel, dry slightly. Hair should be damp.
  • If you don't have time to wash your hair, you can spray your hair with a bottle or comb it.
  • Comb your hair and divide it into several parts, then take it in a thin strand.
  • Take one piece of fabric and place it above or below the lock of hair. If the ends of the curls should preferably be curled inward, then the shred should be placed under the strand.
  • Press the ends to the shred, and holding them, start winding the strand onto the shred. It can be up to the roots, or the length as you want.
  • Twisting the strand onto a piece of fabric, tie the free ends together. This must be done tightly so that the strand does not unwind prematurely.
  • Attach the ends of the strip to the roots with an invisible pin if the curl is not securely fixed.
  • Repeat the procedure with each strand.
  • You need to withstand 6-8 hours, it is better to go to bed, and in the morning carefully unwind all the shreds and master the curls, slightly shaking them with your fingers.
  • You can fix the result with a fixing varnish.

Your hairstyle is ready.

Spiral Curls

Such curls, according to many fashionistas, can be obtained only in the salon or on condition of skillful possession of a curling iron. But they are deeply mistaken if they believe that it will not be possible to make spiral curls without special tools. For this hairstyle, you will need the same handkerchief or paper towel:

Instructions: Using Handkerchief or Paper Towels to Curl Hair

  • divide clean and damp hair into small strands and pin them;
  • then roll the scarf tightly into a tube, one of the ends of which is attached to the base of the strand;
  • then take a lock of hair and gently, tightly, start winding it on the "tube", moving from top to bottom in spiral movements;
  • then twist the strand wound in a spiral into a "snail" and fix it with a hairpin;
  • do this with each strand;
  • you need to stand for about eight hours, after which you can uncoil and straighten the resulting curls.

Beautiful voluminous curls with a sock

Beautiful Voluminous Curls with A Sock

Oddly enough, but you can make a beautiful and elegant hairstyle only with the help of a regular sock:

Instructions: How to Use a Clean Sock to Make Hair Curls

  • trim the clean sock to form a tube;
  • start twisting the sock from the side that is cut off until you end up with a tight, soft ring;
  • collect hair at the crown in a tight bun;
  • place the sock ring at the bottom at the tips of the tail, placing them inside it;
  • distribute the tips so that they lay on the ring in an even layer and begin to twist from the bottom up;
  • as a result, you should get a beautiful bun;
  • fix the "hairstyle" with hairpins and leave for 6-7 hours;
  • such a bun can be worn as an independent hairstyle, so it can be sustained for longer than 6 hours;
  • unwind and release the hair, shake it slightly;
  • if desired, you can sprinkle with varnish, but the curls keep their shape well without it.


To get curls without curlers, you can curl your hair in bundles:

  • damp thin strands need to be combed and twisted into a hair tourniquet so tight that it curls up into a ball;
  • you need to twist away from the face so that the curls do not cover it up later, but on the contrary, emphasize the beauty and grace;
  • you can fix the harnesses using hairpins, invisibility or ordinary little rubber bands;
  • after eight hours, you can loosen your hair and get spectacular curls.

Finger Waves in Long Hair

You can create a beautiful and stylish look anywhere, without a curling iron and curlers:

Instructions: How to Use Your Fingers to Make Your Hair Curly

  • wash your hair thoroughly and dry it slightly, better with a towel than a hairdryer;
  • then wind one small strand on your finger to the base;
  • remove carefully from the finger in such a way as to make a ring, and fix it at the roots with the help of pins;
  • repeat the manipulation until there are no free strands;
  • after 6-8 hours, you can dissolve the hairs, alternately removing the pins from the "rings";
  • in the end, spray with fixing varnish.

Finger waves

Finger Waves for Short Hair

This curling method is pretty simple. You only need your own finger to do this. Apply a generous amount of lather to your hair, and then begin to separate the strands from the hair, which you gently wrap around your finger.

When you wind the strand, remove it from your finger and secure it to your head with a hair clip. After that, move on to the next curl. If you want to get larger curls, then the strand can be wrapped around several fingers. When you wrap all the strands, wait about 30 minutes for the foam to dry.

If you want to speed up the result, you can blow dry your hair. Then sprinkle them with varnish and dissolve the hairstyle.

Choose your favorite variant of hairstyle and try to do it now! See our JuvaBun Site for more help.

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