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If you have naturally curly hair, it does not mean you have the volume that you love. Curly hair extensions are something that will help you in this situation and will provide you with the confidence and style that you want. On average, a curly hair extension will last you about six months to a year, and they weigh around 150 grams to 200 grams.

Yes, these are really lightweight, so what are you waiting for, girl? Get these and be ready in seconds with the perfect volume and hairstyle. We all know when you have curly hair managing them is a real workout! But guess what? You can get all of your work done in a matter of seconds with these amazing curly hair extensions. Nah, don't worry, these do not damage or break your hair. These curly hair extensions are very safe and easy to use.

So, here we are with an amazing and very informative guide to tell you, girls, how you can become drop-dead gorgeous in seconds and wear your curls like a queen! We have explained all the essentials that you need to know when it comes to curly hair extensions, so what are you thinking about! Let’s learn why you need these curly extensions and how to pick the best one out of the many available!

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Why Use Curly Hair Extensions?

Curly hair extensions come with unlimited benefits so tell me one thing: are you getting late for work or events? Stressed that your hair is not getting under control or if you do get your hair tamed, it turns out to be a disaster in some time? If these are your concerns and more like hair damage, hair thinning, and such, then curly hair extensions are the best ones for you.

These will help you prevent heat damage, save your time for hairstyling, provide you with a put-together look, is great for everyone, and is also very easy to wear, and can be used multiple times. So let's see in detail how curly hair extensions work and help you with these things and make your life much easier than not having a curly hair extension.

·         Time Saving

Getting ready with curly hair is a real task, but if you have an already made-up hairstyle that you can wear and go without having to go in a deep routine for your hair, then that is where you need these amazing curly hair extensions. These are best when you are in a hurry and cannot do all the required treatments that your hair requires.

Just wake up, get ready and wear your curly hair extension, and you will be ready to go. The process is this easy and does not take too much time. After putting in the curly hair extension, you just have to finger brush the hair out simply, and if you want, you can add in clips or hair elastic, and you will be ready in no time. For example, if you have naturally straight hair but you want curly hair for the day and are running late, that is where these curly hair extensions can come in handy.

You can freely hide your naturally straight hair and wear them wherever you want in no time. If you have thin hair, they will help while saving your time to bring out the volume and add volume without much effort, saving a long time that hair care and styling are required.

·         Prevents Heat Damage

So girls who have time for curling their hair in the morning, and if for some reason you do have time, then who wants their hair to dry out or get damaged due to the excessive heat? Well, not I please! I would always prefer going for a natural look without heat, but how? That is where my precious little curly hair extensions come in handy. These not only help with saving time but also help me save my hair. Whenever I am running late or want to use heat on my hair to get the perfect curls, I opt for a curly hair extension instead.

What I do is hide my naturally wavy hair in a bun and then use these curly hair extensions to get the perfect curly look, or I simply go for a denser curly hair extension that helps with hiding my wavy hair and gives me a look I am going for without damaging my hair with heat or any other material. These curly hair extensions do not need any heat or setting, you just have to wear them and are ready in a matter of seconds, and that is what we need, right girls?

·         Gorgeous and Put Together Look

Another benefit that these curly hair extensions bring with them is the consistency and amazing look that they come with. To get a gorgeous and put-together look, you need to have hair that is not flying everywhere looking like a bird's nest, right? With natural hair, most importantly curly hair, you can never be sure that your hair will not dry out after using a certain product, and your baby hair or normal hair will stand up, showing a messy and untamed look.

To avoid such situations and to get a sleek look, you can go for curly hair extensions. They are completely set and do not have any baby hair in the back that may make your hair look messy and give you a bad appearance. So, you cannot go looking disheveled for your meetings or other events, you need to look presentable, and that is what you get with these curly hair extensions. Hence, in my case, these are the best, or whenever I want to look perfect, I take out my curly hair extensions and wear them in just seconds.

·         Easy and Reusable

Another thing why you should go for curly hair extensions is because these are very easy to use and can be reused multiple times. There are times when we do not want to wash our hair constantly as the shampoos, conditioners, and other chemicals do damage our hair, but with curly hair extensions, we do not have to worry as we can wash them easily without any issues.

So, if you are wearing a curly hair extension, you can save your hair from the damage from shampoo and use it again and again after washing them easily. As far as being easy to use is considered so, if you have a sewn-in curly hair extension, then they are simply like your natural hair, but if you go for a clip-in one, then you just have to clip it on your hair and set them a bit, and you are good to go. There is no need for extra products, extra setting, brushing, or any sort of treatment, and you will get the perfect look every time.

·         Great For All Hair Types

Curly hair extensions are best as it does not matter if you have curly hair, wavy hair, straight hair, or even afro hair; you can go for these. They come in a huge variety with different types of curls, have different lengths, and more for you to select from. Do not worry about the hair texture, color, or length of your hair.

You can choose from a huge range of curly hair extensions that are according to your needs, and you can wear them and easily get your look without damaging your hair or getting stressed over the fact that you are having a bad day.

So, we now know what benefits we get from these amazing hair extensions and why hair extensions are good for us, so let’s move on and learn what different types of curly hair extensions are and which one will be best for you daily or occasional wear.

Before & After of Different Types Of Curly Hair Extensions

There is a colossal range for hair extensions; some are sewn in, some are clip-in, some come with synthetic hair, some come with natural human hair, and the list goes on. So, selecting the one for you and your hair is really important as these hair extensions can damage your natural hair, so you have to be careful.

Here we have selected a few different types of curly hair extensions and explained who can wear them and for who these are best and how you can wear them and such things about them, so let's get into it and learn some more about curly hair extensions and decide which one from all these is best for you.

·         Clip-in Curly Hair Extensions

The clip-in curly hair extensions are best if you are looking for a semi-permanent solution. These can be worn and removed as per your choice. You can wear clip-in curly hair extensions that come with natural hair and synthetic hair. To wear these clip-in curly hair extensions, you have first to wash your hair then condition it.

Then tease your hair a bit so that the clips claw on your hair and stay there for a longer time. Clip-in the curly hair extension and then comb them using fingers, and you will be ready to go. Yes! These are really simple to wear, and you can even wash them after removing them from your head.

Make sure to get the perfect clip-in curly hair extensions that match your hair color, curl type, and texture of the hair so that they easily blend in with your original hair. Also, look out for the density of hair curls you want so that you can have the perfect volume for your hair and you slay like a queen.

·         Curly Hair Extensions With Synthetic Fiber Hair

Synthetic fiber hair is human-made fibers that are created in a way that they look and feel like human hair. These hair fibers are treated and usually made from fibers like acrylic, polyester, and nylon. They are stretched, treated, and produced by applying multiple processes so that it completely resembles your natural hair.

These fibers are available in multiple colors, lengths, and styles complimenting natural hair. You can find them in different curly hair extensions such as clip-in, claw clip, sewn-in, and others. The benefit of these manmade fibers is that they can hold the design really well. If you add in a curl that will stay in its shape and even after washing, the length, style, texture, and other things will not change. So, a lot of time will definitely be saved while styling your hair.

·         Curly Hair Extensions With Real Human Hair

As the name states, curly hair extensions with real human hair are made from natural human hair. These are also present in different sizes, colors, lengths, and styles. You can have sewn in, clip-in, claw clip, and other types of curly hair extensions. These are not made with synthetic fibers; instead, natural human hair is gathered from different places, and it is then combined to make these hair extensions that people can use.

These complement the natural hair really well and might match 99% with your original curly hair. They are also treated to provide them with the shine and texture that healthy natural hair has. They are beneficial if you want long-term hair extensions and want to avoid conditions such as scalp itchiness, dryness, allergies, and more.

·         Sewn-in Curly Hair Extensions

These curly hair extensions are permanent and are sewn in your natural hair. If you have naturally curly hair and you go for these but get them partially, then you might need to reconsider. These curly hair extensions are voluminous, and if you will get a little bit of them, then they are not at all easy to blend in with your natural hair, so it is better to go for a full-on frontal sewn in curly hair extension as this way the weave will not show through, and you will have the full coverage without any natural hair showing out.

Then it is better to get the natural hair ones as these are permanent, and mixing them with the natural hair will be easy. They will definitely have a longer lifespan, and re-curling or straightening them will be quite easy. These are very easy to wash. Make sure to use at least three bundles so that you get a perfect volume and your original hair mixes properly with these curly hair extensions.

·         Different Colored Curly Hair Extensions

Not only are there different styles of hair extensions, but you can also go for different colors. These are curly hair extensions for blonde hair, hair extensions for black hair, purple hair, burgundy hair, auburn hair, and the list goes on. Matching your hair color with the hair color of the curly hair extensions is really important. This step is important because that is something that will ensure that your natural hair mixes properly with your curly hair extensions.

If we talk about JuvaBun hair extensions, they bring with them a huge variety of curly hair extension colors. There are burg, light blonde, caramel blonde, black, salt and pepper, reddish blonde, platinum blonde, medium brown, medium blonde, light gray, light brown, dark red, dark brown, dark blonde, brownish-gray, brownish blonde, and many more.

·         Different Types Of Curls

There are different types of curls that you can select when selecting a curly hair extension. The main trick is to select the one you want for the long run, and they are similar to your hair in texture and style. There is bob hair which has light waves and a small, nicely done a twist to a side at the bottom. There is a deep wavy extension with tight and classic deep waves.

The egg curls are big round curls starting from the end going to the middle of the hair. The tip twist curl brings the moderate cylindrical curls upward around two-thirds of the hair. The pixie curls are small cylindrical curls that go all the way down to the hair. The water curls are lighter waves than the tight curls, and the funmi curls have different sections that are twisted at the end in multiple directions; the kinky curls are very tight and small curls that start from the top of the head and goes to the bottom, adding perfect volume to the hair.

Then there are Burmese curls which are stylish and natural and are softer waves compared to water curls; the magic funmi are lighter curls than funmi curls, the mixed wavy curls are a mixture of deep wavy and tip twisted curls at the end, and the circle curls are simple sections of hair twisted in a circle going all the way to the top.

These are different types of curly hair extensions and curls you may find in the market. Now it is up to you to select which style you want and which will be better for you. So, here are a few head-ups on how to pick the best curly hair extensions for yourself and what you should consider. Let's get started.

Pick The Best Curly Hair Extensions For Yourself To Achieve The Best Results 

Picking out the best hairstyle for yourself is something that everyone wants and looks out for. But the same goes for when picking up a hair extension. Hair extensions come in all textures, sizes, and lengths. You have to select the best one for you so that it compliments your hair face and blends in easily with your original hair.

If you have tight curls, naturally, you have to get the ones with tight curls. If you have loose curls, you need to go for loose curl hair extensions. If you have afro curls, you need those hair extensions, and so on. So, let's see what things you need to check to get the best curly hair extensions for yourself to slay every look and event like the gorgeous girl you are.

·         Hair Type

You have to check what your exact hair type is for you to pick the right curly hair extension. Some people have tight curls, some have loose curls, some have wavy hair, and the list goes on. If your hair type is 4C, which is the tightest curls, you cannot go for a wavy 2A type curly hair extension. You have to check different hair types before selecting one and going for it.

The curly hair extensions vary for different hair types. These start from the slightest curl that is the 2A type. Then the curls begin to become tighter and thicker as the range moves forward to 2B, 2C, 3A, 3B, 3C, 4A, 4B, and finally, on 4C, the curls are the shortest and tightest of all. Hair Care routines, texture, and everything are according to your hair type, so you have to check it before going for any curly hair extension.

·         Hair Length

Then comes the hair length. If you have short hair but want to go for a short curly hair extension, you can go for it. Still, if you have long hair and get a short and dense curly hair extension, it will look really bad and will not mix well with the hair, so have you properly considered the hair length before getting the curly hair extension. The short hair girls can easily go for short hair length, medium hair length, long hair length, and extra-long hair length for their curly hair extensions.

The medium hair length girls can go for medium hair length, long hair length, and extra-long hair length for their curly hair extensions. Whereas, the long hair length girls can go for long hair length and extra-long hair length for their curly hair extensions, so you have to carefully check what type of length is best for you and what length you want, and then you can go for that curly hair extension.

·         Hair Volume

Adding hair volume is the concern why we go for hair extensions most of the time. When it comes to curly hair, it naturally has some sort of hair volume due to the compact curls it comes with. When going for a curly hair extension, you have to check the density of the extension and if you really want that volume or not.

You are going for too much volume, and less volume can completely change the look. If you are looking for a compact but curly hairstyle, then you will need less voluminous curly hair extensions. Still, if you are going for a full head in kind of an afro style, you will have to go for dense, curly hair extensions with a longer length and tighter curls, giving you a proper look. So, select the proper volume that you need and then get your perfect curly hair extension.

·         Hair Shade

Hair shade is another important thing that you have to consider when going for a curly hair extension. Due to the curls, the shades may vary for everyone as the shade or color of the hair depends on the light it reflects, and we all know curly hair is twisted, which makes getting the perfect shade a bit difficult. However, you can easily get unlimited shades for yourself and your lovely curly-haired friends that range from traditional black to blonde, auburn, caramel, brown and other shades.

If you are looking for permanent curly hair extensions, then select the hair shades carefully and make sure they match your hair perfectly, and if there are no shades that match your hair color, then go for a dye and get your curly hair extensions dyed by a professional and make them match as they will be with you for a longer time and you need them to be perfect. If you are going for a clip-in curly hair extension then and want to change your look, then you can think of different shades but make sure they do not look weird or out of proportion on your head.

Till now, we have learned that you cannot just go and pick a curly hair extension that you love. You have to consider all these things, including the hair type, length, shade, and volume of the curly hair extension and whether you want a natural hair fiber curly hair extension or synthetic hair fiber curly hair extension to get the perfect curly hair extension for yourself. After getting the perfect curly hair extension, you have to take care of your hair extensions to keep them in shape and to increase their lifespan. Let’s learn how you can look gorgeous for a longer time.

Care & Wash Your Curly Hair Extensions The Right Way! 

Using curly hair extensions is really easy, but there is a great chance that your curly hair extensions might get dirty with regular use. Do you know how you can clean them off? Well, for starters, you cannot use your regular shampoos for synthetic hair as they might cause synthetic hair damage. Always go for moisturizing shampoos and hair conditioners.

Leave your curly hair extensions in cold water containing shampoo or conditioner for a minimum of five minutes so that all the dirt is removed and the hair regains its moisture. Then finger combs your curly hair extensions and leaves them out to dry in the open air. You can use a wide teeth hair comb, but not the hair brush, as the hair brush will open all the curls leaving the hair extension in a really weird way.

It might also destroy the condition of the curly hair extension beyond repair, causing the hair to become brittle and all dried out, so make sure to always use the proper tool for your hair extensions just like you do for your real hair to avoid your curly hair extensions from losing their shape and style. Now we know how we can take care of our curly hair extensions and how we should wash them.

Oh, yeah, always wash your curly hair extensions or other types of extensions when necessary or after every ten days to increase their lifespan and keep them in a better condition. Anyways, back to the topic, so yeah, we have learned how to take care of the curly hair extensions; now, let's see what a curly hair extension can do for you!

The Difference A Curly Hair Extension Can Add To Your Hair

Curly hair extensions are very easy to wear, and once you wear them, your whole personality can change. Most people gain confidence after wearing their hair extensions, and they bring out the look you are going for. A curly hair extension is not just a simple bundle of hair that you wear.

It is your confidence, your style, and almost everything that you wanted in yourself but were insecure due to your hair length or hair thickness. So, if you have short hair, curly hair, straight hair, long hair, dry hair, silky hair, or any type of hair, you can easily get one of these curly hair extensions and make a difference for yourself. Let's see how these curly hair extensions can help you out.

·         Makes It Voluminous

After getting their permanent or semi-permanent curly hair extensions, people say that they get the perfect look they want. But, have you wondered, why do they claim such a thing? Well, the answer to this question is simple: they get the desired volume that they are looking for. You already get volume with a curly hair extension, but it can be undivided around your hair if you do not get a few bundles and properly adjust them around your head. Everyone loves a good hair day with a full volume of hair that boosts confidence and makes you look beautiful. If you are someone who finds beauty in voluminous hair, then you definitely need a curly hair extension to get that beauty and to change yourself a bit and add more sparks to your gorgeousness.

No one loves flat, dead-looking hair; with curly hair extensions, you can make your hair look lively, voluminous, and full; that can enhance your features for the better and make you look dashing and happy with a glow on your face. The more hair you have, the more it will be easy to make different hairstyles, and that is where you can use these amazing curly hair extensions. They will provide you with the amazing results and volume you want while keeping your hair free from any type of damage, including heat damage, chemical damage, and other types of damage.

·         It Gives A Fuller Appearance

When it comes to getting a fuller appearance, it all comes down to the styling method. How you style and wear your curly hair extension is really important in such a case. For example, if you are just wearing it on the lower side of the head, you will never get a fuller appearance but a weird volume in the lower back of your head and a flat crown of the head. It would be best to place the curly hair extension in portions and equally divide it on the head to get a fuller appearance. It would be better if you go for a full coverage curly hair extension as that will provide you with a more original and fuller look for your hair.

A head filled with hair is something that most people consider beautiful. Good hair usually completes all the look, and curly hair extensions are what will be your savior if you have thin hair providing you with no volume and dull-looking hair. You can totally transform yourself with these curly hair extensions and get your desired look in just seconds. If you have extra hair fall or such issues and do not want to curl your straight hair to get a fuller appearance, then you can get these amazing curly hair extensions and say goodbye to all of your hair problems and issues.

·         A Complete Look

Hair is always the last thing or the first thing that we focus on when getting ready to go somewhere. If you are going to a not so formal event, you will have to have a casual hairstyle. For a meeting, you cannot go with your hair open, and you will have to make sure you are presentable and have the perfect hairstyle for the events you are going for, so that is where the curly hair extension helps you. When we talk about going to the office with curly hair that is not under our control, it can be a bit messy.

We need to look presentable and need a complete professional look so that we can be at our best and get the deal done without someone making fun of us for our hairstyle choice or other details. If you have thin or short hair, getting them in a claw clip or a bun can be tricky, and they will not provide you with a complete look as your hair will definitely take all the attention when you are presenting something making your overall look go down the drain. So, what can you do? Well, girl, get yourself an amazing curly hair extension that will add volume to your hair and help you get the perfect and complete look for your presentation.

·         Different Personality

Confidence is something that almost all of the girls get with their amazing dress and hair style. Your personality is something that most people guess from the way you dress up and stride. When it comes to dressing, it does not only involve your clothes but also includes your make-up, shoes, and hairstyles. If you are overdressed, then that is a bad impression, and if you are underdressed, then again, it is not good so going for a moderate look is something one should always look out for.

When you know you have everything on point, your personality can change drastically as it boosts confidence when you know you are perfect and right. A good hairstyle can give you a confident personality and a feeling that you can conquer the world, but if you have bad hair that is dry, damaged, and thin, and you know you do not look, your confidence goes down, and you feel down.

So, it is important to have a curly hair extension for your hair to save it from damage and to get the desired looks that will surely help with getting the perfect confidence and personality. All in all, curly hair extensions are really important if you cannot take proper care of your natural hair and need something to complete all your needs. It also enhances your personality and features, telling others about who you are without even saying a thing.

Getting a hairstyle is completely personal, but it is something for the public as well because that is what defines you in the public eye. So, if you plan on getting some curly hair extensions, then remember to go for the best ones that match your real hair and compliments your personality, or you can always take a challenging step and completely change who you are with just a simple style of your hair.

Before Your Curly Hair Extensions, You Looked Amazing - After The Extensions, You Look Amazing Times 100000!  

I hope now you know how these amazing curly hair extensions are great for you and help you with getting a gorgeous look in seconds. These hair extensions are best for all. Even if you do not have really curly hair, you can still wear one of these and slay the look like a pro. So, what are you waiting for? Start looking pretty extra ladies with these amazing hair extensions that just take seconds to give you your desired volume and hairstyle and also help out with boosting your confidence and providing you with a complete look in just a few seconds! These curly hair extensions are perfect for all events and can be worn anywhere without a doubt. So, ladies, let's become drop-dead gorgeous and slay in all the outfits, all the time!