Dreadlocks Hairstyles Ideas And Exciting Facts About It

You have probably heard that dreadlocks are very popular among young people now. However, few people know that dreadlocks appeared in ancient times. Once, this hairstyle characterized a lot of tribes. Today it has a purely aesthetic value. 

Both women and men love this them. The hairstyle is chosen by creative and bold people who are tired of everyday standards. In addition, dreadlocks allow you to experiment with length and color. But did you know that there are dangerous and safe dreadlocks

Dangerous dreadlocks are braided from your hair and safe — from artificial hair with an overlay on your hair. Tangling and twisting are very stressful for hair and scalp. Therefore, stylists recommend safe dreadlocks. We are convinced that such an exotic hairstyle will not leave you indifferent.

And among the extensive palette of colors of artificial material, you will find something special for yourself. Keep reading, and you will get to know about the most popular hairstyles with dreadlocks that you will precisely like.

woman wearing a colored braid wig

Types Of Dreadlocks for Hairstyles

  • Thick - You will definitely stand out from the crowd with bulky and stunning dreads. It isn't easy to stay in the shade with such a hairstyle.
  • Thin - Thin dreadlocks will suit restrained girls because it looks gentle. If you don't like a lot of attention from others, it's the best option for you. Such dreadlocks will significantly change your appearance.
  • Natural - Dreadlocks that are created from your hair are called natural. Although sometimes, stylists recommend braiding artificial materials into your hair to make it more voluminous and make hair longer. You can wear this hairstyle for a lifetime, but you will have to update it regularly.
  • Artificial - Such dreads are made of artificial materials. Your hair is completely protected when wearing artificial dreadlocks. You can enjoy your new hairstyle for 2-3 months, and then the hairstyle needs to be completely updated.
  • Colored - There are dreads of any color. So you can choose the color to your liking. Or get to know about the trend colors of the season. The red, yellow, green, and blue dreadlocks are the most stylish this season. Multicolored dreads and ombre dreadlocks are very popular among dreadlocks fans.
woman having a long braids style

How To Make a Unique Dreadlocks Hairstyle?

Dreadlocks are a popular way of braiding hair. This hairstyle can be called universal. Different hairstyles can have varying effect on people. Every girl at least once in her life thinks about this way of braiding hair.

However, if a girl has already decided to transform herself and chosen bright dreadlocks, she has thoughts about the options for hairstyles with dreadlocks.

1. Ponytail

To put dreadlocks in a ponytail is a simple way that looks quite impressive. If you complement the look with beautiful earrings, you will look stunning. You can make both a high and low ponytail. You can also use other accessories.

For example, it can be a variety of scarves, ribbons, bows, and more. If you want a simpler but no less original hairstyle, you can twist a few dreadlocks around the bun. This hairstyle looks stunning.

Another great idea is the malvinka ponytail. Divide the hair into two parts, fasten the upper part in the ponytail, and leave the other part of the hair loose. Such a ponytail will be more reliable.

2. Braid

In general, making a braid of dreadlocks is not so easy. However, a few attempts and you will definitely succeed. We advise you to try to braid one thick braid, which looks quite original.

Another exciting option is to braid numerous braids from dreadlocks. It looks adorable. You can also add a satin ribbon of any color to a braid.

3. Topknot

One big topknot is a great summer option. This hairstyle looks voluminous and especially beautiful. In addition, it's also very convenient. Make two topknots to make a more creative hairstyle.

The first option: divide all the hair vertically into two parts and twist the topknot from each part. The second option: divide all the hair horizontally into two parts. Leave the lower part loose, and from the upper part, twist two topknots with hairpins or hair grips.

This hairstyle looks great on young girls. However, every woman will be able to feel young with such a hairstyle. If you want to stand out, take two bright ribbons and wrap them around each topknot. Complement the look with accessories: original earrings and a spectacular pendant.

    Care for Dreadlocks

    Dreads, like hair, requires regular care, but the interval between procedures of washing the head should be at least 1-2 weeks. Shampoo should be pre-diluted in water. Apply the foam mixture on the dreads and rinse.

    A good solution would be to use tar shampoo or soap, but not everyone will dare to use this product because of its specific smell. Conditioners are not used. Dreads dry longer than flowing hair. This factor must be taken into account to plan your time correctly.

    It's possible to use a hairdryer. Dreads don't need to be combed. At night, it's advisable to wear a light satin headscarf to avoid friction with the pillow. You can remove dreads at any time. It's not necessary to do it independently. After all, it is possible to damage hair. Therefore, it is essential to visit the master.

    woman with beautiful braids reading a book

    What Are the Pros and Cons of Braiding?

    The Advantages

    If we talk about the benefits of dreadlocks, you can forget about the constant combing of hair because it's unnecessary. You can also no longer worry about greasy hair because the time between washing procedures will increase significantly.

    In general, dreadlocks are a beautiful and comfortable hairstyle because you don't need to constantly worry about styling and thinking about how to put your hair today? The hairstyle with dreads looks cool and stylish. Plus, you'll always have voluminous hair.

    You can save enough money because you can use regular shampoo to wash the dreads, and a hair conditioner is not needed. As you already know, there are many hairstyles with dreads, so choose to your liking.

    The Disadvantages

    If we talk about the disadvantages, artificial dreads have much less of them. Braiding dreadlocks takes a long time, and be ready because you will be in pain during the braiding process and for the next few days.

    Therefore, if you are afraid of pain, think twice. Fans of dreads point out another drawback: dreads need regular correction, as well as large funds. You should know that in most cases, the quality work of a master is expensive, and it makes sense. If you are a perfectionist and can't stand the constant fluffiness on your head, dreads are not for you.

    Natural dreadlocks have one significant disadvantage: if you decide to say goodbye to them, be prepared to get rid of part of the length of your hair. The hair will need enhanced restoration.

    A gorgeous hairstyle is not always fashionable. We all know that hair is an ornament, and many women want to have long hair. Dreads, in this case, are a quick and easy option. We know, it's exactly what you need.

    Create your unique hairstyle that will reflect your mood, state of mind, and don't be afraid to experiment with colors. Our JuvaBun Site will help you to perceive yourself in a new way.

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