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For several seasons now, the bohemian style has not left the pages of glossy publications. Designers now and then cite the fashion era of the 70s, adding boho elements to their collections. If you want to be on-trend, get yourself a pair of interesting accessories with fringe, flared jeans, and floor-length sundresses with a floral pattern. Of course, the hairdo should also be appropriate. Get inspired by bohemian hairstyles from festivals to create a tousled bun, spikelet, or even use ribbons in your hair. The retro spirit is inspired by hairstyles that include a headband or ribbon to create a contradictory style.

Do yourself a stylish and trendy retro hairdo to stand out and at the same time look fashionable. Use quirky and stylish retro hair accessories to give even loose hair a touch of retro style. Such hairdos will be appropriate to combine with retro clothes or retro accessories that will only emphasize the originality and originality of your image. Use bohemian hairdos for dates and evening outings, and you won't leave anyone indifferent.

In this article, you will find out the features of retro hairdos and choose the perfect retro hairdo for your hair length.

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Bohemian hairdos style features

Bohemian style, or, as it is also called, boho-chic, is rooted in the fashion of the 70s. From this era designers and trendsetters draw inspiration to create retro looks. It is characterized by the general relaxation of silhouettes, deliberate negligence, a combination of denim, floral prints, and psychedelic patterns.

The boho style is very feminine and natural, with no tight corsets, uncomfortable tight dresses, stilettos, and neckline. The same applies to styling boho hairdos; these are hairstyles that look deliberately careless and natural; the stake is made on charming weaving, slightly stray strands, soft waves, and beach curls.

Means and life hacks for creating bohemian hairstyles

You only need a little dexterity, a couple of hairpins and elastic bands, and a few styling products to make the perfect boho hairstyle with your own hands.

  • The easiest way to create boho styling is a spray for beach curls. Sea salt and minerals make your hair look like you've just returned from a walk along the coast. This product is great for long to medium hair. Moreover, to the matte effect and curls of the surfer, such a spray will also give a fairly noticeable volume along the entire length or density of the hair.
  • When creating a bohemian hairstyle, hair texture plays an important role. Curls should be natural. To achieve this effect, you can't go without a styling spray to create texture. The product is invisible to the hair, and the styling will last at least 24 hours.
  • You can also create carelessness on your hair with a special styling powder. This does not weigh down the hair and can be used to create extra volume. Plus, it's great for braided hairstyles as it creates a tousled look and disciplines the hair at the same time. The volume is maintained for several hours, and the braids remain wide and lush.

Bohemian hairstyles for medium and long hair

Bohemian hairstyles for medium and long hair

The easiest and fastest way to create a bohemian hairstyle for medium to long hair is to curl it with a curling iron. If this seems insufficient to you, you can create a little more interesting styling in just a few minutes.

  • Braids. Weaving has always been and will be the backbone of the bohemian style. Braids look especially impressive, creating the effect of a rim. Here's how to do it on your own:
  1. Comb through your hair and grab a small section of hair behind your ear. At the same time, leave a wide enough strand near the face; it will beautifully frame the face.
  2. Braid and secure at the opposite ear.
  3. Repeat the same on the other side: make the braid and pin it with pins on the opposite side.
  • Harnesses. It is another classic boho hairstyle. You will see as you make yourself a charming flagella, you will instantly feel the spirit of freedom. Step by step instructions will help you repeat this hairdo at home:
  1. Part your hair in a straight or side parting as you like.
  2. Take a small strand on the right and twist it into a tourniquet.
  3. Pin a strand at the back of your head.
  4. Repeat on the left side and pin the tourniquet at the back of the head.
  • Accessories and hairpins. The easiest and most effective way to create a bohemian look is to add accessories. Just a couple of interesting hairpins in ethnic style and fashionable style are ready. The bohemian style includes hair ornaments such as feathers, flowers, natural stones, beads, and various metal or plastic symbols. When creating such an image, the main goal is to add romance, naturalness, and ease to it.

Bohemian hairstyles for short hair

Bohemian hairstyles for short hair

Even those with short hair can afford a luxurious and very feminine bohemian hairstyle.

  • Braided hairstyle. This styling is suitable for girls with chin-length hair. Step-by-step instruction:
  1. Curl your hair into soft, bouncy curls.
  2. Select a strand at the back, gather it in a ponytail, and pin it with a beautiful hairpin upward, forming a small bun.
  3. From the remaining strands to the right and left of the face, select one more strand and make two back braids.
  4. Mkae your braids look wide and curvy.
  5. Pin the strands at the back of the head using the bobby pins.
  6. Hide the free ends under the bun.
  • Short hair and headband. If your hair is too short, almost like a boy’s, you can create a bohemian style using a wide headband. By the way, its role can be played by, say, a vintage silk scarf. Simply fold the scarf diagonally several times to create a thin strip and tie it in a neat knot at the back of your head.
  • Twisted strands. This method is for those looking to add texture and extra volume to their hair. Simply roll the tips onto a small-diameter curling iron or mini-curler. The more violent and asymmetrical the curls turn out, the better, because the main principle of the bohemian style is spontaneity and naturalness.

Bohemian hairstyles ideas for long hair

Most of the options for beautiful bohemian hairstyles exist, of course, for long and very long hair. There are no boundaries for imagination and experimentation.

  • Lots of braids. One braid is good, but a lot is even better; this is the main principle of boho style. You can even repeat this hairstyle at home:
  1. Divide your hair in parts.
  2. Start braiding the French braid from the parting line.
  3. When you reach your ear, select a thin section and continue to weave your regular braid to the end.
  4. Take the next strand and braid a back braid from the back of your head.
  5. From the remaining hair on this side, make another braid. It can be a spikelet, a fishtail, a square braid, or any other kind of weaving, don't be afraid to experiment.
  6. Repeat on the other side.
  • Two braids are an indispensable classic. But it will also look very gentle and romantic. Here's how to make two braids at home:
  1. Comb your hair and part it in a parted part.
  2. Make one French braid on each side, weaving the braid into the bulk of the hair on the head and continuing to weave the regular braid, reaching the back of the head.
  3. Tie the ends with thin sheer elastic bands.
  4. Pull each stitch slightly in the weave to make the braids look bulky and slightly tousled.

Experiment with looks by adding original decorations and elements.

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